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Buy the most exclusive range of handicrafts and home decor online at ExclusiveLane

Elegance and panache are what dictates home decor trends these days and the home decor items that ExclusiveLane brings to you oozes creativity, proficiency and modernism. We are rightly named, for here you will get such home decor and handicrafts that are so exclusive, you can tell by the artistic brilliance that these items hold. To make a house a home, many factors come into play and one of those factors is the ornaments that you decorate it with, which not only shows off class but also your taste for all things wonderful. We believe that creativity can be breathed into some of the most mundane items around homes too, that marries elegance with functionality. Here, you will find beautiful handcrafted items curated carefully from across the globe. One of our core values lies in upholding the Indian culture and heritage and supporting all the skilful artisans in the rural parts of the country, so that they may make a good livelihood for themselves. It is not merely a lifestyle brand- it is a vision that is synonymous with elegance and craft with a modern twist in our products. On our website, you will find homeware and handicrafts that will steal your heart and keep you hooked.

Shop your favourite handcrafted items from tons of collections to enhance the look of your home

They say home is where the heart is and that is quite true since with each passing day that you are in your home, you go through life and its many experiences. You learn lessons through pain and pleasure that shapes your personality. And besides, your family, the look and feel of your home are what deeply affects your development. To promote more health and happiness, it is imperative that you decorate your home with unique and elegant home decor pieces. This is an area where ExclusiveLane has got you covered! We have a wide collection of handcrafted home decor items that would enhance the appearance of your home hugely.

Range of home decor and handcrafted item collections that will steal your heart!

The epitome of beauty and elegance lies in the homeware collection that we bring to you. Inspired by the culture, folklore and heritage of India, ExclusiveLane curates such products that would forever remind you of your homeland and your roots that lie in the generation-old handicraft practices of this land. Since we are a brand where we aim to uphold the Indian heritage and the skilful artisans who have been creating mesmerizing items for generations, we also aim to bring global recognition for them. Besides preserving our rich heritage, we work for the economic upliftment of these talented artisans all around our country.

A few collections that would get you wanting more!

Check out some of our home decor collections and handcrafted items that you would certainly fall in love with. But the best part is, the options at ExclusiveLane never end! From “Warli Mirror” towel holders to wooden sculpture pieces, we have items to decorate your home all around. Here are a few lovely items that you must check out from our diverse home decor collections:
“Warli Red and golden” Hand-painted wall mirror in Pinewood
Madhubani Hand-painted Key Holder in Pinewood
“Kite Pals” Hand-painted Key Holder in Pinewood

Explore and purchase more of our homeware collections

Now that you are all familiar with our home decor collections and handicrafts, you must check out more of our collections. Grab your favourites now from our kitchen decor, dining room decor and festive items that we curate keeping in mind what you love!

Check out our kitchenware collection

In our kitchens, we use many items like spice boxes or oil bottles but not always are they unique and add to the appearance of our homes. Here, you will find even these basic items in such exceptional looks that you can't help but buy them. Here are some examples that would give you an idea of what we are talking about.
Sheesham Wood Square Spice Box with SPoon
The ‘Flowy Flora’ Mughal Hand-painted Ink blue Ceramic Oil Bottle
Old fashioned Ceramic Jars with Hand Carved Tray

Check out our dining room decor

Quite related to the kitchen is the dining table. We believe that there must be harmony in the pieces you cook food in and the pieces in which you serve food. Not only does it look elegant, but it is also organized and adds to your dining experience every single time. SO check out these platters and trays from our collection and pick what you like!
“Cream-Coloured” Handcrafted Wooden Coasters
“Warli Round” Hand-Painted Tray in Mango Wood & Iron
Handcrafted Jar Set with Tray and Spoons in Steam Beechwood

Check out gorgeous pieces of furniture and lighting

The first things to think about when you want to decorate a place of your own are furniture and lighting. You cannot afford to settle with subpar furniture or such pieces that don't fit in with the structure and appearance of your home. This holds true for both furniture and lighting pieces. On our website, you will find gorgeous and functional pieces of furniture and beautiful lamps that would totally transform the look and feel of your home. Here are some of the beauties you must check out.

“Warli Round” Hand-painted Tray with Foldable Stand in Mango Wood and Iron
“Rustic Squares” Antique Finish Nested Wall Shelves in Mango Wood
 ‘Paisley-carved’ Table Lamp in Mango Wood
‘Moroccan Flame' hand-etched Pendant Lamp in Iron

Check out our festive gifts collections

Gifting is an important part of our lives, especially during festivals. It is a tradition in our country, to give to our family and loved ones on occasions such as Diwali and Dussehra and ExclusiveLane is the perfect place where you can shop for beautiful handcrafted items for the important people in your life. Here are some of the items you could choose for handmade gifts for your loved ones.


Q1. What are the best handmade products to buy?
Ans. We have whole collections of various handicrafts and home decor items that are handcrafted on our website that you can choose from.
Q2. What are the best ways to decorate your home?
Ans. You must choose such pieces of home decor, furniture and lighting that would add to the essence of your home and make it even more beautiful. You can select your favourite pieces from our collections.
Q3. What are the most popular handmade items? Ans. We have many bestsellers on our website and they are the most popular when it comes to handcrafted items.