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Illuminate your home with beautiful lighting and create a cozy ambiance for special occasions. Ex...Read More

Illuminate your home with beautiful lighting and create a cozy ambiance for special occasions. Explore the curated collection of handmade candles, candle holders, and tea-light holders.Read Less

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    25 products

    Light Up Your Living Room With The Best Decorative Lights

    Even though we do not give much attention to lighting, it plays an inseparable role in our lives. We light up our festivals with decorative lights. No matter how much we grow up, there is always a kid inside us who gets excited when they see a fancy light. Home decor lights set up the mood of a house. Decorative wall lights, neon lamps, night lamps, wall hanging lamps play a significant role in making a home attractive and appealing. Lights are the reason that now a humans works more than he sleeps. Before the invention of light, humans used to go to sleep soon after sunset and wake up at sunrise, but the invention of light has changed a lot of things. Different types of lighting can switch up the mood. Have you ever attended an E.D.M. concert? Have you noticed how the lighting switches up the mood and engages the audience? That is precisely what lights are capable of. If used correctly, lights can be considered equally powerful as music.

    Decorative lights are used nearly on every occasion. Be it Diwali or Christmas, decorative lights spark up the festive mood. The best option nowadays is to buy lights online from a handicraft store. We offer a wide range of lighting options for indoor lighting as well as outdoor lighting. Buying table lamps online can help you explore a wide variety with an impressive price range. Natural lightings like tea-lights and scented candles are great for setting up a romantic mood. Decorative lights, if used correctly, can create an impactful impression. Decorative lights can switch up the spirit of a place, just like aroma diffusers. Bathrooms with creative lighting tend to become a getaway for the person using them. Several bathroom accessories like scents, aroma diffusers, etc., also create an impactful aura.

    Decorative Lights Online From ExclusiveLane

    Using decorative lights can be a bit tricky at times. The best way to decide which light will go with which setup is to consult with a professional interior designer. If you want to choose your lightings yourself, there is no better way than ‘trial and error’. Still, there are some things to be kept in mind before choosing a light. Following are some points to be kept in mind while selecting decorative lights.

    Never choose a light that clashes with the surrounding colour scheme.

    The light should blend into the surrounding, making itself a part of the system.

    The light should complement the surroundings.


    How do you use decoration lights?

    To attract attention to things displayed on box shelves, use decorative lighting. If you display your collections on shelves or simply want to highlight a beautiful sculpture or decoration, it's an interesting idea. Lighting that is decorative or accentual is often used to highlight certain architectural features or design elements. It has an aesthetic purpose as opposed to being functional. 

    What is the purpose of lights?

    A decorative lighting fixture creates a mood and adds interest to a room, for instance, by highlighting various objects and areas in the room such as a painting. Both inside and outside of the house can be decorated with decorative fixtures. The right lighting can enhance task performance, improve the appearance of an area, or improve the psychological wellbeing of occupants. Light fixtures are used in indoor lighting, which is an essential element of interior design. Lighting can also play a major role in landscape design.

    What is the use of decorative lights?

    Decorative lighting is also a great way to inject some personality and individuality. When choosing decorative lighting, one of the first things to consider is how the design affects the amount of light transmitted. Lighting is all about making a statement, complementing a style, and/or adding character to a room.

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