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Hanging planters for balcony, indoor, and outdoor are perfect for urban gardens and modern interi...Read More

Hanging planters for balcony, indoor, and outdoor are perfect for urban gardens and modern interiors. Uplift the style quotient of your living space and garden with beautiful hangings and wall planters.Read Less

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    24 products


    While decorating the houses, we often forget about the balconies. Just placing a few pots of plants and chairs in the corner will not make it your spot for relaxation. You need much more than these to make it a place where you can sit back and relax while enjoying the view, sipping hot coffee or tea with your loved ones. If you have balcony space, no matter how big or small, and you wish to transform it; there is nothing better than converting it into a wonderful little patch of greenery and have balcony hanging planters. These garden décor accessories and ideas to amp up your balcony space will help you in doing so.


    For those smaller urban balconies where space is always an issue, balcony hanging pots can help in utilizing every corner. Place multi-tiered planters in the corner for creating a visually appealing green backdrop while some planters can go on the railings. You can also choose planters that can be fixed on the walls and hanging pots online for planting as many plants as possible.  Several plants and herbs can be grown with limited light in the cities while creating a refreshing garden. Gift vibrant handmade hanging planters online to a loved one who enjoys gardening today. These can be a perfect present for birthdays.

    Accessories you need for a perfect garden

    With handmade decorative hangings for a garden and planters, you can make your balcony the envy of all. Use animated ceramic hanging planters for keeping flowering plants and creepers. It can be in the shape of a panda, birds, piggy, ducks, or any other adorable animal. If you have kids in the house, these can make them feel motivated for gardening. If you do not have a place for keeping ceramic hanging pots, you can go for the wall planters online made of iron that can be fixed on the wall.

    Create a little herby wall décor with these creative planters. Let your urban garden be a spot for relaxation by hanging handmade wind chimes on the balcony. You can hang one or more than one, immersing yourself in the musical comfort of these handmade artifacts. Buy garden accessories and railing planters that are simply perfect for any kind of interiors or home only on ExclusiveLane.

    Shop alluring home décor selection at ExclusiveLane

    Bringing you a whole new world of remarkable handmade artifacts from every part of the country, ExclusiveLane is the one-stop-shop for perfect home décor. You can buy alluring hanging plant pots online for parts suitable for a balcony or musical wind chimes to uplift your garden's look. Get a stunning handmade centerpiece for your dinner table or a chandelier for the room, creating a lavish feel. Make every dinner or lunch special with the perfect ceramic serving ware created by artisans. All this and much more, including Indian handicrafts, are available only on ExclusiveLane, which will make your search for unique décor easy.


    Why should I buy a hanging planter?

    Instead of asking us ‘why’, you should ask yourself ‘why not?’! Hanging pots and wall planters not only make your space look clean and tidy, but are also a great way of making a professional-looking outdoor area, whether it's for your own balcony, window, back garden or the entrance of an office. Hanging planters are primarily decorative plants and allow homes with limited garden/balcony space to still have fresh-grown living plants and flowers. Hanging pots online come in a wide variety of styles that you can easily choose from.

    Where can I hang my hanging pots and planters?

    Hanging planters can be hung almost anywhere around your house depending on the type of plant in the hanging pot. Most people like to put them on their balconies and areas where they want to add colours and can easily hang metal and plastic hooks. Otherwise, people also like to go for wall planters online when they don’t have a specific place to hang hanging planters. Wall planters just require you to attach a hook to your wall, and you’re good to go. The exact placement of hanging planters depends on whether or not the potted plant needs lots of sun, or shade, high temps or low temps and how much water is needed.

    How do I keep my hanging planters from turning yellow?

    Your hanging planters might be turning yellow for a number of reasons. First, the material matters. Plastic or metal hanging pots usually tend to turn yellow or rust over time. Thus, it is recommended to go for ceramic hanging planter pots. Second, you’re giving too much water. Water can make metals rust or plastic wither away over time. Adjusting the amount of water you’re spilling over your hanging pots might help. Too much sunlight can also have the same effect. Thus, ensure that while your plants are getting an adequate amount of water and sunlight, your hanging pots are not getting too much of them.

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