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Looking to furnish your home with beautiful wooden storage furniture? Check in the best collectio...Read More

Looking to furnish your home with beautiful wooden storage furniture? Check in the best collection of handcrafted drawers, bookshelf, TV shelves online from ExclusiveLane. Decorating and filling your space with Sheesham wood would be perfect for any corner of the centre of the area.Read Less

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    Let storage be aesthetic with the ExclusiveLane Storage furniture collection

    Everybody has an image of decorating their dream house in their minds, and if you

    are looking for wooden storage online, you are at the right place. We at ExclusiveLane provide the best storage furniture quality in solid Sheesham and mango wood with teak, natural, and walnut finish. The best part is that the furniture offers quality with a pleasing aesthetic for your home. Storing things at the right place makes your life easier in many ways, and it is a win-win when you get it in matching the aesthetics you want. So why wait for tomorrow? Browse through our wooden storage furniture at the storage furniture collection today in ExclusiveLane. 

    Few storage furniture that you must buy from ExclusiveLane 

    Who does not like to furnish their home with the best furniture? Find everything you need for home decor at ExclusiveLane. Decorating with the Sheesham wood furniture gives your house the perfect rich look it needs. You can also check out some of the many unique and best-selling wooden storage online at our store.

    The first wooden storage unit is Stark, a handcrafted chest of drawers in Sheesham wood with the teak finish and walnut finish with 5 drawers. The vintage look gives your furniture that edge, and it also has good storage for you in a semi-knocked down form, making it an unbeatable storage piece. It also has these unique tile designs, making it creative and giving it a bohemian feel. Another handcrafted wooden storage is Stellar is of kind masterpiece made of Sheesham wood with teak and walnut finish. It has 6 spacious drawers that elevate the chest of drawers from regular with conical legs. It is a simple yet elegant piece of work.  Nirvana is a handcrafted Tv unit Sheesham wood with teak and walnut finish having 2 cabinets. Wisdom is also a desk with drawers made from Solid Sheesham wood, giving it an elite look. It consists of 3 spacious drawers to store books, clothes, etc.

    Vector is a Handcrafted Tv unit in Mango wood with a natural and walnut finish comprising 2 cabinets. Academia, a bookshelf in mango wood, is suitable for storing any kind of books and magazine. The natural walnut finish gives it an edge to stand out in a room full of furniture. 

    Last but not least, Casablanca is a chest of drawers made with the finest quality of Sheesham wood. The piece's uniqueness is the Zigzag pattern on the drawer, making it abstract and good storage to keep in a room.

    These are some of the Sheesham wood storage furniture, Mango wood storage furniture, desk with drawers, and wooden storage cabinets you can find at ExclusiveLane.

    Why buy from ExclusiveLane? 

    We at ExclusiveLane Indian handicraft store aim at promoting our tradition with the essence of the current trends. ExclusiveLane is an online Indian handicraft store promoting small artisans throughout the country to earn a living and receive the appreciation their talent deserves. Our products show the diverse culture of our nation through the hands of different artisans. For more input, you can browse our website and look at other Coffee mugs, Handmade wall hanging, and furniture we have for you in-store. Apart from the social cause, our products are of good quality, and at a reasonable price, you no longer have to worry about decorating your home from different places. ExclusiveLane is a one-stop destination. 


    Q1) What is the best storage furniture?

    The best storage furniture is of solid Sheesham wood, which is of the finest quality and long-lasting. Solid mango wood is also suitable for storage furniture. At ExclusiveLane, we provide the finest storage furniture to store anything you want quickly and for a more extended period. 

    Q2) What are the types of storage furniture? 

    Different types of storage furniture come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and spaces, made mainly from solid Sheesham wood or solid mango wood. The storage furniture varies from console tables, console sets, chest of drawers, wooden furniture, bookshelf, Tv shelves, and handcrafted drawers. 

    Q3) What is the classification of storage furniture?

    Storage furniture at ExclusiveLane is classified based on the material used, product type, part type, and price in the chest of drawers, bookshelves, and TV unit cabinets. 

    Also, check out our study furniture, dining furniture, console tables, and console sets. 

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