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A range of handcrafted ceramic dinner plates from the ExclusiveLane brand are Hand-Painted in a b...Read More

A range of handcrafted ceramic dinner plates from the ExclusiveLane brand are Hand-Painted in a bright spectrum of pleasant and attractive colours. Food displays well on the table thanks to the earthy appeal of these dinner plates.These plates are handcrafted in ceramic with great care and precision on a pastel cerulean base. They are suitable for your dining table as well as interior and exterior décor. Lovely styles and floral designs are hand-painted on them by skilled Indian artisans.Read Less

58 products

    58 products

    Colourful Dinner Plates & Décor To Revamp Your Kitchen!

    Dishes can go from being just something you do after meals to a way to express your taste and style. You want some excellent plates in your kitchen, but now what?

    The last time you were out looking for plates, you probably ended up with a grocery store's worth of boring ceramics that wouldn't look all that great stacked up on your breakfront.

    Go Exclusive! Browse through our curated collection of exclusive hand painted dinner plates online and décor at ExclusiveLane and make it easy on yourself to find the perfect dishes that won't just look good but make you love the space you use them in. Be inspired by our selection and features!

    Explore Our Exclusive Dinner Plates & Décor Collection

    Choosing the proper dinner plates online can be quite a task. From the many options available in the market, it is hard to settle down with just one. Also, conducting a visual check becomes a very tedious job and not to mention, very time-consuming as well. At ExclusiveLane, we make sure that you do not have to take on such a burden of finding just the right dinner plate for your needs. With our specially curated collection of designer handcrafted ceramic dinner plates, you will find something that best suits your taste and decor. ExclusiveLane offers high-definition pictures of exclusive dishes that you can compare in style and size. High-quality details also accompany these decor items. We give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. So, get yourself dinner plates with bowl sets from ExclusiveLane and revamp your kitchen today!

    Dishes For The Décor, Not Just The Food

    The ExclusiveLane Dinner Plates exude a pleasing aura of comfort and luxury, complemented by their heavenly presence on your table. Our serving dinner plate sets are handcrafted in ceramic with great care and precision. These plates are suitable for your dining table as well as interior & exterior décor. Designs from ExclusiveLane are based on various Indian motifs, artistic patterns and designs. ExclusiveLane's Hand-Painted ceramic dinner plates make a beautiful addition to your table. The vibrant, elegant designs on these ceramic dinner plates are crafted in the traditional Hand-Engraved, Hand-Glazed, Hand-Painted, Hand-Painted & Handcrafted, Stoneware, Studio Pottery and Warli Art form. Featuring intricate designs on their surface, these vessels are sure to delight your guests.

    We at ExclusiveLane ensure you do not have to stumble upon the internet for more options. Right here, on our platform, these assortments of different ceramic dinner plates with colourful designs and patterns make it easy for buyers to have a versatile range of options. All in all, ExclusiveLane makes finding a dinner plate set a breeze. Our ceramic dinner plates are crafted by some of the finest designers in India. All our dinner plate sets come in different colours, patterns, shapes and sizes. So, browse through our exquisite and distinct range of dinner plates and buy dinner plates online for yourself and your family. 

    Why choose ExclusiveLane?

    ExclusiveLane is a home decor store that features handcrafted Indian-made art and craft products across the country. Our designers use local materials and traditional handicrafts in their designs to truly create unique pieces. We bring handmade products such as Serveware, Plates & Platters, Dinner Sets, wooden trays, bowls, Kadhai & Handis, Chapati Boxes and many more from talented artisans throughout the country with supreme quality.


    1. How many plates do you offer in the plates set?

    It all depends upon the dinner plate you are choosing for yourself. All products come in a set of two, while others have more than two plates. Some plates come as plates & bowl sets, while others can be simply plates. 

    1. Which dinner plates are best for dinner?

    Dinner plates from ExclusiveLane are best for dinner. These exclusive plates are made of ceramic material and feature different art forms like Warli, hand-glazed and many others. You can also access multiple designs and patterns per your choice and preference. 

    1. How Many Bowls Are In A Dinner Set?

    Well, it again depends on the dinner set you are getting for yourself. The number of bowls varies from 2, 3 and even more, depending upon the dinner set you have chosen to get for yourself. 

    1. Which plate is best for dinner?

    Plates from ExclusiveLane are the best for dinner. You get a variety of sizes, colours and patterns to choose from. Beautiful art forms are intricately designed in the plates to give you the best home décor item.

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