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Coming from the Mithila region, Madhubani art is a famous art form in India. With colourful splas...Read More

Coming from the Mithila region, Madhubani art is a famous art form in India. With colourful splashes and intricate designs, who does not want to be surrounded by such beauty? No matter the occasion, your house will always look quirky and lively with these Madhubani Art inspired hand-painted home décors. Check out the amazing range of Madhubani home decor items from ExclusiveLaneRead Less

31 products

    31 products
    Combo Of Terracotta Handpainted Vases Set Of 3
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    Combo Of Terracotta Handpainted Vases
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    Add beauty and elegance to your home décor with Madhubani painting products

    Home décor enhances the beauty of the interiors of your homes and if those decorative pieces depict the rich and diverse culture and tradition of India, these are even more eye-catching. Madhubani art form is a popular and exquisite type of art seen in pots, table lamps, key holder, napkin holder. These paintings add an aesthetic style to your house. The different hues and patterns incorporated by the creative artisans catch the attention of your guests.  Madhubani art patterns of black and white go with the trend of elegance and beauty.

    Buy Madhubani home décor online exclusively from ExclusiveLane

    ExclusiveLane handicraft store brings you handpicked collections of Madhubani home décor for all kinds of needs. We are your one-stop shopping destination for buying handicrafts online. We make sure that all your needs are met from the convenience and comfort of your homes. All the home décor products are delivered to you at your doorstep. These marvellous Madhubani painting products, Madhubani painting on pot,  have beautiful finishing and eye-catching details.

    Buy Madhubani art products online and remodel your interiors

    The unique Madhubani painted home décor is perfect for your home and improves the overall ambiance. The classic one of kind products is eco friendly. We understand the importance of decorating your place and we have got you all covered with the best pieces of beautiful Madhubani art showpieces, vase, wall décor, etc. and hence, we aim at making your homes attractive.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why is Madhubani Art so famous?

    Ans. Madhubani Artform has unique designs and is very popular for its bright and vibrant colours. They have geometric patterns and shames and are a symbol of love, peace and prosperity. Madhubani art paintings online have another level of a craze in today’s time. 

    2. Why are the Colours used in Madhubani so special?

    Ans. Madhubani paintings are totally eco friendly and are made from colours derived from natural organic sources like plants, etc. Bright, vibrant colours are used to make the painting look more lively. The naturalness and distinctiveness of Madhubani paintings are well-known. This painting was traditionally created using natural colours. Plant leaves, flowers, fruits, and other plant parts were used to extract all of the colours. This is how the artist gave Madhubani art its originality and naturalness.

    3. What Madhubani art inspired home decor products you have?

    Ans. Madhubani paintings are regarded to be one of the most well-known art genres, including features such as complicated geometrical patterns. They're also notable for depicting ceremonial elements at special events such as festivals and religious rites. We have a great collection of Madhubani hand-painted vases, wall décor, Table lamps, key holder, towel holder, showpieces, etc.

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