The Dancing Peacock

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12 products

    12 products

    Beauty Of HandCarved Wooden Products

    Hand Carved Products are always unique and are specially designed in their own way. When the artisans show their creativity, it is an immense pleasure to have such products and admire their beauty. Some designs may look simple, but the intricate designs patterns in the products could have taken days and nights to be finished. The peacock decor is one special design that enhances the look of the set of products available. Home decors are loved by many and are used to create a special place in the area that is been present. Some of the peacock home decor products could be in anything like wall decor, hangings, etc.

    Shop The Best Peacock Gifts Collection Online from ExclusiveLane

    Every one of us loves and is aware of the beautiful dance of the peacock. Some of the best peacock wall decors will help in enhancing the look and overall area of the walls. Also never miss checking the made in India gifts to support the artisans, and explore the uniqueness of handmade gift products. The handmade peacock wall hanging will make the space so special and beautiful. You can also check other beautiful products made on the theme of “The Dancing Peacock”. Some of the wonderful products that could accompany your home are tissue roll holders, keychain holders, bookend stands, stationery or cutlery holders, spice boxes, and many more. Peacock decorations for the home are a perfect addition to the walls and tables of the home. The products are made based on different woods like Sheesham wood, teak wood, mango wood, etc. And has a uniquely stylish finish to suit all special occasions and any corner of your place.

    One Place For Handmade Products

    ExclusiveLane is a perfect place to get all your home accessories and decors in one place. Never miss checking the handmade wall hanging, garden decor, key holder, wooden spice box, ceramic vases online, etc which are all done by the best Indian artisans. When you think of peacock decorative items, they will surely make a beautiful theme in your simple to grand decors. Other than these peacock decors, they have a wide range of collections in different categories like material, art, type, etc. They have all the collections needed for homes like dining, kitchen, room, garden, furniture, lights, and many more. Also, each collection has a wide range of products in the given categories. If you are planning to give a theme for your place or surroundings, this will be a perfect addition to your space. Also, there are gifting options like corporate gifts, housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, etc.

    Why Buy From ExclusiveLane?

    When you want to try any new hand-crafted, hand-made, or hand-carved products. ExclusiveLane is one of the best places to go. The website has a unique and wide range of product collections like dining, decor, lighting, garden, furniture, etc. and each category has many sub-divisions based on the product or art type, material, etc. The uniqueness of handmade products is that they are specially designed by the best artisans of India, and each product is unique in its own way. There are also different types of art including farm fables, joys of nature, folk tales, Mughal marbles, etc. Each art is unique and defines its own beauty.


    What are the carved items?

    Carved products are sculpted products that have their own beauty. The carving is done on the material or base like wood, stone, etc. Carving is done on a specific object where a design or image is imprinted by sculpting with a cut or curve.

    Which is a perfect place to get handcrafted wooden decor?

    The handcrafted wooden decor adds beauty to your table or shelf or even wall. Exclusivelane has one of the best collections of decor and kitchen products. Each product has different categories available in different types of wood and materials.

    What is the difference between sculpture and carving?

    Carving and sculpting are two different processes that work a bit similar. It is a process where material like wood or stone is intricately eliminated from the base.

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