Add an aesthetic touch to your tea with kulhad cups. ExclusiveLane brings to you an exquisite ran...Read More

Add an aesthetic touch to your tea with kulhad cups. ExclusiveLane brings to you an exquisite range of handcrafted terracotta and ceramic kullads.Read Less

8 products

    8 products


    Fine dining is what you are fond of? Want to add that aesthetic touch even with the beverages that you drink? How about some good old chai in kullad teacups then? Yes, that’s right! Nothing beats a set of good kulhad sets of  teacups for all those who have an eye for the finer and the more aesthetic pleasantries of life. Not too sure about it? Well, let’s take a deep dive into these then.

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    Tea time is one of the best times for every one of us since it will keep us calm and relieved after the hectic and tiring day. Check out the beautiful Kulhad online like ceramic kullads, terracotta kullads, and many more. Sipping the hot tea with the beautiful mitti kulhad cups and colourful ceramic kullads online will make the day so refreshing and soothing. Since terracotta products are eco-friendly too, you can choose terracotta kulhad cups and have a plastic-free kitchen.


    Buy Art Form Kullads and Tea-Cups Online in India

    Tea Kulhad Cups and Kulhad sets add beauty to your showcases, and at the same time will make your tea time with your loved ones and family members. Explore the beautifully painted warli cups, studio pottery kullads, etc which makes your beautiful sunset evenings more romantic and happy.


    What are kulhad teacups?

    Remember those cups with the beautiful designs that you find in those rusty cafés in pockets? If you have been wondering what they are called, well then, they can be classified under the broad category of kullads. And most importantly, if you have always wanted to get your hands on a Kulhad set like that for quite some time now, then you can definitely buy kulhad online. Coming back to the moot question – what exactly are kullads.

    They are basically clay cups that come without a handle. Yes, being made of clay and being without handles are two of the characters which define these cups the best. They are popular in India and its neighbouring country Pakistan. They are meant for disposal use technically, but now once they have made their way into the entire dining room decor aesthetics they are made in more sustainable manners. Just like you want to get coffee mugs online for coffee sets, if you are an Indian masala tea person, you just cannot do without a set of kulhad teacups! So buy Kulhad cups online and enjoy your tea time with friends or family.

    So, how do you make sure that you pick up just the right set for yourself?

    Well, here’s the thing that you need to know about kulhad chai cups – you can never have enough of them. So, you search and search and pick up as many types of sets as you like. They come in different designs. For example, if you want to go with the classic style, then you can keep it simple and go for the plain brown ones. If you want to add some colour, then when you are buying kulhad cups online, you can go with various printed designs and terracotta models. Our suggestion – keep your choices as flexible as possible when you buy kulhad online. why? To make sure that you have enough sets to play around with!

    The entire beauty of the kulhad cups lies in their size. It is medium-size and holds a definite amount of tea. So pay attention to the size and stick to the standard ones when you buy kulhad online.

    Choose your designs based on what you like and what will go well with the other drinkware sets that you have at home. It is important to keep your sense of kitchen aesthetics together as much as possible because then only will you be able to create an asymmetrical sense of synergy which gives your kitchenware a different feeling altogether. 

    The final and the most important thing for kullad tea cups online in India is that you need to find just the right place to shop from. You cannot compromise with quality or with designs when it comes to mitti kullad cups. If you want to keep a set of cups with the same design as say your bottle online that you have bought, browse through the same site and you are more likely to come across a kullad cup in the same design. In fact, if you want to create some striking contrast, then go with a contrasting design coaster which will definitely add to the spark of the look.

    So, what are you waiting for? Get your own kullad cup set, today!

    You can also explore our handpainted kullads, kullads online, Handpainted Kulhads.


    How are Kulhads made?

    Kulhads are small vessels made out of clay. Generally, red and black soil is used for making original quality kulhads. Moist clay is first collected from regions having enriched availability of red and black soil. It is then moulded into the desired shape of the kulhads. Further, it is allowed to air dry for almost 24 hours in the bare sun after moulding is completed. Then, the moulds are put into a furnace at extremely high temperatures. This process makes the kulhads strong and waterproof inside out. These are then painted and polished to suit your kitchen decor needs.

    What can we serve in Kulhads?

    Kulhads are extremely durable and waterproof inside out, making them the perfect vessel to serve almost any kind of drink or even food. Traditionally, kulhads have been used in India for serving tea at almost every local tea stall. Slowly and steadily, these have moved on to become statement pieces of art at every other household, and even big cafes and restaurants. So while you can definitely use these statement tea kulhads to serve tea at your home, these kulhads cups can also be utilised to serve a plethora of other drinks like lassi, aerated cold drinks, coffee, milk etc. That’s not all. You can also utilise these earthen terracotta kulhads to store your favourite pickles and sauces at your dining table, for daily use.

    How can I maintain these terracotta kulhads?

    Our earthen terracotta kulhads are handmade products by artisans from the interiors of India and are extremely durable, requiring minimal cleaning effort. These mitti kulhads online can be easily cleaned with a mild detergent and a soft scrub. It is highly advisable to wash these kulhads by hand and not put them in the dishwasher, as they are made up of earthen terracotta and might break inside the dishwasher upon coming in contact with other hard and strong utensils. If you are storing pickles or any other oily stuff in the kulhads, you can easily remove the stains by using baking soda or tamarind with lukewarm water.

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