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The colourful beach hut will change the beautiful surroundings into a happy vibe. Explore the bes...Read More

The colourful beach hut will change the beautiful surroundings into a happy vibe. Explore the best lively glowing hut patterns and indulge them in your surrounding for making it grand and exciting. ExclusiveLane brings you an amazing range of hand-painted hut collections.Read Less

25 products

    25 products
    Hut Handpainted Salt & Pepper Shaker Set In Ceramic
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    'The Hut Straight' Hand-Painted Ceramic Vase (8 Inch)
    Sale price Rs. 849 Regular price Rs. 1,449 (41% Off)
    'The Hut' Hand-painted Coasters (Set Of 4, Ceramic)
    Sale price Rs. 868 Regular price Rs. 1,460 (41% Off)

    Bringing the outdoors in: The beautiful hut collection

    Victor and his team from Puducherry have crafted a small Hut Collection, a celebration of an old and rustic South Indian village. The charming triangular shapes and symmetrical windows of the huts are captured in intricate detail, transporting you to a serene Puducherry village. The paintings on each ceramic hut item are a homage to the simplicity of village life, with depictions of bustling markets, tranquil homes, chirping birds, and green fields.

    The collection includes serving bowls with lids and spoons, tea and coffee cups, dinner plates, serving bowls, dip and chutney bowls, and other unique home accessories such as bathroom dispensers and flower vases. Each item is hand-painted by an artisan, making each piece a one-of-a-kind addition to your home and kitchen. The bright red strokes and patterns of yellow and green sundrops on the surface of clay create an eye-catching design that reminds us of the placid vibes of the dreamy moon. Every design has its own unique nuances, making it a perfect addition to any home.

    Elevate your dining experience with ceramic hut products

    ExclusiveLane has a stunning hut collection which is a stunning representation of traditional South Indian village life. Whether you're looking for something unique to add to your kitchen or you're in the market for home decor that celebrates traditional Indian village life, this collection is sure to have something for everyone. Check out some interesting products:

    1. 'Two Dips Of Hut' Hand-Painted Ceramic Chutney & Pickle Bowls (Set Of 2): These serving bowls with spoons are perfect for serving chutneys, pickles, and other condiments at your dining table. The intricate design makes it a must-have addition to your kitchen collection. Use it for yourself or gift it to someone but you cannot miss these dining bowl katoris
    2. 'The Hut Family' Hand-Painted Ceramic Quarter Plates (7 Inch, Set Of 6): Introducing "The Hut Family" ceramic quarter plates, a stunning dinner set of six that embodies the warmth and spirit of traditional South Indian village life. These quarter plates are the perfect size for individual servings, whether you're enjoying a light snack or a full meal. Their 7-inch diameter and durable ceramic construction make them both practical and aesthetically pleasing.
    3. 'The Hut Straight' Hand-Painted Ceramic Vase (8 Inch): Hand-painted by skilled artisans, this 8-inch vase is part of The Hut Collection and is a true work of art. But this vase is not just a pretty face! Its high-quality ceramic construction ensures it is both sturdy and easy to clean, while its versatile size makes it perfect for a variety of floral arrangements.

    Apart from the above-mentioned product, there are several other items such as glass serving bowls with lids, serving trays, chapati boxes, soup bowls, and kadhai & handis. These pretty kitchen appliances are part of one of our best-selling collections and are therefore loved by everyone. 

    Why buy from ExclusiveLane?

    ExclusiveLane offers a wide range of handcrafted and hand-painted products that are unique and one-of-a-kind. These products are crafted by skilled artisans who specialize in traditional Indian crafts, and they often incorporate techniques and designs that have been passed down for generations. Buying from ExclusiveLane offers an opportunity to own unique and high-quality handcrafted products that are rich in traditional Indian heritage, all while enjoying affordable pricing and excellent customer service.

    FAQs About the Hut Collection

    1. How do I know if my bowl is a ceramic hut?

    Ceramic bowls produce a distinctive "clink" or "ping" sound when tapped lightly. If the bowl produces this sound, it is most likely made of ceramic.

    2. What is a ceramic hut bowl?

    A ceramic hut bowl is a bowl that is constructed using ceramic material and has a unique design around the concept of a hut and its scenery. 

    3. What is the benefit of ceramic hut plates?

    Ceramic hut plates are designed to look like traditional South Indian huts, which gives them a unique and stylish look. These plates feature intricate hand-painted designs that are both eye-catching and culturally significant.

    4. What are the most durable ceramic hut plates?

    Ceramic hut plates from ExclusiveLane are the most durable and of high quality 

    5. What are ceramic hut dinner plates made of?

    Ceramic hut dinner plates, particularly those from The Hut Collection by ExclusiveLane, are made of high-quality ceramic material. Ceramics is a non-metallic and inorganic material that is made from natural substances like clay, feldspar, kaolin, and other minerals.

    6. Are ceramic plates easy to break?

    Ceramic plates are generally durable and can last for a long time with proper care. 

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