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    94 products
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    Gayatri Mantra Terracotta Wall Hanging
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    Gayatri Mantra Terracotta Wall Hanging
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    Natural Wooden Log Wall Décor Set
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    Natural Wooden Log Wall Décor
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    Dhokra And Warli Handpainted Wall Hanging Set
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    Natural Wooden Log Wall Décor
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    Atithi Devo Bhava' Terracotta Wall Hanging Decor
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    The walls reflect our soul, charisma and persona. Tastefully done-up walls are the first thing that catches the attention of anyone who deigns to grace your abode. Your search for unique handmade wall hangings online meets a worthy match with an awesome collection of wall hangings, decor, decorative wooden wall hangings with lights, and ethereal terracotta hanging pots at none other than ExclusiveLane; looking for wall hangings to make your bedroom lively? Try the Gayatri Mantra terracotta wall hanging decor for your wall to usher in an aura of peace and vitality to the room’s occupants. Suppose garden décor is your kind of thing. In that case, we have an appealing and quirky selection of wall hangings to suit your varied tastes, such as the Hen family handmade & hand-painted garden wall hanging or “Colored Fish” - decorative terracotta wall hanging.


    It's always best to choose traditional décor when it comes to choosing classy décor! Wondering where you can find unique homemade wall-hanging ideas? Well, hanging handmade stop your search right there amigos with quirky wall decor items, aesthetic traditional kitchen wall hangings, and fabulous handmade photo wall hanging handmade for the living room are available just a couple of clicks away! Wall piece hangings make for a cool housewarming gift idea as well. If your host has a penchant for cooking up culinary delights, we would like to present the “Desert Spatulas” hand-painted wall décor made of the finest mango and pine wood. Well hey! It’s eco-friendly as well, so you can rest assured of the quality as well as the environmental implications of your gift.


    When it comes to choosing your home décor or decorating the entrance with a home nameplate, you will settle for nothing but the best, and ExclusiveLane believes in serving world-class handmade home décor products for its worthy patrons. If you nurture a penchant for Indian handicrafts, you would surely appreciate the wall hangings based on Warli wall paintings, such as the sunset orange & ocean blue Warli wall painting set. Looking for wall decoration products, check beautifully carved wooden hanging shelf to store your photo frames or souvenirs in? Try the “Rustic Hexagons” and the “Rustic Congruents” antique finish nested wall shelf made of durable and premium quality mango wood. Fans of Mithila painting could check out the “Tree House” Mithila handmade wall painting made of teak wood.


    Searching for authentic and alluring handicrafts stores in India can be a bit of a task, but not anymore! ExclusiveLane can find the erstwhile elusive and most exquisite mango wood wall shelves and Dhokra paintings based on wall hanging items. Art should be appreciated in any form. We firmly believe in reviving and honouring the aeons-old art forms prevalent in India that remain unmatched and unparalleled in their beauty, class and simplicity. So make a housewarming gift of these quirky wall decor items online wall hangings to someone who appreciates the good stuff, or maybe go greedy and stock up on these beauties for yourself! Also, explore the handmade wall hanging ideas, and black and gold home decor collection. Be it garden or kitchen accessories, this is the place to be.


    What is a wall hanging, and what are the uses?

    Wall hangings add beauty and grace to the walls and make them lively. The options in the wall hanging are immense, like the handmade terracotta wall hanging, wood carved wall hanging, and handcrafted metal wall hanging Use wall hangings showpieces to enhance your home's décor and to bring grace and beauty to your wall hanging decoration. Beautiful and appealing wall tapestries can be utilised for this, as they can be matched to any style of décor. Tapestry wall hangings are one of the oldest art forms and may be used to decorate your house.

    What are your wall hangings made of?

    All our products are provided with a description covering all features and materials they are made of. For example, our wall hangings are terracotta, wood, or metal. Wooden wall hangings are available in a wide range of sizes, designs, finishes, and wood species. Wooden wall hangings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including square, rectangular, and sculptured designs. Artists can leave the wood wall hanging in its original state or add shine by varnishing, staining, or painting it.

    You can also explore our Handmade showpieces, wooden wall hanging, terracotta home decor, Wooden key holder.

    Beautify Your Home With Premium Wall Hangings

    Wall hangings are amongst the most endeared and rather traditional ways of decorating your homes. From an aesthetic perspective, wall hangings denote the kind of cultural and art related preferences of the homeowners. They can greatly influence the appeal of your home interiors and make them look warm and rich. Furthermore, the beautiful hues and patterns which are used to make wall art wall hangings can spread a lot of positivity and vibrancy all around. This creates an atmosphere of happiness and optimism in home. 

    Wall hanging decor is a great way to utilize your home space to make it more appealing. It is also an effective way to make your walls more expressive without crowding it with picture frames. 

    By using decorative wall hangings, you can minimize the use of show pieces and other artefacts and keep your moving space light and breezy. To that end, wall hangings usually come in many shapes and sizes and you can choose the ones that make your walls stand out in the best possible way. 

    History of Wall Hangings - 

    Wall hangings have been around since the medieval era. At that time, these were used primarily by kings and queens to decorate their castles. Wall hanging decor was something which was typical to the upper class and it personified exuberance, decadence and an appreciation of fine art. 

    It all started with a flair for beautiful tapestry. Usually paintings were expressed through weaving and hand work on cloth. It was a highly intricate and a time consuming process. Gradually, the grace of this particular art form which was usually brushed aside as a trivial furnishing practice, came to the fore and people started taking it more seriously. 

    As time passed the focus on tapestry also grew and here we are today, discussing the best ways to decorate the interiors of our home with dazzling wall hangings. With time, craftsmen started becoming more creative and experimentation with their designing and consequently the making, weaving and designing of wall hangings also went through an evolution in their own right. 

    Handmade wall hangings continue to carry the old world charm, royalty and exquisiteness. You can browse through Exclusivelane’s collection of handmade wall hangings to figure out the perfect one for your home.

    Types of Wall Hangings

    • Wooden wall hangings 

    Wooden wall hangings have their own unique charm and they become even more appealing and exquisite if they are handmade. The kathakali Maquillage hand carved block wall decor in sheesham wood is a fine example of a unique wall hanging that will be a great addition to the interiors of your home. 

    • Terracotta wall hangings 

    Terracotta wall hangings have an enchanting rustic and traditional appeal attributed to them. The Flapping birdies or the flowery owl handmade and hand painted garden decorative wall hangings in terracotta, which are available on ExclusiveLane are breathtakingly fresh and so charming to look at. In fact, you can buy some terracotta pots from our website and decorate the same on wooden wall frames on the wall.

    • Metal wall hangings 

    Metal wall hangings are another type of wall hangings that can give a very sturdy and defined look to your walls. Since metal can be shaped and colours in various ways, this type of wall hanging decor is preferred by many people. You must check out the Namaste hand painted cow wall door hanging in iron. Many cultures believe that hanging a cow figurine at the wall in front of the main door of your home can be a good omen for the home dwellers. 

    • Dream catchers 

    Dream catchers are those kinds of wall hangings that have been associated with a power to take away bad dreams. The accuracy of this claim might be debated but still, one cannot debate the fact that dream catchers look Uber chic and stylish when used as wall decor.

    • Tapestry wall hangings 

    Getting any kind of tapestry  of your choice framed can also be a good way to decorate your walls. Tapestry wall hangings can instantly perk up your interiors while giving your home a warm look.

    • Religious wall hangings 

    Many people believe that by hanging a religious figurine or a holy mantra on the walls of your home or pooja room can bring a lot of good luck to you and your loved ones. The Glories of Ganesha handmade and hand painted wall art in iron or the Gayatri mantra terracotta wall hanging can be a good addition the walls of your home if you are looking for wall hanging decoration to augment your luck.

    Importance of Wall Hangings

    Using wall hanging in your home decor can have the following benefits 

    • Easy way to decorate the internal spaces of your home

    Wall hangings can add a lot of freshness to your home. If you are articulate in choosing the right wall hanging decor then you can add a lot of the aesthetic meaning to your home’s regular walls and that too at an affordable price. 

    • It can bring life to empty spaces 

    If you have a bare wall in your home or room which has nothing great going on in it in terms of its interiors, then you can always choose a good wall hanging, put a console table underneath it with a small planter on top. This will spruce  up your room’s overall look. 

    • You can choose the wall hangings according to your home’s colour palette

    The best thing about experimenting with decorative wall hangings is that you can choose them according to your preferences and the general colour theme of your interiors. This will make your place look so vibrant and charming.

    • It has acoustic benefits as well

    By making use of wall hanging decorations, you can layer your walls in a beautiful way so that the sound can be absorbed by them. It's an affordable and pleasing way to make your love sound proof! 

    • It adds character to the look and feel of your place 

    If you are artsy enough while choosing the right wall hangings, then you can nicely glam up your home interiors in a splendid way. 

    Classic & Trendy Wall Decor Collections We Have at ExclusiveLane

    When it comes to decorating our homes, our walls need specific attention because they are like a bastion to our safe place and the way we adorn our walls, says a lot about our creative and aesthetic inclination. In addition to wall hangings, ExclusiveLane has a vast collection of wall mirrors, name plates, wall hooks, wall clocks and other noteworthy accessories to enhance the appeal of your wall decor. Our tribal timing warli hand painted wall clock in teak wood is such a beautiful wall accessory that you won’t stop gazing and admiring it once you put it up in your wall. 

    Design Your Dream House With The Best Wall Hangings Available Online

    This wall painting set consists of two paintings made with the popular Indian Dhokra art. The vibrant colours will turn your walls into a pleasing sight for the onlookers.  

    This hand painted wall decor has two cows made onto it which is considered auspicious in many cultures since a cow is a holy and nurturing animal as per Hindu culture. 

    This is a statement wall hanging and it will definitely draw a lot of compliments from all those who visit your place. 

    This handcrafted wall decor will turn the grace of your living room or drawing room up a notch. Made with recycled wood, this wall hanging is a must buy if you are looking for ways to revamp your home interiors. 

    Owls are also considered to be a harbinger of wealth and prosperity. This wall decor item will surely stand out and make your wall look marvellous. 

    This particular wall decor product doubles as a storage unit as well. Therefore, this is an attractive way to keep your home chic and clean at the same time. 

    Why Shop From ExclusiveLane

    ExclusiveLane is an online portal that is committed to the cause of bringing traditional Indian handicrafts to the fore and making them visible to a global audience. We have collaborated with many small artisans who are masters of their respective craft and given them a portal to showcase their creativity in the most impactful way. 

    We, at Exclusivelane, have curated a collection of high quality, unique design windchimes in India. 

    Checkout this page to find wind chimes in different materials including terracotta, ceramic, wooden, copper and more. 

    We have an expansive collection of home decor and other lifestyle products that pay homage to our fascinating and age old art forms like Dhokra and Warli art.  Our unique wall hangings, cutlery,  coffee mugs, artefacts and other products are hand-carved, hand-painted, hand-wired and hand crafted. These will add to the charm of your home in the most stunning way. 

    Wall hangings trivia - 

    When we talk about interior designing, Victorian themes are a rage amongst the decorators. In fact, Victorian style designing can make your home look chic and royal at the same time. 

    Check out the largest tapestry created by women at Peruvian Andes measuring 288.55 m²


    • What is a wall hanging, and what are the uses?

    Wall hangings are decorative items that consist of paintings, murals, frames, fabric etc. The main use of wall hangings is to adorn the walls of your home. 

    • What is wall hanging in art?

    A wall hanging is a decorative piece of art which is hung on the walls to polish the overall aesthetics of your home. 

    • What are wall hangings called?

    Wall hangings are also called arras. They are considered to be a part of your home’s tapestry. 

    • Where do you hang a wall hanging?

    A wall hanging is typical hung on a wall. You can use wall hanging decor to beautify the walls of your bedroom, living area, lobby, dining room, drawing room, study or even washroom. If you are using picture frames as a wall hanging, then It is usually advisable to put those at eye level. 

    • What is the point of wall hangings?

    In ancient times, wall hangings were a personification of royalty. The contemporary take on using a wall hanging is to express creativity and taste of the home dwellers. It is a purview of the creative taste and preferences of the people who stay in that home. In order to browse through the reasons for the same you can check out this link https://exclusivelane.com/blogs/handmade/reasons-why-you-should-use-wall-hangings-in-your-home

    • What is the meaning of wall hangings?

    Wall hangings are essentially some decorative material, painting, artefact or even fabric that is hung onto the wall of your bed room, living room or drawing room for decorative purposes. People normally choose the design and colour of their wall hangings in accordance with the general colour scheme of their homes. 

    • What are the benefits of wall hangings?

    Wall hangings, when chosen carefully and greatly augment the look of your home and make it feel more cosy and bright. In addition to that, wall hangings that have a religious figurine or a good chant can bring a lot of peace and calm to the onlooker. 

    • Why do people use wall hangings?

    Wall hangings are a great way to add beauty to the walls of your home. Good wall hangings exhibit and personify a great sense of homeowner’s style. People usually use this kind of hanging wall decor to make their living space more ornate. 

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