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Let's say cheers in style with handcrafted ceramic beer mugs. ExclusiveLane presents a fantastic ...Read More

Let's say cheers in style with handcrafted ceramic beer mugs. ExclusiveLane presents a fantastic collection of unique beer mugs in a plethora of styles that are also the perfect addition to any space as the piece’s art.Read Less

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    11 products

    Beer Mugs Online: From Essential to Classical

    Beer mugs are the essence of beer lovers and only they will vouch because if you don’t drink beer from a beer mug you are not a true beer lover. Beer mugs are of various shapes and sizes and they are ubiquitous. There are multiple patterns and engravings on the mugs that give them a distinct look and class. If you want one but you are not disposed to visit the nearest store, like coffee mugs online, beer mugs online are also at your fingertips. Some beer mugs are anonymous and used mainly by rank and file, which have a greater taste for beer than those. Some beer mugs come as a beer mug set which you can’t buy a single piece no matter how much you like it and how tight your budget is. There are beer mugs that are very personal that may not be ornate or precious but they are of immense value to those who possess them as something that gives them a sense of pride. There are beer mugs which are designed and decorated by the brewery people to let them be displayed as a distinct class of product known only to a few connoisseurs. You may find hand-painted beer glasses in the museums. Shop the best beer mugs online.


    Ceramic Beer Mugs With Handle

    Beer mugs with handle mainly were used during ancient times especially during the middle ages. It came into existence after the famous bubonic plague in Europe that was quite devastating in magnitude. It was believed that containers with covers will protect people from the plague because the lid on the hand painted beer mugs was believed to prevent the disease’s germs. In some countries, laws were made to make it mandatory that a container must have a lid or a cover. There still exist pottery beer mugs with lids as remnants of the times of bubonic plague. The covered beer steins were the products of Germany.


    Buy beer mugs online in India

    Like kettle online & kullads online, you will find a variety of materials used to make containers for keeping or storing liquids. Glass is in use since ancient times. Silver and gold lent their glitter to fine beakers and chalices. They are also adorned with precious gems. There are vessels made from ivory. China was famous for porcelain. Porcelain was imported from China. Later on, Europeans discovered how to manufacture it. These varieties of vessels were used to make an ostentatious display by the people who lived in opulence. They also used ceramic beer glass. Jugs and pitchers were made from clay which was baked in the fire to make them strong. There were stoneware mugs that were designed elaborately. Porcelain was especially suited for making patterns and designs on them. Hence, if you are a beer enthusiast and want to enjoy the drink with elan, you can get one beer mug and silver beer mugs in India tailor-made exclusively for you.



    Are ceramic beer mugs safe?
    Ceramic beer mugs baked for long at high temperature are safe to use. All ceramic mugs at ExclusiveLane are baked at 1200 degree celsius.

    Why are beer mugs dimpled?
    The dimples on the beer glass prevent it from slipping out of
    the fingertips and the glass design emphasizes resilience, even to withstand regular manual washing.

    So why wait any longer? While buying jugs & flask also go for the exclusive beer mugs to add to your collection.

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