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A serving bowl is a crucial item that every table unquestionably needs when eating at home with f...Read More

A serving bowl is a crucial item that every table unquestionably needs when eating at home with family and friends. The chore of reheating will be made easier and your meal will look utterly delicious on a platter that is both attractive and useful. The ExclusiveLane line, which includes a variety of handcrafted ceramic serving bowls, are Hand-Painted in a vibrant array of warm and lovely hues.Read Less

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    'Amber & Teal' Serving Bowls In Ceramic (Set Of 2)
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    Stylish Serving Bowls at ExclusiveLane

    Serving bowls are an essential part of your cutlery. They enable you to serve your food in style and constitute a fascinating element of your dining table set-up. ExclusiveLane has a wide variety of ceramic serving bowls, which are hand-painted and designed in warm and beautiful hues to make your food look appetising, and your food layout look gorgeous. 

    Choose from a Range of Serving Bowls at ExclusiveLane

    If you wish to buy the best serving bowls online, then ExclusiveLane is the perfect place for you. We have come up with a bespoke range of serving bowls and dining bowls Katori to add a dash of dazzle to your dinnerware. Our bowls are made from ceramic and are hand-painted and hand-glazed for a rich and captivating look. Our serving huts goblets are ceramic hand-painted bowls that will instantly add a splash of colour to your dining table. Most of our serving bowls are available in a set of 2, 4 and 6. In addition to our serving bowls, our dinner bowls are also equally charming. If you are someone who likes to go for a minimalist yet impactful dinner table layout, then our ‘whispers of warli’ ceramic dinner bowls are made for you. You can use our serving bowls for snacks as well as for decorative purposes due to  their outstanding aesthetics and colour range. 

    If you wish to make certain additions to your cutlery, then you can check out our collection of serve wear, including dinner sets, trays, Kadhai and Handis, chapati boxes and much more.

    Why choose ExclusiveLane 

    ExclusiveLane pivots around the idea of giving a global platform to Indian craftsmen who practice traditional Indian crafts and art forms. Our goal is to present the magnificence of Indian handicrafts in an exquisite and affordable way. We have an alluring collection of home decor items, dining solutions, garden accessories, furniture, gift items and much more. We are driven by a desire to curate and present a diverse collection of authentic, handmade products that personify our rich heritage. We have  collaborated with the best artisans from different parts of India to give them a priceless opportunity to polish and promote their art. 


    • What is a serving bowl called? 

    Serving bowls come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They go by different names depending upon their utility and place in your dinnerware. Exclusive Lane has a collection of serving bowls for food, dinner or dining bowls which are also known as Katoris and serving bowls for snacks. 

    • What are different types of bowls called?

    There are various varieties of bowls that come in different sizes. Each kind of bowl suits a specific purpose, and amongst the types, we have salad bowls, soup bowls, rice bowls, dip bowls, pasta bowls and many more. Our collection of bowls is handmade and handcrafted for a fantastic appeal. In addition to serveware, there are a wide variety of decorative bowls as well, like singing bowls, decorative bowls, candy bowls, storage bowls etc.

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