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Make your garden more beautiful with unique, beautifully crafted handmade garden decor accessorie...Read More

Make your garden more beautiful with unique, beautifully crafted handmade garden decor accessories. ExclusiveLane presents an amazing collection of garden decor accessories.Read Less

22 products

    22 products
    Mushroom Terracotta Handpainted Set In Red
    Sale price Rs. 1,325 Regular price Rs. 2,615 (49% Off)
    Mushroom Terracotta Handpainted In Red
    Sale price Rs. 925 Regular price Rs. 1,415 (35% Off)
    Mushroom Terracotta Handpainted In Red
    Sale price Rs. 749 Regular price Rs. 1,199 (38% Off)

    The eternal love for nature...

    It is truly said, there’s nothing more peaceful than nature itself. The peace that comes with sowing the seeds to watching it grow into a beautiful plant is something nothing in this world can compare to. There is just something special about getting your hands decorated with the dirt!

    In today's date, everyone has a small garden in their balcony as a tribute to the wonderful nature and its fruitful products. When the entire world is running after materialistic pleasures and 9 to 5 jobs, gardening gives you the chance of taking a pause and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

    Buy the best garden decor from ExclusiveLane!

    When you sit out to carry out your gardening routine, do you ever find yourself wondering- “how do I decorate my garden at home?”, “How do you make a balcony look like a garden?”, or “how can I make my vegetable garden look nice?”. The answer to all your questions are of course- Garden Decor! Just the way accessories add on to the beauty of your outfit and help exaggerate the statement you are trying to make with the attire, similarly garden decor helps give your garden an ineffable magical touch that captures the essence of your hard work along with the beauty of nature.

    The market is filled with various vendors who bring to you a number of Garden decor, but they are all monotonous and unoriginal. Your garden deserves unique and one of a kind garden decor that would add a much deserved charm to your garden. ExclusiveLane understands your struggles and efforts, hence, we bring to you an impressive collection of garden decor that is definitely going to steal your hearts!

    We offer a number of unique, beautifully crafted handmade garden decor accessories like hanging planters, wind chimes, and decorative vases, that will make your garden even more beautiful. From Mushroom Terracotta handpainted sets, or Handmade terracotta Swing Nest bird house, to Terracotta hand painted bird feeders, we have it all for you to explore from.

    Get your favourite garden decor delivered to your doorsteps!

    Just like anything else in your life, your garden too deserves a chance to live up to its best beauty with beautiful garden decor from ExclusiveLane. While the whole world is adapting to the modern ways of living and the accommodation of the internet into our lives as a tool to reduce our lives much easier, why should you let yourself wander around the market under the sun with heavy garden decor bags in your arms!

    ExclusiveLane cares about your shopping experience, hence, we bring to you the option of buying beautiful planters online for your garden! Buy your favourite garden decor online, while sitting in the comforts of your home, from ExclusiveLane and get them delivered to your doorsteps in no time.

    Order from ExclusiveLane and give your garden the best makeover!

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