When lit, a diya will drive away bad darkness and bring about divine light, symbolising purity an...Read More

When lit, a diya will drive away bad darkness and bring about divine light, symbolising purity and goodness. Lighting brass diyas also promotes human health. But have you been wondering to find class and ideal pieces of diya hangings? Look no further! A large variety of hanging diyas that are modelled after the brilliant finish of antique art are available at ExclusiveLane. Read Less

18 products

    18 products

    What are the different types of Diyas?

    Diyas are one of the main pooja essentials. There are many types of lamps Hindus use for different purposes. Here are some of the main types of diyas:

    Paavai Diyas

    Paavai Diyas show a lady holding a lamp. Originating in South India, these diyas were traditionally used by Pandya Kings. Some other names for such diyas include Deepa Lakshmi, Vilakku Lakshmi, Paavai Vilakku, and many others.

    This beautiful diyas have two feminine forms that are said to welcome and light the path for deities. These lamps are often associated with offerings. The women hold up knowledge.

    Kuthu Vilakku

    The Kuthu Vilakku diya is also a traditional diya from South India. It is a columnar lamp with a simple design and form. It can be differentiated into four parts. The top, the oil well, the stem, and the base.

    These simplistic lamps differ in shape and size, differing from the region. These diyas can easily house 5 cotton wicks. The tops of these lamps might feature the Annapakshi or the divine swan. The oil well might have five indentations for wicks, these are auspicious indentations that are also called the Bhadradeepam. Brass is the primary material used to make these lamps and they are gifts for daughters in marriage.

    Floor Lamps

    Traditionally, homes in India were built using organic materials. This entailed the lack of windows and any openings in the house. The houses would be etched in darkness despite the sun outside and therefore, these floor lamps were used. These can also act as table lamps to decorate the house. 

    The pooja room would be formed around this diya where this diya shined. Floor lamps were said to be the most affordable and common for all societies. They were made from mud and terracotta. These floor lamps are also called Deepams which are used on Diwali.

    Hanging Lamps

    Hanging lamps are beautiful decor for homes. They can be used as wall hangings for the gallery wall and door frames. One type of Hanging Lamp includes diyas with an oil reservoir instilled in them. This brass hanging diya has stunning figurines of animals and birds, sometimes even divine figures. The oil bulb supplies the oil well with oil and ensures that the diya stays lit.

    The second type of hanging diyas includes ones that need to be filled by hand. These diyas have Annapakshi or another divine figurine in the centre. Small oil wells shaped as teardrops surround the Annapakshi. These walls are placed on the floor and have additional features sometimes such as bells.

    Aarti Lamps

    An aarti lamp is an aarti diya with handle, made to worship the Almighty and for auspicious rituals. They have a small oil reservoir that accommodates one wick or some camphor in the centre. These lamps are uniform and easy to use, especially during poojas.

    Can we give brass diya as a gift?

    Yes! Traditional brass diyas are a great gift. You can give your relatives brass diyas for Diwali or any other auspicious occasion. You can buy unique designs that will stand out in their home and act as stunning home decor.

    Not only do they act as excellent home decor items but also bring positive energy and happiness into the recipient's home. You can give them brass diyas for pooja.

    What is the purpose of a diya?

    Diyas act as a marker for Diwali, the festival of lights. Diyas are lit in Indian households in the morning and evening to pray to the lord. Every auspicious festival or event is incomplete without lighting the lamp.

    Hindus light lamps when they start a new venture, on religious occasions, during ceremonies of any kind, during worship rituals, and at practically any function. The fire in the lamp is said to destroy any ignorance and evil. It brings the house health, prosperity, and wealth, and bestows the residents with knowledge. A diya signifies good luck, purity, power, and goodness. 

    The oil in a diya signifies the dirt in a human's mind, including hatred, jealousy, lust, and greed. On the other hand, the white cotton symbolizes the soul or aatma. Therefore, when one lights a lamp, one enlightens themselves and gets rid of any materialistic thoughts. This is a way to walk on the path towards moksha.

    Diya emphasizes 'tamso ma jyotis gamaya,' a Sanskrit phrase that translates to the 'journey from darkness to light.'

    What kinds of discounts are offered by ExclusiveLane on Diya lamps?

    ExclusiveLane handmade store brings you a broad variety of diyas that you can buy. Some of these diyas can be used as tea light holder and would outdo any aroma diffusers online for scented candles. Here are some hanging and table diyas:

    •   'Greelful Ganesha' Hand-etched decorative wall hanging diyas with bells in brass (500g)
    •   'Carved Peacock' Hand-etched decorative wall hanging diya with bells in brass (500g)
    •   'Marvellous Peacock' Hand- etched carved diya in brass (830g)
    •   'Golden Parrot' Hand-etched decorative hanging diya in brass (370g)
    •   'Gleeful Ganesha' Hand-etched decorative wall hanging diyas with bells in brass (500g)
    •   'Flying Swans' hand-etched decorative hanging diya set in brass (7 wicks, 341g)
    •   'Swaying Ganesha' hand-etched decorative hanging diya with a bell in brass (9 diyas and bells, 1209g)
    •   'Peacock Bliss' Hand-etched decorative hanging diya with a bell in brass (9 diyas and bells, 983g)
    •   'Princely Peacock' Hand-etched carved diya in brass (830g)
    •   'Glowing peacock' hand-etched carved diya in brass (730g)
    •   'Gleaming Peacock' hand-etched carved diya in brass (730g)
    •   'Shimmering Diya' handmade brass showpiece in Dhokra Art
    •   'Rustic Mughal Diya" Handcrafted Tea-Light Holder and Hanging diya in Iron (5 diyas)
    •   'Rustic Mughal Diya' Handcrafted Tea-Light Holder and diya in iron (4 diyas)
    •   'Paradise Peacock' Hand-etched decorative hanging diya with a bell in brass (9 diyas, 983g)

    You can use any of these as a hanging diya for the pooja room. ExlusiveLane brings this beautiful diyas to you at affordable rates this Diwali! Buy this diyas at up to 40% discounted prices! Decorate your home with love and care with this brass diyas this Diwali!



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