Serving Platters

When dining at home with family and friends, a serving platter is an essential element that is un...Read More

When dining at home with family and friends, a serving platter is an essential element that is undoubtedly required on each and every tabletop. Your supper will look absolutely fantastic on a plate that is both beautiful and practical, making the burden of reheating simpler. ExclusiveLane's serving platters will undoubtedly improve the appearance of your dinner spread and are great for serving kebabs, tikkis, and rice. Read Less

44 products

    44 products

    ExclusiveLane – Serving The  Best Quality Platter In Trendy Designs

    An average party is incomplete without a well-kept serving platter. Also, carrying the food-laden serving tray can be difficult and time-consuming to wash and store correctly. Serving platters from ExclsuiveLane solves these problems plus more. We offer an extensive range of high-quality serving platters that are low on maintenance & cost-effective.

    Explore our catalogue for carrying a wide variety of food and cuisines. Our range of exclusive serving platters online will help you make the most of your parties. Especially for weddings, anniversaries and other festivals, where guests keep coming in groups, it is essential to serve everyone perfectly, bringing a smile to their faces by serving them the delicious food in style. These Platter plates can also be used as decorative pieces at home to make any room look better.

    Make The Perfect Platter And Serve In Style with ExclusiveLane

    The ExclusiveLane offers different styles and sizes that are perfect for all occasions, ranging from rectangular, oval, square, cylindrical or leaf shapes. Not just this, the materials used in these servings will make you savour your meals and beverages more elegantly. The stylish serving platters range comprises ceramic, wood and iron material, significantly adding aesthetics to your dining areas. Also, the proper measurements would help you buy a suitable platter with fine details without any issues and fit perfectly on your dining table comfortably. Beyond designing platters that blend flexibility, functionality and elegance, Exclusive Lane also caters to adding some unique quality by engraving it with artistic designs, or cutting out shapes that work great on the platter.

    Get the best serving platter addition to your kitchen.

    Running out of serving platter sets is one thing, but running out of a specific shape is just plain old annoying! Introducing ExclsuiveLane – the most extensive collection of unique shapes and styles of serving platters. To help you find exactly what you are looking for, no matter how particular your needs may be. We bring you the broadest range of serving platters decorated with beautiful art.  We have 2 types of appetizer platters- Chip-N-Dip Platter and Serving Plate. These best design platters come in beautiful Ceramic, Mango Wood & Iron materials.  These ceramic serving platters and all others are engraved with different art forms such as Hand-Engraved, Hand-Glazed, Hand-Painted, Stoneware and Studio Pottery. So, browse our unique serving dishes available at ExclsuiveLane to find one that fits the theme or purpose of your party. Buy designer platters online and enjoy choosing from our many innovative opportunities, sure to make an impression on your guests!

    Why choose from ExclusiveLane?

    ExclusiveLane is one of the leading and finest online stores to shop for home décor products, carefully selected from a range of artisans from all over India. We offer you an ever-expanding collection of unusual yet modern things that can make your home stand out from the crowd and an opportunity to explore our wonderful country through them. You can find all sorts of products ranging from Serveware, Plates & Platters, Dinner SetsWooden TraysDip plattersKadhai & Handis,  and many more in their best state.


    1.   What do you put on a serving platter?

    You can serve any cuisine on a serving platter. For example, you can put pasta, dips, berries, nuts, dessert, noodles and many other items on a platter.

    1.   What is a serving tray called?

    A serving plate is known as a platter.

    1.   What is the importance of serving platters?

    Serving plate ensures that the food is served in a presentable way. It is well organised and gives a sense of contentment to the guests.

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