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Store your toothpicks efficiently on beautiful hand painted toothpick holders. ExclusiveLane brin...Read More

Store your toothpicks efficiently on beautiful hand painted toothpick holders. ExclusiveLane brings a curated handpicked collection of unique toothpick holders online.Read Less

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    1 product

    Accessories your dining table to make every meal even more delightful!

    When you think of a dinner party, the food and the crockery used might be the first things to catch your attention but without appealing dining table accessories, no meal is complete! Dining table accessories tend to bind the whole table together and tend to lighten the mood. They help set the vibe according to your preferences and are a direct reflection of your personality.


    When it comes to dining table accessories, some people tend to overdo it with unnecessary objects that end up occupying large space. This activity can come of us shabby and unorganised. The key is to get accessories that are there to serve a true purpose while adding to the charm of the table and the setup. A cutlery holder, Hand Painted toothpick holder or a ceramic toothpick holder caters just the purpose without coming off as unappealing.

    Buy the best Toothpick Holder from ExclusiveLane!

    While you are on the subject of buying the perfect Toothpick Holder for your beautifully arranged dining table, why settle for something overpriced and monotonous when you can get unique and aesthetic Hand-Painted and Ceramic Toothpick holders and Toothpick Holder Sets from our handicraft store ExclusiveLane!


    Your home decor deserves the best accessories to further emphasise the beautiful ambience that you have created. Check out the impressive collection of handpicked Toothpick holders from Exclusive and get yourself a beautiful Terracotta Handpainted Warli Toothpick Set or an amazing Hand-Painted Ceramic toothpick holder set. Buy the best quality toothpick holders at the best prices and complete your dinner table today!

    Buy Toothpick holders online from ExclusiveLane and get them delivered to your doorsteps!

    Shop like royalty with ExclusiveLane and try the premium shopping experience today. Just with a few clicks, buy your favourite one of a kind toothpick holders from ExclusiveLane and get them carefully delivered to you today! Just place your order online and get your cart delivered to you in any part of the country. With ExclusiveLane, shopping just got even more fun!



     1. Are these terracotta toothpick holders durable?

    The terracotta toothpick holders are most definitely durable and will continue to increase the charm of your dining table for years. ExclusiveLane thrives to provide its customers with the best quality products at the most reasonable price in the market. We take pride in our fine craftsmanship and we only get better every day.

     2. What items are used to make toothpick holders?

    Natural products like terracotta and ceramic are used to create our marvellous handmade toothpick holders. These natural materials don’t just add on to the beauty of these toothpick holders, but also are our attempt at providing eco-friendly alternatives to daily use products.

     3. What more table holder accessories do you have?

    Exclusive houses an impressive collection of table holder accessories like cute Salt and Pepper shakers, beautiful Keyholders, One of a kind Tea-light holders, and also amazing coasters that are bound to steal your heart away. Don’t forget to explore them!

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