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Escalate the beauty of your interior with exquisitely handcrafted ceramic vases. ExclusiveLane pr...Read More

Escalate the beauty of your interior with exquisitely handcrafted ceramic vases. ExclusiveLane presents a beautiful collection of ceramic vases.Read Less

23 products

    23 products
    'The Hut Straight' Hand-Painted Ceramic Vase (8 Inch)
    Sale price Rs. 849 Regular price Rs. 1,449 (41% Off)
    'Whispers of Warli' Handcrafted Ceramic Vase
    Sale price Rs. 749 Regular price Rs. 1,325 (43% Off)
    'Arabian Nights' Hand-Painted Ceramic Vase
    Sale price Rs. 849 Regular price Rs. 1,825 (53% Off)

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    Keeping pieces of exquisite pottery around the house can instantly add a zing of ethnicity and earthiness to whichever corner they adorn. Not only great for upping your home décor game these ceramic pieces of wonder also make for a great housewarming or wedding gift! The 'Amber & Teal' Studio Pottery Vases in Ceramic (Set of 2) is a lovely article crafted by artisans with much love and care. Inspired by the rich and exuberant ancient heritage of the Roman Empire and the volcanic eruption of Pompeii, Our artisans gracefully handglazed the perfect union between Amber, the aggressiveness of Lava, and teal, the calming essence of nature and time. The style of ceramic traces back to the ancient roman stoneware depiction and has been made available in various categories including tableware, wine-bottles, vases, designer wall hooks, agarbatti holders, beautiful wax candles and bathroom accessories like rugs. "Amalgamation of Amber & Teal" truly combines mutuality of Roman tragedies and fine pottery to quench your appetite for timeless designs.

    Awesome ceramic vases online for sale

    When it comes to choosing the perfect designer ceramic vase, just about any off the shelf regular vase won’t do. That is why, we realized the need for classy, elegant, hand crafted and timeless pieces of ceramic pottery that serve as a connection of continuity between the rich past and contemporary chutzpah. 'The Slender-Neck Vase' Hand painted in Ceramic (10 Inch) is one such hand crafted piece that is adorned with the resplendence of the beautiful Moroccan sea sides. Abrush with unique geometric motifs it is pretty much the ceramic vase your home would love to house!

    Empower the artisan by choosing handcrafted products over machine made goods

    With the focus shifting from mass produced, machine made goods to more personalized, bespoke and hand curated goods, it just makes sense to go the greener way! Not just a hell lot more eco-friendly, read less fuel consumption, use of green materials, but also way lot cooler, handmade is the way to go in the second decade of the 21s century. 

    Whatever it is that your heart fancies, whether quirky earrings, fine kitchen and dining sets such as ceramic serving bowls and cutlery holders, ralling palnters for garden décor, unique wall hangings, or elegant lighting, we have something to cater to all your vibes and moods. Surprise your girl with funky boho-chic earrings that look super cool and mother Earth doesn’t groan about it too!

    Up your gifting game with awesome wall hangings such as the auspicious Gayatri Mantra Terracotta Wall Hanging which will render a positive vibe to any place it adorns. Add some fun animal themed décor to your kid’s room with stuff like, "Dotted Fish" Handmade & Hand-Painted Garden Decorative Wall Hanging In Terracotta.

    Warming up to the idea of becoming a world class chef? Silently pat your back every time you enter the kitchen and leave with a delicacy in hand with the 'Happy Cooking' Hand-Painted Wooden Wall Signage Hanging with Terracotta Pot.  

    Throw the most lit AF garden parties with quirky garden décor.

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