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    55 products
    Unique Half Ceramic Cups Set
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    Unique Half Ceramic Cup Set
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    Tempest in a tea cup

    A typical day in most Indian households usually starts with a cup of tea. More so, when you go to someone’s house, the first beverage you are offered is usually tea. If we pay so much attention to tea, how can we not care about the vessel that carries it; tea cups. Good quality teacups maximise your experience of having this beverage and say a lot about the finesse of your taste as well. When you put forth good cutlery in front of your guests, it automatically enhances the appeal of your home too. It speaks about your attention to detail and appreciation of fine things. 

    Since tea is such a loved beverage, let us try to explore some of the best and the most aesthetically pleasing ways to serve and consume this beverage. 

    ExclusiveLane is an online platform that has committed itself to giving a wide and far-reaching platform to the Indian artisans, their craftsmanship and our traditional handicrafts. We have married the richness of Indian handicrafts with the practicality of contemporary kitchen accessories like tea cups, Kullahds and other drinkware.  Our tea cups and tea sets are perfect for gifting and for personal use.

    Timeless Teacup Sets To Elevate Your Crockery

    Indians love tea, whether it be the morning ginger tea that helps you get through the day or the evening tea with snacks that we anxiously wait for. It’s a fact that in India, the tea undergoes a 100-kilometre shift in taste, reflecting the country's rich diversity in taste. However, the same familiar cup and saucer set remain constant.

    We at ExclusiveLane are here to help you make teatime a classy event with our lovely ceramic tea cup set of 6, and the best part of this list is that there is one for everyone, whether you prefer English tea, minimalist design, or simply enjoy everything that is beautiful.

    Choose from a Bespoke Collection of Designer Tea cups and Tea Sets. 

    Hand-painted Terracotta Tea Cups 

    The best thing about Indian art forms is that each art form exudes richness and decadence. Our ‘shades of a leaf’ hand-painted Terracotta tea and coffee cups will be an outstanding addition to your crockery. They are available in sets of 2, 3 and 4 with matching saucers and trays. 

    Hand-painted and hand-engraved ceramic tea cups and saucers.

    Ceramic crockery has a very quaint yet classy look. We have a unique collection of exquisite hand-painted and hand-engraved ceramic tea cups and saucers available in alluring patterns like ‘Mughal floral’, ‘Arabian nights’, ‘Peacock boulevard’ and many more. 

    Hand-glazed and hand-painted studio pottery tea sets 

    We have a wide range of handmade studio pottery tea and coffee cups that the artisans have made with impeccable love and precision. You can choose from a number of designs and variants on our website.

    Tea Cups made in Stoneware

    If you wish to indulge in or serve some good cutting chai to your guests, then we have the perfect collection of stoneware chai glasses that come with an iron holder. 

    In addition to this, we also have a dazzling collection of coffee mugs, tea mugs, beer mugs, jugs and kettles, oil bottles, milk and water jugs, jars, trays and bowls that will prove as timeless additions to your crockery collection. 

    We also have a number of naturally made home accessories like ceramic brewing aroma diffuser, oil burners, hanging planter pots, and so much more.

    Things To Consider Before Buying Tea Cups 


    Teacups should be made of glass or porcelain because neither will alter the flavour of your tea. Although thick containers do a good job of keeping heat for a while, they are unpleasant to the mouth. ExclusiveLane offers a wide variety of ceramic tea cup sets of 6. Choose the options that best suit your preferences.   

    Heat Retention Capabilities

    The most important benefit of selecting a ceramic cups over another type is its excellent heat retention capacity. This is because ceramicwares are more porous and slow down conduction. 


    When it comes to buying a teacup set, size and shape should be given utmost importance. When it comes to shape, a teacup should ideally be broad at its top and have an even angle at its bottom. Due to proper cooling of the mixture, there is less possibility of tongue burn for the drinker. The tea will smell nicer the taller the mug or cup. Make sure your hand can fit easily in the cup's handle.

    Different Types of Tea Cups Set To Shop From ExclusiveLane

    There are many different sizes and forms of handmade ceramic tea cups available at ExclusiveLane and all serve the same purpose. What differentiates them is their unique designs and shapes. Below are some of the most loved ceramic cups to add to your kitchenware.

    Terracotta Tea Cups With Custom Artwork 

    The best part about Indian art is how rich and decadent each piece of art is. Our hand-painted Terracotta "shades of a leaf" tea and coffee ceramic cups will make a stunning addition to your dinnerware. They come with matching trays and saucers and come in groups of 2, 3, and 4. 

    Hand-Painted And Etched Ceramic Tea Cups And Saucers 

    Ceramic cutlery has a very charming yet elegant appearance. Our exquisite hand-painted and hand-engraved ceramic tea cups and saucers come in a variety of attractive designs, including "Mughal floral," "Arabian nights," "Peacock Boulevard," and others. Get yourself a tea cup set of 6 with the latest design.

    Hand-Painted And Glazed Studio Ceramic Cups

    We offer a broad selection of handcrafted coffee and tea cup sets made of studio pottery that has been expertly and lovingly crafted by the artisans. On our website, you can pick from a variety of styles and variations.

    Stoneware Tea Cups

    We have the ideal selection of stoneware chai glasses that include an iron holder if you want to enjoy or offer some excellent cutting chai to your guests. 

    Benefits of Buying Ceramic Tea Cups Online

    1. Sturdy in Nature

    The ceramic mugs from ExclusiveLane are made of a mechanically robust substance and last longer than glass mugs. The cups can withstand the microwave, making it even simpler to reheat your preferred beverage.

    1. Heat Retention

    The ceramic mugs can hold onto heat for extended amounts of time, keeping your beverages warm for you. You won't need to reheat it repeatedly if you're one of those people who makes their coffee or tea and then gets sidetracked by something else or if you prefer to sip your morning or nighttime beverage slowly. 

    1. Great Drinking Experience

    When your cup is comfortable to handle, drinking your beverage is more enjoyable. Due to their lightweight and pleasant feel, ceramic mugs are more comfortable to handle than stainless steel cups because their outside surfaces do not heat up. Ceramic mugs make it simple to enjoy every taste of your tea or coffee. Get yourself a handmade ceramic tea cup from ExclusiveLane.

    Why Should You Buy A Handmade Ceramic Tea Cup From Exclusivelane

    Every woman's dream home includes the finest tea sets, dinner sets, and other fine tableware. No one wants to pass up the opportunity to display their finest cutlery when the guests arrive. 

    Even though there must be numerous places where you prefer to purchase your dinnerware, now that you are fully informed about tea sets, there is no need to search further if you are looking to buy a teacup set and coffee mugs. We have an amazing collection of tea cups and tea accessories to make your tea-drinking time a great experience.

    ExclusiveLane pivots around the idea of globalising Indian handicrafts and art forms. We have an outstanding collection of handmade home decor and other essential items that will enhance the look and vibration of your home by giving it a rich, traditional yet contemporary look.

    Our kitchen and dining essentials are perfect for sprucing your culinary experience with our functional range of products, handmade in beautiful designs. 

    FAQs About Tea Cups

    How do I choose a teacup?

    Before buying your tea cup, either for yourself or gifting, always make sure that it should not be made with any harmful chemicals. It should be non-porous and should not let your tea cool down quickly so you can enjoy the beverage properly. ExclusiveLane uses natural raw materials for all its products to ensure safety and sustainability. 

    What type of mug is best for tea? 

    Your choice of tea mug or tea cup depends on the occasion. Tea mugs are best used for daily use when you wish to enjoy your tea slowly and take your own time to finish the beverage. Teacups look appropriate in a more formal setting. 

    What are the best tea sets?

    Tea sets include tea cups, saucers and sometimes a matching tray as well. Ceramic and Terracotta tea sets are the best for usage as they have safe and sound characteristics. You can find a variety of ceramic and hand-painted Terracotta tea sets on Exclusive Lane. 

    Is a ceramic cup ok for tea? 

    Ceramic is a very sturdy material, and it can keep your tea warm for a long time. It can be moulded into desired shapes and painted with beautiful patterns, and hence ceramic cups are visually appealing as well. The best part about using ceramic tea cups is that they are lightweight and biodegradable. Hence, ceramic cups are not just ok but perfect for tea. 

    Which material is best for tea cup sets and saucers?

    Because they are light and thin, making them simple to hold and drink from, handmade ceramic tea cups and saucers are considered best.

    What is the original purpose of a teacup?

    Both a handle and a saucer were absent from the initial teacup design. A ring-shaped cupholder was initially invented in the 1700s to prevent the delicate fingers of females from getting burned.

    Which cup is best for tea?

    Since ancient times, ceramic cups have been used as teaware and are still the preferred substance for drinking tea. 

    What are the features of a teacup?

    Typically, it has a tiny grip that can be held in place with the thumb and one or two fingers. It is usually made of ceramic and frequently comes in a set with matching ceramic cups and saucers, or a trio with a small cake or sandwich plate.

    What should a tea set include?

    A teacup set generally includes a teapot, a milk jug, glasses and saucers, a sugar bowl with a cover and a platter to set it on.

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