Coffee Chronicles

Coffee Chronicles is a collection inspired by the endless teatime stories that your coffee mugs w...Read More

Coffee Chronicles is a collection inspired by the endless teatime stories that your coffee mugs witness. From the rumble of shared laughter to hushed secrets whispered between sips of chai, a coffee mug is the sole family member that knows everyone inside out. A perfect thing for those who love to spend hours at a time with their favourite coffee. Give one as a gift or keep them all to yourself, either way, they'll be cherished memories preserved in porcelain forever.Read Less

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    2 products

    Role of mugs in kitchen decoration

    What better way to decorate your kitchen beautifully than with Moroccan coffee mugs? The arrangement of the kitchen may quickly become unpleasant in case of ineffective deco. No matter if you have a large kitchen or a tiny shared kitchen, space may appear to move faster than you anticipate!

    The answer? innovative ways for storage. Continue ahead if you possess a great collection of Moroccan mugs and are unsure of how to organize them to maintain the ideal aesthetic of the kitchen. 

    In case you have too many options to choose from put forward the most colourful and aesthetic embossed coffee mugs on display in your kitchen. Utilize your space in an effective yet artistic way. 

    Your stacking of mugs in a cabinet just calls that they should fall over and smash! To make it simpler to collect mugs in the morning, attach hooks to the underside of a shelf in a cabinet. Use a trolley or the help of an extended heightened free-standing shelf to place your sapphire cup set in an eye-pleasing manner. 

    Difference between a cup and a mug

    The shape of the terms "cup" and "mug" is where the initial distinction between them can be found. The tea cup is smaller in comparison to the mug, and the presence of a handle and a saucer is always there in it.  However, mugs are often larger and the ideal vessel for holding coffee or hot tea. They may or may not have handles, and saucers are certainly not included. Despite their apparent similarity, the terms "cup" and "mug" are distinct from one another and must not be used alternately. To properly use these terms, one must first be aware of the situation.

    Ceramic Coffee Mugs V/S Glass Coffee Mugs

    Everyone agrees that ceramic coffee mugs are the greatest since they are affordable and the finest option for serving. Even after several hours, the original taste of your drink will remain intact thanks to the ceramic glasses' resistance to flavour absorption. Our selection of ceramic glass set at ExclusiveLane online includes a variety of hues and patterns that will glam up your home's interior style. On the other hand, glass coffee mugs are another type of variety in this category that allow you to have a blissful experience of coffee drinking. 

    Facts to be considered while purchasing Mugs

    Certain things you shall keep in mind when purchasing Mugs are:

    1. Size: Based on the storage space available in your kitchen you should finalize the size that you would be looking for. This would narrow down the options and make it easier for you to decide. 
    2. Style: Beforehand decide the type of mugs that you are looking for such as the material, design, colour, etc. When you would prioritize your preferences you can make a decision faster. 
    3. Price: One can not spend a lot of money on coffee mugs hence, it is necessary to ensure that the mugs you chose fall within your budget. 

    Collections Of Pastel Colour Mugs

    At ExclusiveLane handicraft store, we have a great collection of pastel colour mugs that are worth entering your kitchen. Their soothing colours and unique design make it irresistible to not have one set of pastel colour mugs in your kitchen.  Choose kitchen accessories like serving bowls, serving platters, chapati boxes, masaladani, and ceramic bottles from ExclusivaLane's wide home and decor range.

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