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Give your table tops and kitchen a royal feel with handcrafted trays. Exclusivelane offers a wide collection of unique designed wooden trays that are the perfect piece of art.

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    42 products
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    Sheesham Wooden Tray In Brown
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    Multicoloured Wooden Tray Blue
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    A tray acts as a staple item of kitchen equipment. Serving food or drinks to your guests is achieved simply by taking them over in a tray. No additional outlining is required to highlight the uses and benefits of a tray. Unfortunately, as simple as this kitchen item is, people tend to underrate their choice of trays, taking it as a mere common item, simply made to serve out. However, did you have any idea that instead of going for the prevailing trays available in markets, you can choose from a wide variety of wooden trays online at ExclusiveLane. You might undoubtedly get the thought of why you should invest in a simple kitchen item like a tray when you can make that investment in your cookware crockery or drinkware instead. So, come to ExclusiveLane, and for once, browse through our selection of wooden serving tray sets. We assure you that you will not leave empty-handed from that point on. Our collection of wooden trays will give you an insight into beautiful hand-picked pieces of trays, which you will find hard to resist. 


    At ExclusiveLane, you will be introduced to colors, designs, and shapes, parameters that you might have never thought of before for now for buying a tray. We work upon the idea that kitchen items need to be beautiful, handy, valuable, and something that works well to enhance your interiors as well. Therefore, a positive aura is spread across your interiors with vibrant colors and intricate designs. We understand that your kitchen deserves the best, which is why we have included some very exclusive pieces of the decorative serving tray online with handles in our collection, which we are offering at very desirable prices. The online shopping experience with us is entirely hassling-free with complete support and assistance from our end to enable our customers to make the appropriate choice of furniture. 


    Buy trays or tray sets for your varying needs. With wood as the base in each of our trays, we have worked upon them with different designs, patterns, colors, and shapes. You will find specially hand-painted trays, handwork trays, multi-color trays, Warli painting trays, Mithila work trays, nested trays, and more. Each of these trays is designed with absolute perfection and authentic quality teak wood. The hand-painted trays are designed with the utmost intricacy and detail to give an utterly enhancing look to the trays. The handles of these are crafted with perfect precision to offer convenient handling. You can use these trays to serve food, drinks, or knick-knacks. Choose a wooden tray set online today to experience shopping like never before. Express your taste for the best with these unique and hand-picked tray sets and even gift these on special occasions to your loved ones.

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