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Enhance the beauty of the garden or balcony and make them look more appealing and magnificent wit...Read More

Enhance the beauty of the garden or balcony and make them look more appealing and magnificent with beautifully handcrafted pots, planters, garden items, and garden accessories. ExclusiveLane brings to you a unique collection of garden decor accessories, a must explore collection to add warm and happy vibes to your garden.Read Less

198 products

    198 products
    'Melting Glaciers' Studio Pottery Planters (Set Of 2)
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    'Cuckoo Family' Handmade Bird House In Terracotta
    Sale price Rs. 875 Regular price Rs. 1,170 (25% Off)

    Beautify Your Outdoors with Beautiful Garden Decor Accessories 

    When your entire home gets a makeover from time to time, why let the garden area feel neglected? You can add glam to your garden area with beautiful garden accessories like bird feeders, birdhouses, handmade wind chimes, wooden wall hangings, lights and lanterns, and other décor items. The natural surroundings will be uplifted when you decry the area with garden décor accessories and balcony decoration items online in attractive colours. These accents are crafted with terracotta garden decor online in India and feature hand-painted designs. The bird feeders in beautiful designs of garden accessories and outdoor balcony decor items online in India will invite the birds and be an attention grabber for people who visit your house. Buy beautiful garden items online and give your garden a fantastic look.


    The garden area looks quite pretty by itself because of the natural beauty of the plants, flowers, and trees, but adding some garden accessories and decor makes the area look all the more appealing. The area's beauty gets enhanced when the garden gets addons like these. Choose a theme for your garden and buy garden decor items and garden accessories online in India.  This will make the garden area come alive in bright and peppy colours. In addition, mushroom-shaped décor and garden decoration items/garden decorative items online in India have an added charm and will look good when placed at distinct places in the garden. Check out fantastic garden decor online in India.



    If you find the décor pieces overpriced in the malls and the local markets inaccessible, here’s an easy way to shop. Just browse the dynamic range of products for garden items and garden accessories online in India that includes kitchen accessories, cutlery sets, cool office desk accessories, and many more at ExclusiveLane and change how your house looks by buying décor items from here. Browse, select and shop online and get the products delivered to your home. With beautiful handpicked home décor items, there is everything that your home needs to look lovely. For the convenience of its consumers, the website provides free shipping and a simple return policy. Therefore, shop conveniently at ExclusiveLane and make your home and  garden decorative items more colourful..


    Material products include different collections like brass, ceramic, iron, metal, terracotta, and many more. When decor products are filled with materials like crass or metal, the space will show additional beauty. When your balcony is filled with hanging decor planters and greenery, the external products also add extra beauty.


    Choosing gardening products with unique art designs and colours is evident when you are an art lover. Never miss to checkout, explore the uniquely hand-painted, hand-crafted, and hand-made gardening decor products online to fill your space with unique paintings and colours.


    What is a good gift for a gardener?

    A gardener would be delighted to receive garden accessories as a gift or as decorative items for the garden. Some gift ideas for the gardener are balcony garden accessories such as handcrafted pots, hanging planters, gardening tools, gloves, and hanging baskets.

    How can I decorate my garden?


    Gardens are always a visual treat; if the balcony garden decoration items are unique, the sparks double. Choose the pots and planters carefully for your garden. Pick your favourite garden decor in India in bulk.

    Garden You Will Go Obsessed With

    One could already sense spring's vivacity as the gloom of the freezing, chilly winters ended. It's now the time of colour, growth, and renewal. It's when everyone wants to relax in their backyard with a good book, a cup of coffee, and pleasant companionship from friends or family. 

    How about considering renovating your garden area this season? A beautifully decorated garden reverberates like a piece of heaven.

    Home décor is one thing that practically everyone inculcates in because the era of quarantine made everyone concerned about the small corners of their homes. Similarly, garden décor ought to play a significant role in your home renovation. There must be a tornado of whys, whats, and hows going through your head.

    A lovely, welcoming garden is a visual delight. With the help of ExclusiveLane’s garden accessories, you may increase the fun and productivity of your gardening. We offer a wide selection of high-quality and reasonably priced garden accessories such as wind chimes, showpieces, pots and planters, hangings, table cum wall showpieces, balcony hanging planters, etc.

    To learn everything there is to know about designing your newest garden ideas with garden decoration items, take a deep breath and continue reading below.

    Garden Decor Accessories to Buy from ExclusiveLane

    Creating a garden may seem like all work and no play. You can feel too sluggish to put in the effort necessary to simply remodel your garden so that it resembles a welcoming environment that defines you. For you, ExclusiveLane has always loved the idea of reevaluating home décor with unique garden accessories.

    Therefore, we have compiled a list of the most fantastic garden decor items that can be utilised anytime, anywhere. The best part of these items is that you may get them immediately from our website delivered to your doorstep with a hassle-free process.

    1. Balcony Hanging Planter  

    Don't let the limited size of your balcony keep you from growing plants if you live in an apartment. Your home's limits are widened by the balcony, giving you a comfortable, relaxing view of the outside while you're inside. Your area may be multiplied, and you can have more plants with our fantastic balcony hanging planter. It's where you spend your leisure time coming up with and refining fresh concepts. As a result, your priority should be to make it more appealing and upbeat. Your balcony will look the finest with this balcony decoration item. Even if your balcony is too small, numerous ways exist to create a tiny garden and enhance its beauty.

        2.  Meek Meow Handmade Handpainted Planter Pot in Terracotta

    Various garden décor items can be found in ExclusiveLane’s  "Forest Fables" collection. This entire collection, which includes lovely planters and elegant hangings, is expertly manufactured in terracotta and hand-painted by skilled Indian artisans. This collection of garden décor items is a timeless must-have to bring the spirit of the jungle into your house. It has a variety of animals in brilliant hues splendid to bring your garden and home spaces to life.

       3.  Metal floor cum table planter pot 

    This lovely planter is full of charm and elegance to give your garden and balcony a radiant appearance. Handcrafted in a brilliant yellow tone, it enables you to grow your preferred plants indoors and outdoors. This is a must-buy if you want some unique garden decor items.

       4. Wind Chime Decorative Hanging 

    Skilled Indian artisans used a unique Terracotta combination to handcraft and hand-paint the "Smiling Sun" wind chime. It has been hand-painted on a beige background with brilliant colours, showing a smiling, happy Sun and clouds. It has a bell-like form and a bead that, when blown by the wind, produces a soothing sound. This wind chime can be used as wall décor and is ideal for your balcony, terrace, garden, home, or children's rooms. This wind chime would make an excellent addition to the monotony in your room and a wonderful present for loved ones.

       5. Ceramic Planter Pots 

    A ceramic potted plant is an excellent design feature for enhancing any garden decor. They bring the outdoors closer to you and give your garden and balcony space noticeable freshness and charm. Decor items like decorative flower pots are quite popular and simple to place in any garden corner. With wide ceramic planter pot designs and varieties available, you have various options for decorating your garden space.

    Benefits of Garden Decor on Mental Health and Wellness

    1. Imparts an Earthy Appeal 

    Your lawn will feel more natural, generate a spiritual sensation, and satisfy a genuinely earthy appeal if you decorate it. Garden owners can display their ingenuity and add originality to the verdant regions by using garden decorative items. These garden accents improve general aesthetics as well.

          2. Generates Positive Vibes

    Decorating outside places, especially gardens, enchants indoor spaces and fosters an innovative and mystical atmosphere, thus bringing in positive and good vibes. The garden decor represents growth and prosperity. Beyond the mundane lifestyle and its various existing forms, garden accessories enhance the environment.

        3. Stimulates Imagination

    Garden accessories present a creative appearance, and enthusiasts utilise them to create a unique, alluring feeling similar to what they have just faintly envisioned in their thoughts. This develops into the concept of gardening imagination. 

       4. Brings Joy

    The accessories you use to decorate your garden will work their magic on your life, producing a refuge that is enlightening, poetic art, and greater joy. As soon as you turn to face the garden area, a richness, depth, and genuine sense of inspiration start to emanate.

     5. Gives a Welcoming Feeling

    It's essential to decorate your outdoor space with elaborate decor because it adds a welcoming feel. When you have a party in a green, ornate setting in the future, your guests will be the first to compliment you. The true wonder, magic, and joy of life brought about by lawn-related items undoubtedly go above and beyond praise levels as well.

     6. Calms Spirit

    The imaginative, lovely garden decor items soothe your spirit and please your senses. The decorations showcase your personality and provide memorable experiences in addition to long-lasting aesthetic pleasures. Garden accessories represent the wonder, joy, and inspiration moments by capturing and fostering them. Whatever you call them—garden décors or garden accessories—choosing these items is a step toward creating a beautiful, imaginative, and appealing outdoor area that feels more like something out of a fairy tale and even something supernatural.

     7. Lowers Stress Levels

    We feel more relaxed and less stressed when we are around vegetation, which reduces our stress levels. You likely envision yourself in a Zen-like location with lush green vegetation all around and trickling waterfalls that silently soothe and relax you throughout the entire experience. 

    According to statistics, our brain functions more efficiently, and our mind gains a lot with interior landscaping, plants and flowers. The body and mind are both calmed by plants' green hues. In the presence of lush green plants, minor health difficulties like headaches and fatigue are also diminished. So, stop taking a toll on your health and give your mind and body positive hues of beautiful garden space in your home.

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