Hymns of Childhood

'Hymns of Childhood' is a collection inspired by the sweet melodious sound wind chimes make, when...Read More

'Hymns of Childhood' is a collection inspired by the sweet melodious sound wind chimes make, when wind blows and makes them jingle along.Read Less

11 products

    11 products

    What is the story behind the collection?

    The Hymns of Childhood is a collection of handmade decorative wall hangings. Skilled Indian artisans adroitly craft and paint various wind chimes.

    This collection is inspired by the melody wind chimes create every time they jingle with the wind. Terracotta wall hangings will naturally create a positive energy in your house, removing obstacles and creating a positive energy flow.

    Where to hang them?

    Ceramic handpainted wall hangings are best for your house's Centre, North East, and South West zone to attract positive energy into your home. Do not hang these wind chimes in the store room or bathroom.

    According to the Feng Shui Wind Chime Placement, you can hang these terracotta wind chimes. What is Feng Shui? Feng Shui is the art of arraying objects in an environment to achieve balance and harmony to bring prosperity and peace. (1)

    Benefits of Buying this Collection

    Buying this collection will bring positive energy and peace. However, other benefits make Hymns of Childhood stand out of place.

    Aids Children

    Wind chimes are the perfect way to encourage development and learning. These wind chimes have bright colours to promote optical sensory development, while their sweet sound helps olfactory development. In addition, these are children-friendly designs; your children will enjoy playing with them or watching them flutter with the wind.


    These handpainted terracotta wall hangings are eco-friendly. Terracotta products are made using energy-conserving furnaces and are 100% natural.


    Our group of skilled artisans bring you these handpainted terracotta wind chimes wholly made in India. We want to promote small-scale Indian artisans even in Urban areas because Indian culture is incomplete without their artform.


    We offer a broad range of handpainted wind chimes so that you can pick one that suits your aesthetic!

    Our Range

    Exclusive Lane offers you a broad range of cute handpainted wind chimes. Here are some wind chimes you can pick from:

    •   Sun Deity
    •   Smiling Sun
    •   Cheerful Raincloud
    •   Wise Owl
    •   Shooting Star
    •   Babbling Bird
    •   Cheerful Cat
    •   Rustic Ram
    •   Serene Sleep
    •   Harmonious Hoots
    •   Cheeky Cat

    These cute little wind chimes help your little one develop sensory perception.

    Our Story

    India's cultural and traditional history has always celebrated artisans and their products. However, with the rise of industrialisation, these craftsmen were got swept under the rug. And therefore, to give them their identity back, ExclusiveLane commemorates handicraft products of rural artisans. These products come from all over India to help you discover their unique talents and exhibit diversity and authenticity.




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