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The beautiful tribal art form of Warli coming from the North Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra is one...Read More

The beautiful tribal art form of Warli coming from the North Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra is one of the oldest of the Indian folk arts. We have inculcated this art into our home décors and accessories and curated some of the best pieces for just you. Explore our exclusive luxury handicraft collection and add a dash of beauty to your house!Read Less

171 products

    171 products
    Terracotta Warli Handpainted Pots Yellow Set Of 3
    Sale price Rs. 725 Regular price Rs. 970 (25% Off)
    Terracotta Warli Handpainted Pen Stand Knitted Red
    Sale price Rs. 549 Regular price Rs. 699 (21% Off)
    Terracotta Warli Handpainted Pots White Set Of 3
    Sale price Rs. 717 Regular price Rs. 970 (26% Off)
    Terracotta Warli Handpainted Pots White Set Of 2
    Sale price Rs. 849 Regular price Rs. 1,135 (25% Off)

    Add authentic Warli Painting to your home decor and add on to its beauty!

    There’s a distinct feature about Indian folk paintings that add more charm anywhere they are included. Warli paintings are part of this rich culture that can effortlessly make anything look even better. They can make even simple pieces of clothing look edgier and a boring vase looks more appealing to the watcher’s eyes. A huge population loves this distinct art form in various fields, but one significant one is home decor. Whenever a Warli painted vase or Warli painted pots and warli art wall hanging and beautiful warli painting on vase gets included in your home decor.


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    Get your favourite Warli decorative items for the bedroom delivered to you!

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    1.    What is the meaning of Warli art?

    Warli art, or Warli folk paintings, that originated from Maharashtra are basically a vivid expression of the daily and social events of the Warli tribe. They are typically used to embellish the walls of the village houses and were an effective method of transmitting their folklore to people who were not familiar with their written words. The Warli tribe of Maharashtra utilises Warli to decorate the walls of their village dwellings as a vivid expression of everyday and social happenings. This was the only way to get folklore to a population that didn't have access to the written word. In comparison to Madhubani's colourful paintings, this art form is basic.


    2.    What Warli home decor items do you have?

    ExclusiveLane is your one-stop online shop that houses an impressive collection of a variety of home decor items that will further accentuate the beauty of your humble abode. We have a beautiful collection of handpicked Warli home decor items for you to explore. From beautiful warli art customizable wooden nameplates, Warli painted terracotta vases, to Warli hand-painted wooden shelf decor, warli art wall hanging and more, explore them all and make a valuable addition to your home decor. Buy warli art online.


    3.    Why is Warli art painting so famous?

    The exotic and authentic features of the carefully curated Warli art paintings play a huge role in contributing to their popularity and high demand. The idea that goes behind creating these masterpieces plays a huge role in making them famous worldwide. These paintings represent social life rather than legendary characters or representations of deities. Images of people and animals, as well as images from everyday life, are arranged in a rough rhythmic sequence. Check out the best warli paintings crafts online in India.


    4.    What is the main Colour used in the Warli paintings?

    In today’s date, you’ll find Warli paintings delicately curated with a number of vibrant colours, but traditionally these masterpieces were created with just colours- Red and White. While red would act as the base, white was used to depict the tribal scene. The paintings are set against a red ochre background created by a mix of branches, mud, and red brick. Only a white pigment derived from rice flour and water, with gum as a binder, is used by the Warli. The end of a bamboo stick is bitten to simulate the texture of a paintbrush.

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