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Give your living space an attractive glow by hanging decorative tea-lights. Explore the wide arra...Read More

Give your living space an attractive glow by hanging decorative tea-lights. Explore the wide array of handmade, beautifully crafted tea-light holders.Read Less

140 products

    140 products

    Colourful Tea Lights Online in India

    The Lighting in an outdoor wedding can not only form a functional aspect to the day but create a beautiful form of decoration. When it comes to planning outdoor parties, lighting is something that needs to be paid a lot of attention to. As the tea party is going to be happening outdoors, and since any successful party doesn’t stop before midnight, proper lighting arrangements need to be in place. Hanging tea lights can not only form a functional aspect to the day but create a beautiful form of decoration. In the dark tea lights became fairy lights. 

    Hanging Tea Lights to Enhance Your Home Decor

    Tea lights bring cheers and allow you to enjoy your life after sunset. Tea lights to cluster on candle-trays or hang in the garden; handsome hanging for indoors and out; and rustic pots and flares for the garden. Tea lights are frequently overlooked when planning a wedding. Often we focus on the decorations to cover the tables, walls and everywhere in between, but a big influence on the atmosphere of your wedding reception will actually be how the lighting is managed.

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    Explore the beautiful collection of tea light material collections from the beautiful and best handicraft store, Exclusive Lane. Check out the beautiful tea light collections available like Terracotta Hanging Tea Light Holder, Terracotta Table Tea Light Holder, Sheesham Wood Wall Tea Light Holder, Sheesham Wood Table Tea Light Holder, Mango Wood Table Tea Light Holder, Iron Table Tea Light Holder, Iron Hanging Tea Light Holder, and  Ceramic Table Tea Light Holder Online. These lights will make your evening coffee dates and dinner nights special.

    Explore the Beautiful Art Form Tea Lights and Make Your Dinner Date Special with Beautiful Lights

    Art Lights are awesome products that add beauty and elegance to the events. Check out the Studio Pottery Table Tea Light Holder Online which will make your event special. This is one of the perfect decors which could even make you home arranged events or occasions grander and celebrations.

    Give A Beautiful Look to Your Decor with Tea Lights

    You can cover hanging tea lights with glass paint and then hang them from chord fixtures to create a wonderful collection of bright colourful lights. Another popular way to create outdoor lighting is by creating paper bag lights. You can do this by cutting small slits in paper bags and covering them with string lights. Not only is using this way going to be convenient, but it will also add to the overall appeal of your party. Similarly, just like using paper bag lights, another creative way of creating outdoor lighting is using old wine bottles and turning them into hanging tea light holders. 

    By using tea lights in your centrepieces, you can give your place a warm, inviting glow. Lights not only give off a welcoming vibe, but they're a great way to save money while still looking classy.

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    What is a tealight?

    A tealight which is also called tea-lighter or tea candle is generally a candle being placed on a thin metal or plastic cup so that the candle can liquefy completely while lit. There are many different shapes and shades available for placing the candle based on the size and quantity. It is one of the perfect lights for date dinners or night parties to be filled with candles and lights.

    Are tea lights meant to warm tea?

    There are also lighters to warm and keep the tea hot and warm. There are also tealight holders which are used for placing the beautiful flavored candled on the holders for being attractive and beautiful. The lights are sometimes considered religious and can be used during festivals like Diwali, Christmas, and other happy occasions.

    Are tea lights dangerous?

    There are different types of lights holders like placing on the ground, hangings, and placing on the shelf with the bits of help of holders. When the home is surrounded by kids and babies, it is good to choose to hang holders or handcrafted wall fixing frames. And it is also good to choose metal, wood or iron holders rather than plastic ones.

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