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Explore the unique collection of ceramic and wooden salt-pepper shaker from ExclusiveLane and giv...Read More

Explore the unique collection of ceramic and wooden salt-pepper shaker from ExclusiveLane and give a sense of completeness to your dining table and kitchen.Read Less

13 products

    13 products
    Hut Handpainted Salt & Pepper Shaker Set In Ceramic
    Sale price Rs. 525 Regular price Rs. 875 (40% Off)
    Elegant Salt & Pepper Shaker In Brown
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    Salt and pepper shaker set for dining table

    Give your kitchen a sense of completeness by adding a salt pepper shaker to the kitchen cabinet, just beside your cooktop and at the dining table. These handy salt and pepper sets are sleek and can be installed easily in compact spaces. Large wooden spice boxes can take up a lot of space at the countertops. You can keep the essentials such as salt and pepper shakers next to your cooktops and make it easy to season your soups, fruits, and other delicious food. 

    ExclusiveLane brings to you a variety of salt and pepper shakers online India that you can buy. These kitchen essentials are made of ceramic or carved from high-quality wood. ExclusiveLane holds on to serving people with products that are environment-friendly and also serves the purpose of keeping up good health. The color and designs are inspired by Indian origin with a mix of classic and modern designs.  

    Every household possesses these necessities but what makes the difference is your choice. So make stunning choices and team up the ceramic salt shaker with bowl set with tray and napkin holder stand to give your dining table a wholesome look.


    Ceramic Salt and pepper shakers 

    Fall in love with the design and color of the hand-glazed ceramic salt pepper shaker set. There is a mix of old-fashioned designs and modern designs. You can choose that complements your taste and home interiors.  

    If you are an antique lover and love to collect things that are inspired by classic designs then ExclusiveLane is the best online store for you. You can also get designs that are inspired by the villages of India. Look at the colorful hut painted salt and pepper shaker. As you look at the various salt and pepper shakers, salt dispenser for dining table you would find that Warli dance painting is one of the main art forms used and all the products are hand-painted and hand-carved.

    Wooden and terracotta salt and pepper shaker 

    Get exquisite designs of hand-carved wooden salt and pepper shakers. You have a choice to select from a basic design to a minutely carved design on Sheesham wood. The products are highly usable as well as decorative in themselves.  

    The terracotta salt and pepper shakers are pieces of art. With a wide variety of designs, these shakers come in the shape of an owl, and matki with Warli painting. You can also get a toothpick holder with these sets. 

    Give your kitchen a complete makeover by matching salt and pepper holder with ceramic jars 

    Complete your dining room with matching essentials such as ceramic plates, cutlery holders, bowls and tray, small jars, and decorative salt and pepper shakers, and anything you want to include in your dining room. Enhance the beauty of your space by adding some large ceramic pots to decorate your room. Also, install a hand-painted wall clock to match the scene. Also, salt pepper shaker look at the aroma diffuser to give your guest pleasant dining experience.

    FAQs About salt and pepper set for dining table

    Q1. What's the difference between salt and pepper shakers?

    -- On the top of pepper shakers, there are smaller gaps. Furthermore, as opposed to salt shakers, their holes are typically more frequent. Since the pepper contains fewer parts, the spaces are small (crystals). Since salt particles are larger than pepper particles, salt shakers provide smaller and larger holes.

    Q2. Which has more holes in salt and pepper shakers?

    -- The number of holes varies according to history, fitness, and personal preference. Salt is kept in the shaker with the fewer holes in the United States, where extra salt is unhealthy, although this is changed in areas of Europe where pepper was once a rare spice.

    Q3. Does Salt go on the left or right?

    -- The salt shaker is put to the right of the pepper shaker, closest to the right side, so most people prefer salt to pepper (but most people being right-handed). The pepper shaker is placed to the left of the salt shaker, and it is tilted slightly just above the salt shaker for additional definition.

    Q4.What are the best salt and pepper shakers?

    The Top 10 Best Salt and Pepper Shakers we have are:

    Terracotta Warli Hand Painted Salt And Pepper Shaker With Tray

    Ceramic Salt And Pepper Shakers

    Wooden And Terracotta Salt And Pepper Shaker

    Gold Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

    'Triple Owl Shaped' Terracotta Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

    'Matkis On The Table' Terracotta Warli Salt & Pepper Shaker

    Small 'Twin Owl Shaped' Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

    Elegant Salt & Pepper Shaker In Brown

    Old Fashioned Martban Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

    'Shatranj Checkered' Hand-Painted Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Q5. Should salt and pepper be on the table?

    The pepper shaker is angled slightly above the salt shaker and is located to the left of it. Salt pepper for the dining table. Salt dispensers for dining tables are put between two place settings or above the cover.

    Q6. What are salt and pepper containers for a dining table called?

    Western cultures utilise salt and pepper shakers or salt and pepper sprinkler, of which the first item is typically referred to as a salt cellar in British English, to allow diners to disperse edible salt grains and powdered peppercorns.

    Q7. Why do we put pepper on the table?

    Edible salt and ground black pepper sometimes referred to as "salt and pepper," are frequently found together on Western dining tables so that food can be further seasoned after it has been prepared. They may also be combined with other ingredients when preparing or cooking food.

    Q8. What is salt and pepper etiquette?

    Food is passed from left to right. If a fellow diner requests salt or pepper, pass both at once, even if a table companion just requests one. Instead of transferring items from hand to hand, place any passed items—such as the salt and pepper shakers, a bread basket, or a butter plate—directly on the table.

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