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On a chilly, rainy day, eating a bowl of piping hot soup simply makes you feel amazing on the ins...Read More

On a chilly, rainy day, eating a bowl of piping hot soup simply makes you feel amazing on the inside and out. Suppe, however, is more than just a comforting dish. Soup can be a filling main course or a first course that is packed with nutrients. But have you ever considered that the soup bowl you use might potentially have some added perks? Yes! You got that right. Likewise, if you're looking for the ideal pouring soup bowl that could also serve as a subtle, ornamental item for your home's interior, ExclusiveLane is the best option. Read Less

22 products

    22 products

    Upgrade your table with the ExclusiveLane bowl collection.

    Looking for the perfect serving soup bowl that can double-up as a delicate, decorative piece for your home decor? If yes, then ExclusiveLane is the right choice for you.

    Several factors can transform a good meal into a memorable one. Of course, the taste and texture of food are vital, but the quality and appearance of the tableware can enhance, elevate or degrade a dining experience. A good dinner requires excellent dinnerware, but most people take it for granted. That's why ExcluiveLane brings you a beautiful yet highly functional soup bowl set with spoons and various designs and patterns, each specially designed to enhance your dishes and make them more appealing for dining experiences.

    Get inspired by our collection of exclusive range of Soup Bowls.

    With several bowls' shapes, sizes and textures available, it's a big task to shop for one. You must consider many things like durability, good looks and aesthetics before making a final choice. The ExclusiveLane bowl range aims to solve all your problems shopping for kitchenware with its stylish designs and mouth-watering price tags.

    We have a variety of fine pieces from ExclusiveLane, which come in different materials. These soup bowl with spoons can be used for serving anything from savoury dishes to desserts and are perfect for daily use and special occasions alike. Stepping inside the ExclusiveLane range of soup bowl sets will be like dipping into a palette of colours, patterns and textures that go perfect with any table setting.

    Bring a dash of elegance to the dining table with Exclusive Lane Soup Bowl.

    Imagine a simple bowl of soup that can add sophistication to your home decor. ExclusiveLane bowl is the perfect accessory for any dining table. So, look no further if you're looking for a unique way to serve soups, dips, and other foods. The ExclusiveLane range has many small bowls perfect for every occasion.

    These beautiful ceramic hand-glazed soup bowls online are available in various finishes. The Soup bowls are available in Hand-Engraved, Hand-Glazed, Hand-Painted, Stoneware, Studio Pottery and Warli art form for you to choose from. Made with ceramic material, the soup bowls have a beautiful texture and durability, making them ideal for homes and restaurants. You can use these beautiful ceramic soup bowls from ExclusiveLane in various ways. You can serve sushi, ice cream, or even snacks in them. They will enhance your table setting, as they are beautifully decorated using hand-engraving, hand-painting and studio pottery techniques. These hand-glazed soup bowls can also be used to serve a range of dishes from different cuisines and will enhance the look of your table at the same time.

    A warm welcome awaits as you sink teeth into a freshly-made homemade soup served in this exclusive soup bowl online. These beautiful, durable ceramic soup bowls will provide years of use and enjoyment. So, add elegance to your dining table and experience a royal meal every day with the stunning ExclusiveLane soup bowl sets.  Use it over and over again to create a homey, welcoming feel at mealtime. 

    Why choose ExclusiveLane?

    ExclusiveLane offers you the best home décor products that are crafted by the best crafters all over. Our crafters have been endlessly occupied with this matter for years, using their best craftsmanship to produce fine home decor pieces that would appeal to modern sensibilities and meet your demands for uniqueness. As a result, you can get a range of products from Serveware, Plates & PlattersDinner Sets, TraysCeramic BowlsKadhai & Handis, Chapati Boxes and many more.  You simply have to decide on the products, and we assure the rest.


    1.   What art form is used in making these soup bowls?

    Different art forms are used in making these soup bowls: Hand-Engraved, Hand-Glazed, Hand-Painted, Stoneware, Studio Pottery and Warli art.

    1.   What material is used in making these hand-painted soup bowls?

    The hand-painted soup bowls are made from ceramic material, which is highly durable. 

    1.   Do the hand-carved soup bowls come with any other accessories?

    It depends upon the soul bowl that you are choosing for yourself. All soup bowls are quipped with spoons, while some soup bowls come with saucers as well. 

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