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ExclusiveLane's selection of quarter plates are a stylish complement to your crockery, whether yo...Read More

ExclusiveLane's selection of quarter plates are a stylish complement to your crockery, whether you're serving a Sunday dinner with the family or a Friday evening dinner with colleagues. They not only create an impact, but they also give you a classy way to display sophisticated style. Ceramic quarter plates are always the ideal choice for daily use because they are shiny and durable for decades. It is lightweight, manageable, and simple to wash and clean. Read Less

46 products

    46 products

    Enjoy your delicious food with the best quarter plates

    Every aspect of your home's design is crucial. Before making a purchase, think carefully about everything from your dinner table to all of your kitchenware. The importance of quarter plates in every home cannot be overstated. When you purchase a quarter wave plate, you invest in a product for your home that will be used more frequently.

    The ceramic quarter plates should complement the design of your house and should have sufficient space to hold your food. You can look through our fantastic collection of ceramic quarter plates online and buy quarter plates online that best suit your needs. Whether you're hosting a weekend night dinner with friends or a Sunday dinner with the family, quarter plates are a stunning addition to your dinnerware. They not only make a statement but will also offer you an excellent opportunity to exhibit your flair. Quarter plates made of ceramic are always the best for daily usage because they are bright and long-lasting. It is manageable and lightweight, and you can easily wash it neatly.

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    Ceramic dinner plates are always ideal for daily use because they are polished and have a long lifespan. In addition, ceramic plates are certainly the best choice for a better dining environment in the home. Dinner plates made of ceramic, whether they are round or square, give the interior a boost. Because ceramic items are non-porous, chemicals cannot be absorbed by them. On the other hand, plastic dinnerware can be dangerous to your health since the chemicals in plastic dinnerware can interact with food. 

    At ExclusiveLane, you can find the best collection of quarter plates online. Various shapes and designed quarter plates are available on our website. These modern yet ethnic-designed quarter plates are a great way to impress your guests over a dinner or lunch outing at your house. Handmade ceramic quarter plates are a great way to enjoy your food with your friends and family members. Chapatis, pieces of bread, and appetisers go well on the ceramic quarter plates. Additionally, you can use them to serve salads, fruits, and desserts. Ideal as a gift for the holiday season and housewarming.

    Why buy from ExclusiveLane?

    The love for handcrafted goods from ExclusiveLane Indian Handicrafts goes much further. We encourage the artistic endeavours of rural craftspeople. Along with supporting social causes, we promise you an excellent online shopping experience for home and design. Your favourite piece of product can be delivered right to your home. Check out our collection of Dining Bowl Katoris, Serving Bowls online, best Serving Platters, ceramic Dinner Sets, best Dinner Plates, Serving Trays online, Chapati Boxes, Kadhai & Handis, etc. 


    1. What is the standard size of a quarter plate?

    The size of a quarter plate could vary depending on its design and shape however, the standard size of a quarter plate is  3.25 x 4.25 inches (8 x 11 cm). 

    1. What is the purpose of the quarter plate?

    Quarter plates are also side plates because they are used in addition to the main cutlery. You can serve additional servings with the leading food using these plates. Usually, bread and butter are served with it.

         2.Why is a quarter plate on the left?

    Since Indians use their left hand to use toilet paper, they mostly opt for their right hand to consume food The quarter plate should be to the left, but it is acceptable to keep the naan bread/roti in your left hand as you consume the curry

         3.Which plate is best for eating food?

    Steel utensils and plates are said to be best in Indian homes due to their durability. Grease, food acids, and oil do not cause steel to react. Also, in the steel plates, there is the presence of iron which is found to be supportive of our health. Additionally, ceramic plates are an excellent choice because of their durability and lightweight.

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