What Got Us Started?

Started ExclusiveLane in 2012 with a vision to promote crafts globally & help small artisans based in different parts of the World earn a living out of it. We work with 100 plus creative artisans & designers across India & help them in developing the end product, right from the ideation phase. Each product is uniquely handcrafted & hand painted with miniature details by skilled craftsmen. We have products across multiple categories like Home & Decor, Lighting, Kitchen & Dining, Furniture & Furnishing, made in different materials like terracotta, Teak & Sheesham wood, ceramic, Brass, Canvas etc.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to:
a) Design & Co-create functional products with craftsmen from different parts of India & the World by fusing multiple art forms & materials for urban market & consumers.

b) Provide a better livelihood & lifestyle to the craftsmen & their families by creating a sustainable & a long-term business model for them.

 c) Preserving the pride of India; the traditional art forms, techniques & skill set of the artisans inherited from the ancestors which are depleting day by day due to non-functional product design, competition from China & low sales of handicrafts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a global brand from India which is synonymous with craft.

ExclusiveLane- OUR TEAM

The people that

Made us possible


Co-Founder of ExclusiveLane

While having a valuable experience of 3 years of operational activities ExclusiveLane is lead out with all core and day to day operations. No doubt, he has been discovered as instrumental ExclusiveLane’s growth and development since the company was in the budding stage. With his appreciating cooperation to the company, all the operational ventures are well assimilated by Kaushal which marked ExclusiveLane to gain pioneering position for all the day to day activities related to operations.


Founding Member

Daksh is a founding member and is helping us design a path to growth, profitability and market expansion. He works closely with the marketing, branding and data team to expand into new demographics and arenas. Daksh is also our in house entrepreneur, and his interest varies from digital marketing to managing brand and media initiatives.


Head of Strategy

Sankalp, our in-house strategy advisor, is helping us design a path to growth and profitability amidst severe competition in e-commerce industry. He works with the team to gather, analyze and organize information to drive process improvement in order to make the customer experience impeccable. He joined ExclusiveLane in 2016 to help us expand into new geographies.



A successful senior corporate executive, MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, with over 35 years of experience and expertise in Marketing, Operations and Strategy. She has worked with some of the best brands like GSK, Lakme, India Today, Fabindia and many more and continues to work in areas relating to craft, livelihoods and heritage & culture. 



Dhruv professionally initiated his career as a Product Development Engineer at ECCO with successive professional achievements steps in the Company within just one year six months. His passion towards the Indian handicraft culture did not let him stay calm and was continuous on move to improvise the economic status of traditional artisans. Thus, his extreme dedication about web and traditional crafts led him to plan out to channelize the wide usage of these handicrafts in urban India including other parts of the world.

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