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Elevate your dining experience with our beautifully designed handmade kadhai. ExclusiveLane bring...Read More

Elevate your dining experience with our beautifully designed handmade kadhai. ExclusiveLane brings a handpicked collection serving kadhai and handis to tempt your guest.Read Less

3 products

    3 products

    Make your dinner parties even more delightful with Ceramic and Earthen Clay Handis and Kadhais!

    Dinner parties can be a bleak affair if it does not contain the right kind of vibe to set it aside from the rest of the days. It’s not every day you plan to go all out with your cooking skills and bring out your best dinner set, only to leave one unknown missing piece left out. Have you ever caught yourself wondering “why does the dish look better when the chef on YouTube or that food blogger on Instagram tries it out”? You both follow the same instructions but still, their dish looks more appealing compared to yours. We have solved the mystery for you. The missing piece is a beautiful kadhai and handi that adds to the beauty of the food carefully served in it.


    Before the food people come in contact with the utensils it is stored in. This is the reason that your kadhai and handi play a very important role on your dinner table besides just serving the food. It is not just any kind of handi or kadhai that will do the trick, you need handmade earthen handis or ceramic kadhais to add more delight to your dining experience!

    Buy the best Ceramic kadhai and handis from ExclusiveLane!

    The market outside is filled with mediocre and unoriginal clay serving handis and kadhai with lids and handles for you to explore from. You don’t go out buying handmade handis every day, then why settle for something overpriced and monotonous when you can buy stylish and eco-friendly ceramic and clay kadhai and handis from handcrafted store ExclusiveLane!


    ExclusiveLane is an online store that houses an impressive collection of a variety of products ranging from your favourite kitchen accessories online to Cute serveware online that will make a perfect addition to your home. Explore our newest range of products- Kitchen Container sets, Dining Items, earthen clay handis and ceramic kadhais that are unique in their ways. Our handpicked collection of kadhai and handis are not just pleasing to the eye with one of a kind patterns gracing their smooth surface, but also gentle on the environment due to their eco-friendly nature. These kadhais and handis will bring life to your food when served in it. Buy beautiful Hand Glaze studio pottery ceramic serving kadhai, or amazing handmade earthen clay serving handis with lids and make your dinners even more eventful!

    Get the perfect addition to your kitchen delivered to your doorsteps!

    When the whole world is running after eco-friendly alternatives to living their lives, as usual, do your part and bring home this environment friendly ceramic kadhais and handis! Buy beautiful handis and kadhais with a lid and do your needful without compromising the aesthetics of your house. Just with a few simple clicks get the perfect kadhais and handis carefully delivered to your doorsteps in no time. Place your order with ExclusiveLane online store today and get it sent to any part of the country today!


    1. Are Earthen clay handis better than Ceramic handis?

    At ExclusiveLane we thrive to provide you with the best quality products at the best prices in the market. Both Earthen Clay Handis and Ceramic Handis are equally good. Try them both and see how your dinner parties become the showstopper of the month!

     2. Do you have handis and kadhai with lids?

    Our only motive is to provide our gracious customers with the product of their dreams, hence, we bring to you a collection of impressive Handis and Kadhais, both with lids and without lids.

     3. What other accessories do you have apart from kadhai and handis?

    Check out our handpicked collection of cute servewares, kitchen accessories, Ceramic Jars with lids, Hand painted Toothpick holders, and more!

     4. How do you make these kadhais?

    These beautiful Kadhais are carefully handmade by skilled professionals using natural and durable material that will continue to add more delight to your dining table for years to come!


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