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For a long time, the terms "corporate gifts" and "corporate giving" have been used interchangeably. Corporate gift items are typically valued things given to employees as a symbol of appreciation or goodwill by their employers without any obligation. Most big companies and organisations have procedures in place regarding the distribution of corporate presents to their workers.

Now the question which arises is what are the best gifts for a corporate environment? Well, your hassle ends here as exclusivelane reflects some of the best corporate gifts or unique corporate gifts collection from lamps, aroma diffusers to planters, cups & mugs etc all of which are of the best quality and pricing due to our mission or vision of maximising the use of traditional crafts internationally so that the artisans can receive the recognition they deserve or know their importance.

Without a doubt, India, one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, is known for upholding centuries-old customs and culture. This culturally rich nation has a plethora of old craftsmen and handcraft goods that have been stripped of their original identities and are now attempting to reclaim their true worth in both the urban and global markets.

As a result, ExclusiveLane was created out of a deep passion for handcrafted goods. The firm wants to handpick handcrafted goods from rural craftsmen in various areas of India, allowing them to showcase their skills via their exquisite handicrafts. Explore it now!

Time your corporate gifts

It's possible that the timing of a gift is just as significant as the content. This holds true for both business and personal gifts. Here's how to time it perfectly.

Make a Statement This Holiday Season

Even though Christmas is still a few months away, it's never too early to begin planning your holiday gifting approach. It's no secret that sending corporate gifts, such as Diwali gifts for employees, is popular during the months of November and December. However, if you don't want to be lost in the avalanche of gifts, some preparation is required. Or simply lost, because some workplaces are nearly empty at that time.

Adopt a More Creative Timing Approach

You don't have to wait until December to give business presents. In fact, if you want your present to shine and not get lost in the holiday shuffle, consider giving it during a different time of year. For example, a gift delivered during finals week, when everyone is ready to rip their hair out, may make a big impact for an education-related company.

Don't be afraid to be personal with your employees.

You can give presents to celebrate personal milestones and occasions, such as work anniversaries and birthdays, provided you know your clients well enough.


Q. What are the best corporate gifts?
Exclusive lane has a variety of products that will fit just right for your corporate gifting requirements right from lamps to decor such as desk accessories, showpiece idols etc

Q. What is the best time to give corporate gifts?
Though you can bestow these corporate gifts any time of the year but winter season or end of the year is considered prime time.

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