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Illuminate your walls and room with decorative wall lights and wall lamps. ExclusiveLane presents...Read More

Illuminate your walls and room with decorative wall lights and wall lamps. ExclusiveLane presents an amazing collection of handcrafted wall lights.Read Less

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    5 products
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    One of the essential tools of home décor are lights, and what better way to up your game than with some lovely wall lamps in India! Yes, those of you who are meticulous and particular about how their room is lit, we suggest that you go with wall lamps, especially if you are all game for a subtle play of light!


    Well, if you settle down with just one variety, you can also experiment a little and see what kind of lamp will work well for your home. And you are in luck here because, for lights, the number of options is plenty. Wall lamps décor will work best depending on the room and the look and feel that you want to create with it.

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    Wall lamps are something that is a very unique home decor and is mostly preferred by people who loves decorating. Explore the beautiful and unique Sheesham Wood Wall Lamps, Brass Wall Lamps, Sheesham Wood Wall Lamps online, Brass Wall Lamps online which adds classiness to your room. Check out these unique wall lamp accessories online from the uniquely available designs.

    Explore Art Lamps Online

    Art is one of the most beautiful ways to represent your surroundings. If you are an art lover, then the aura around you would be surely filled with beautiful art materials. When you are choosing for your bathroom, check these beautiful wall lamp collections like Warli Wall Lamps, Warli Wall Lamps Online which will add beauty to your space.

    So, let’s look into a guide for your perfect lamp look:

    For bedrooms

    It is necessary that when it comes to your bedroom, the lighting should be a perfect one. It should not be too bright nor too dim. So we suggest that you go with wall lamps for the bedroom. Wall lamps create a dispersion effect over a small area, which enhances the light and the warmth of the room just the right amount. It is important to remember that instead of having one big light, you will need various dim lights in your bedroom. Suppose you want to read a book at night, then table lamps for the bedroom will work much better. So, when selecting the main light, it is always preferable that you stick with lights of smaller intensity and softer glow like that of a wall lamp. If you are open to playing around with more lights, there is another option you might consider - bedside wall lamps; we know for sure that our bibliophiles will love these!

    For living rooms

    When it comes to your living room, it is an area that defines who you are. You will be welcoming your guests here, and hence you need to prop it upright, and even if there is an apparent asymmetry, there should be a connecting dot to all the items you place. Whatever décor items you put in your living room, a lot will depend on how you light them. If you are unsure but see that you have a penchant for antiques, go with antique wall lamps. A soft glow with just the right amount of light will go a long way in highlighting the features of your living room. If you want, you can throw in-wall lampshades of different types and create a myriad effect with your lights. You can also include tea lights to add some much-needed warmth if you want. Trust us, and it will be a highlight which you will love. 

    For dining rooms 

    This is another significant room/area of the house. Dining areas need one thing – warmth. Hence the light that you choose should help in highlighting that feature. For this, you can also consider wall lamps online, which promise to be a great buy if you place them right. If you want to add a little more light to the entire look, you can always go with hanging lights for home. If you are all about keeping it colonial and traditional, opting for candle holders for the wall will also work wonders to light up your dining space.

    When it comes to lamps, you need to pick one depending on the effect you want to create!

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    What are wall lamps?

    The terms wall light are often used to mean a lamp or the light that is mounted on a wall. A lamp or lights is being covered by a glass frame or wooden frame to display in a bright and beautiful manner rather than the tube lights or bulbs. The wires are not exposed and are connected with the home's electrical or main switchboard system. They can be operated either by a wall switch or by a switch in the fixture.


    What is the use of a wall lamp?

    Wall Lights are ideal for creating extra lighting, setting an atmospheric mood in a room or they can simply be a decorative piece. Wall lights are commonly used in bedrooms, kitchens, and hallways, but the long, dark corridor can quickly start to resemble a runway if too many lights are installed.


    What are the best wall lights for the living room?

    A living room is something that should be very unique and pleasing so that the space or the makes you comfortable and pleasing. There are lights with brighter or darker shades. It is good to choose lighter shades so that they make you comfy after a long tiring day in the office. There are three types of lighting:

    Ambient lighting.

    Task lighting.

    Accent lighting.

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