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Illuminate your living space with beautiful handmade tea-light holders and transform the aura of ...Read More

Illuminate your living space with beautiful handmade tea-light holders and transform the aura of your home with hand-carved aroma diffusers. ExclusiveLane tea-light holders and diffusers also serve as a decorative accessory.Read Less

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    145 products
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    Bid adieu to stress with tea light diffuser

    Stress, if not dealt with properly can cause several health issues. To help you alleviate your stress as well as making your house look and smell beautiful, we have a perfect thing for you. Tea light diffusers combined with your favorite essential oil can create a magical effect for any mood. Here is why you need to include them in your home décor,

    Spread good vibes with soothing aroma blends

    Whether you are stressed, unwell or just feeling low, spending a couple of hours around tea light essential oil diffuser can help you a lot. It is indeed better than using those gas-filled room sprays containing chemicals and artificial fragrances. Choose essential oils that soothe your soul and make you feel upbeat for aroma diffusers to get the best results. From chest and nose congestion due to cold to your stress levels, these little tea light aroma diffusers can do it all for you. Get one for your home or gift to a friend only from handmade tealight aroma diffusers on ExclusiveLane.

    Make every corner beautiful with creative candle holders

    Give your home a beautiful touch by placing a tealight holder in every corner of the house. Use aroma diffuser tealights for your bedroom and bathroom for adding a comfortable aromatic ambiance. Place them beside the flower table pot and planters on your balcony and you have a cozy relaxing environment. You can also decorate those awkward corners with tealight wall hangings and Sheesham candle holders of various shapes and carvings.

    Shop for handmade tealight holders on ExclusiveLane

    Give your home a personality with handcrafted tea light candle holders. These small candle holders can be placed anywhere you wish. They can be flaunted on the corner table, at the entrance of the house, on the balcony, in the bathroom, or bedroom. You can also get wall lamps with tealight stands for your puja room. Explore the huge collection of handmade key holders, candle stands, planters, and various other home décor ideas online on ExclusiveLane.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.How to use Tea-Light diffusers

    For using a tealight aroma oil diffuser, pour a little water on top of the diffuser and add 3-4 drops of essential oil to the water. Now place the tealight underneath and light it up. As the water heats up slowly with the tealight, the aroma molecules from essential oil will begin to dissipate into the surrounding spreading the scent.

    2.Is it safe to use a diffuser all night?

    Although essential oils are considered good for relaxing and senses, one must avoid using them all night. It can make you sensitive to the essential oils causing breathing ailments, allergic reactions, or other such side effects with prolonged use. Avoid using the oils for more than a couple of hours and choose essential oils carefully.

    3.How long does a tea light last?

    Decorative candles like tealights can last for about 3-4 hours. It can also vary due to the shape of the tealight, the quality of the wick, and where you have kept them.

    You can also try Agarbatti stands online.

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