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Explore a wide range of handmade home decor items for your home from ExclusiveLane. Be it a kitch...Read More

Explore a wide range of handmade home decor items for your home from ExclusiveLane. Be it a kitchen, wall decorative items for the living room, or garden we have an exclusive collection of the best handmade home decoration accessories that can easily blend with your home.Read Less

580 products

    580 products
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    The Luxurious Way to Decorate Your Home

    Interior home decor is one of the most important yet hassling parts of getting a new home. Even if you are living in your house for a long time, it is essential to transform your home interiors every now and then. It gives a fresh perspective to you while you are relaxing or working at home and also gives your home a new appearance. Changing things up is always better, especially when you have guests over. Once you have decided to decorate your home, you will find a large number of ideas and tips online to beautify your home. But this is when you must carefully choose the vibe or look you want to create. Ultimately, it is you who will be staying there all day, and you should love your home, interiors and all! 

    ExclusiveLane has some fantastic ideas for you to decorate your new space and add a touch of magic to those boring corners. Be it wooden home decor, ceramic accessories or metallic showpieces, ExclusiveLane has everything you need to give a luxurious yet personal touch to your home interiors. 

    Even small decorative items can make a big impact on the appearance of a room.  Small accessories, when placed in the wrong place can also spoil the charm of a room. That is why you must follow these tips and ideas for bedroom decor for Indian households

    History of Home Decoration

    You could say that home decor began when early cave dwellers painted the inside of their cave’s walls with colourful paintings with the natural paints they found! But home decor actually came into its own in the 18th century, when items which were earlier considered as a luxury only meant for the upper classes became affordable for all. At the time, handmade decorative accessories and furniture were a status symbol for the nobility and ultra-rich. After the 18th century, everyone started to decorate their homes the way they wanted to because these items became easily accessible. The Romans were especially popular and were known to show off their wealth through their intricate and lavish interior design. There were unthinkable and beautiful mosaic models and designs carved or painted on walls, pillars and statues. Classic Roman furniture also had clawed feet. 

    Then came the modern period, where wallpapers and pianos became affordable and people decorated their homes with floral wallpaper, upholstered furniture and other comfortable luxuries. In the 19th century, these items started to be mass-produced, which meant that more people could hope to get a beautiful home and fill it with home decoration items to add a personal touch to their space and impress their guests. Furniture made from wood such as oak and mahogany was the most popular. 

    This is when interior designing changed into a profession and its history is just over 100 years old. At this time, it became more of a need-based profession. After the Industrial revolution, there was a necessity to conserve space due to the growth in population among other factors. This is where the interior design came in with its space-saving tactics and still helps in making even the tiniest of rooms feel like a comfortable space. In early times, architects themselves were interior designers or home decorators. For example, there is a reference to the mythological architect Vishwakarma in Indian mythology, whose interior designs can be found on pillars and palaces created in the 17th century.

    Make Your Premium Home Decor Stand Out

    ExclusiveLane offers a beautiful collection of handicraft items that will spark up your place and make it look eye-catching. You need not buy a large number of accessories, but only know that the right ones will make your home look beautiful. Here are the home decor items you need for a dreamy home. Explore our range of home decoration items that come in various categories, and find the ones that will go nicely with your home interior:

    • Wall Decor: Everyone needs good wall decor items so that your walls don’t look plain. Accessories like nameplates on your front door wall and wall clocks are highly essential, so why not buy these in timeless styles to enhance the look of your home? ExclusiveLane has a wide collection of wooden wall decors items such as wall shelves, Kathakali Sheesham wood wall decor, desert spatulas, customizable wooden name plates and other creative and unique wall decor items that you will fall in love with.
    • Desk Accessories: These are the office essentials that you absolutely can’t miss out on! With an innovative take on office decor, we bring to you items like Elephant bookends, hand-engraved bookends, Warli hand-painted pen stand, handcrafted wooden laptop stand, Birds table organiser, wooden mobile stand and other items made by local artisans. These desk decor items also make for great corporate gift items or gifts for your coworkers. 
    • Showpieces and Idols: No home feels complete without some charming showpieces that give a glimpse into your unique personality. ExclusiveLane has handmade, artistic and breathtaking showpieces like the meenakari tortoise set, hand-painted parrot family, Rajasthani folk artists, and elephant show pieces. You can also give an auspicious touch to your abode with stunning Ganesha idols that will bring prosperity into your home.
    • Decorative Vases: Our collection includes ceramic and terracotta vases made by skilled local artisans by imbibing their traditional Indian art onto the products. Each product is unique in its own way and will light up your house with its charm and beauty. Bring the ethnic glory of the Indian heritage into your home and decorate it elegantly with these ceramic and terracotta vases by ExclusiveLane.
    • Bath: Any interior decor is incomplete without the right bathroom accessories and decor. The bathroom is also a space that must be decorated thoughtfully as it is the place you spend time in after you wake up. It will surely generate positive vibes with ExclusiveLane luxurious bathroom decor range. We have spectacular bathroom sets with liquid soap dispensers, towel holders and tissue roll holders that will make your bathroom time more convenient. 
    • More Decor: Our collection isn’t over just yet! There are still so many handmade home decor items that are absolutely perfect for anyone looking to change up their space. These include multi-utility boxes, doormats, handheld mirrors, cushion covers, fridge magnets, incense stick holders, door handles, photo frames and iconic printing frames.

    Take a look at ExclusiveLane’s charming collection of home decoration items online created from the heart of Indian heritage and get your favourite picks.

    Pro Tip While Buying Decoration Items

    If you are newly decorating your home, there are some things you can do to get that perfectly decorated shelf or corner you want. Getting the ideal Pinteresty look may seem tough, but with our collection of aesthetic decorative items and pro tips, you can get your desired look easily. The first mistake people make while decorating is not keeping in mind the size of your space while buying accessories. Always make sure to know your space limits and buy home decor online accordingly so you don’t overdo the decoration. Keep in mind the rough colour scheme you are going for, and the colour and texture of the walls, windows and furniture you have while buying these decor items. Don’t splurge too much on small accessories and only go for the ones that will make a major impact on the appearance of your space. With ExclusiveLane affordable items, you can stop worrying about decor expenses. Try to add pieces and accessories of varying heights to create more depth and visual interest. You can explore this blog for the best wooden hand carved decor items.

    Types of Home Decorative Items

    Home decor items are of various types depending on the type of your home, location and the interiors you want. There are the basics like furniture, which can include a large number of options from chairs and sofas to beds and bathroom furniture. There are various small accessories such as wall decorations, name plates and paintings. If you wish to have a study in your home, you can check out desk accessories as well. This is a type of decor item that can be used at home and at the office. Then there are carpets as well, along with doormats, cushion covers, handheld mirrors and more. Another major home decor category is decorative vases, showpieces and idols. These are mostly for enhancing the appearance of your home and making it look more interesting. The next category is bath decor which includes the elegant and luxurious options of bathroom sets, towel holders and more. 

    Popular Home Decor Styles

    Here are the basic yet modern and attractive home decor styles that will surely bedazzle you:

    1. Traditional: This might mean different things in different locations, but essentially it suggests a type of decor that is rustic and tied closely to the history of that place. It may seem more personal and appealing to some people because it reminds them of the place they come from. ExclusiveLane has a wide variety of traditional ethnic decor items that are sure to make their way into your home. Check out this blog about ethnic Indian art forms in Indian homes.
    2. Contemporary: This type of design involves more clean looks and deliberate use of accessories which are very thoughtfully placed. It is a timeless kind of style that may remain in trend for years to come.
    3. Eclectic: This style is for those who can’t decide on just one style and want a mixture of several kinds of elements in their home. It represents their true self and includes all types of artistic and creative decor items. You can find many such accessories you like on ExclusiveLane.
    4. Mid-Century Modern: This kind of style resembles that in the 1900s and is heavily retro. Various popular clubs, restaurants and even hotels have this kind of style as it is more interesting and mixed with a historic vibe. 
    5. Whimsy: This is more of an unconventional style that leans towards natural elements like bamboo, terracotta or other materials made from the earth. You will find many such accessories on ExclusiveLane.
    6. Farmhouse: This provides a very different vibe and can be described as a shabby creative look. Many such options are available on our website that will fit quite perfectly with this style, such as the Bovine windchime.

    Buy wooden home decor items online at Exclusivelane.com

    Handcrafted home décor items are difficult to get by. We always want something nice and different to decorate our house. A home décor Indian item can add life to even the dullest of places. They are in fact a reflection of your personality. Without any doubt, our house decoration items reflect the richness of our culture and the overall affluence level of society. Wood Home decoration items online can add a level of perfection to your space. 

    Luxury Home Decoration: Perfect impression of our values and traditions

    Our traditional home decoration items or even say handmade decorative items for wall demonstrate a few of the oldest civilizations on the planet. Our vast array of décor pieces, wall decoration items, room decoration items online, and wooden items for home encompasses lovely motifs, designs, and patterns. The minute you plan to buy home decor online in India your mind feels relaxed as you now do not have to go from one store to another in search of your favourite item. You can quickly get whatever pleases your eye at just the click of a mouse button and that is also from the ease and convenience of your home. Buy wooden decorative items for living room products and kitchen decor items online only if you really like them till then you can keep browsing home decor items in India for fresh designs and patterns.

    Look for high-quality handmade home décor items online in India at Exclusivelane.com

    With just a click of a mouse, one can easily have a glimpse of all kinds of home decoration items at Exclusivelane.com. All these lovely items are available at economical prices. You can choose wall décor, nice hangings, terracotta decorative items online, home name plate, vases, kitchen accessories including cutlery, bathroom accessories , cushion covers, terracotta items online, wall decor items online and so many more things that can lend your room a stunning look. Just make your online search, pay a visit to our online store, and have a wonderful time buying wooden items for the home decoration of your choice. Check out amazing handmade home decor online and get hassle-free delivery to your doorstep. These home decor items from India will add beauty to your house.

    Exclusivelane.com offers 24/7 Online Customer Support

    Most people are very passionate when they buy home décor items. Usually, everyone wants to have a look at a wide variety of products that are accessible online before making a final selection. All our clients love to have a quick glance and do not miss the extensive variety which is available at Exclusivelane.com. Whether you are looking for terracotta decor items for home accessories, wooden accessories for your home, or handmade items for home decoration. ExclusiveLane provides you with the ease of buying that you will get nowhere else. The mere availability of 24x7 customer support, wonderful deals and offers, and an easy return policy help you to buy lovely handicrafts item online like wall decor online in India. The shopping experience is simply delightful and you will enjoy it to the hilt with amazing home decor online in India like wall hanging decorative items, kitchen decor online, and wooden home decor wooden items. 

    Why Buy Home Decorative Items From ExclusiveLane

    ExclusiveLane is the best online platform to purchase handicraft items. All our products are made by local artisans trying to preserve India’s rich traditional heritage with their pure talent. We provide them with a platform to display their beautiful art and give our customers a glimpse into the stunning ethnic side of our country. Our products are unique, made with high-quality materials and finished with care and love. You can trust our items for their ultimate quality and durability. We have a wide collection of items ranging from Home Decor, Lighting, Garden accessories, wooden Furniture, Dining collection and more.

    FAQs About Home Decor Items

  • What are home decor items?

  • Home decor items are the various kinds of accessories used to decorate your home and enhance its look.

  • What are the 7 elements of interior design? 
  • Space, Lines, Form, Light, Colour, Texture and Pattern are the seven elements of interior design. A truly breathtaking design can be created when all these elements are kept in mind.

  • What's the range of home decor accessories available on your website?

  • ExclusiveLane has a vast range of home decor items ranging from wall decor, showpieces, idols, and decorative vases to bathroom decor and office decor.

  • How can I decorate my bedroom?

  • You can decorate your bedroom keeping in mind the various elements of interior design and also refer to this blog on our website about the perfect bedroom decor tips.

  • What is the purpose of home decor?
  • The way you decorate and furnish your home reveals a lot about you as a person. It tells people your interests, aspirations and tastes and leaves behind a great impression. It also works as a great way to calm yourself when you are alone in your home. It sets the vibe of your home.

  • What is the history behind the interior design?
  • Interior design was previously done by architects themselves, but then gradually became a profession when everyone could afford home decor items. In ancient times, it was strictly reserved for the nobility.

  • Why is it important to keep your home beautiful?
  • Keeping your home beautiful makes you feel good from the inside as well. When you wake up in the morning and look at a clean and well-decorated home, your thoughts are always positive. Having a beautiful home is also a necessity in the modern world because you will be praised by your guests for keeping such a nice home.

  • How to choose accessories for a room?
  • The interiors of the room and the furniture dictates the type of accessories that would go. If you are using wooden furniture, then use ceramic home decor products. Grab amazing home decoration items online, terracotta home decor items, wooden decor items home accessories. Check the best Indian decoration items / traditional home decor items.

  • What are the best places at home to put clocks?
  • Family rooms or living rooms and kitchens are the best places to have clocks.

  • Should I put a mirror in my dining room?
  • The mirror reflects and doubles the space. The Dining area is a great place to put the mirror but place it in a manner that doesn’t reflect the person eating at the table. Choose from the best home decor online stores in India.

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