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Pooja is unquestionably an essential component of all Hindu religions, and it is observed all yea...Read More

Pooja is unquestionably an essential component of all Hindu religions, and it is observed all year round. Many folks reside in an area where it is challenging to locate all necessary puja supplies. Consequently, you have us! In just a few simple steps, ExclusiveLane offers all the necessities for a pooja! We provide a wide variety of Pooja accessories that are produced with the highest elegance by our artists using a variety of excellent materials and feature modern fusion hand paints with a specific theme. Read Less

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    63 products
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    Gayatri Mantra Terracotta Wall Hanging
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    Worshipping a deity or doing puja is a form of meditative practice that brings ease and liberation to mind, body and soul. To cope up with this fast paced life, it is essential that we anchor our thoughts and expectations to a ritual that just doesn’t ground us but also gives us a reason to have faith. 

    The practice of doing puja involves the use of certain Pooja items that are used for worshipping and making offerings to the God. ExclusiveLane has put together a entire range of Pooja essentials ranging from beautiful incense stick holders to Ganesha idols. Each product is made with utmost love by using the best quality and indigenous raw material and designed with stunning traditional art. We pride ourselves on being able to procure, produce and sell the best Pooja items online. 

    What are the best Pooja items 

    Incense stick holder 

    The idea behind burning incense sticks before a deity is to offer respect to the divine power by warding off any negative energy and filling the area with fragrance. ExclusiveLane offers a beautiful collection of terracotta incense stick holders available in beautiful colours and hand painted patterns. 


    While doing puja one must always light a diya to pay homage to the light energy. The aim is to beckon fresh and positive energy into our lives. The fire element is believed to be the most powerful of the five elements of the Universe. We have a unique collection of hand etched Pooja essentials including brass diyas that you can use to worship as well as decorate your pooja room. 


    Idols represent those auspicious energies that we try to invoke and please by doing puja. Idols are one of the most important Pooja items as the entire Pooja ritual is aimed towards praising the idols. We have an exquisite range of handcrafted Ganesha idols which you can use in your Pooja room, your car or even your living room. 

    Why choose ExclusiveLane?

    ExclusiveLane has been born out of a passionate desire to give a far reaching platform to Indian handicrafts and art forms. By virtue of our love for every indigenous thing, the Pooja items available on our website are exclusively handcrafted and made with brass or wood. 

    As we take pride in celebrating our heritage, our range of Pooja essentials pay homage to our core mission of giving a global platform to our fascinating handicrafts and arts forms. All our products including brass Pooja bells, hand painted terracotta incense stick holders, hand carved wooden Ganesha idols and showpieces are an example of some unique Indian handicraft or art form. 


    How can I decorate my Pooja room? 

    The most important thing to keep in mind while decorating your Pooja room is to make sure that you choose a calming theme for your decorations and accessories. You can begin by choosing a pleasant colour for your walls. Your Pooja room is your sacred space and therefore the colour of its walls should be calming for your senses. You can also opt for soft lighting and beautiful accessories like the hand etched decorative Diya wall hangings with bells that are available on our website. You can also choose from an alluring collection of brass bells and hand-painted Ganesha idols to enhance the appeal of your Pooja room. Decorating your Pooja room is all about enhancing the positivity of the place so that it helps you to vibrate higher in terms of positivity and clarity of perspective.

    What are the best Pooja items available online? 

    When it comes to buying the best Pooja items online then ExclusiveLane should be your first choice as we have put together an amazing collection of Pooja essentials that are hand crafted and made with old cultural art forms. All our artisans take great pride in their craft and everything they create is made with a lot of love and devotion. Some of the best Pooja items you can buy online on Exclusive Lane include terracotta incense stick holders, hand-carved wooden Ganesha idols and showpieces, hand-etched Diya sets and much more. 

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