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Add rich vibes of traditional flavours to your cooking space and make your spice storage organize...Read More

Add rich vibes of traditional flavours to your cooking space and make your spice storage organized and aesthetic with elegantly crafted wooden spice boxes, exclusively brought to you by ExclusiveLane.Read Less

23 products

    23 products
    Sheesham Wood Spice Box With Floral Work
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    Spices are an integral part of every Indian kitchen because no authentic Indian cuisine can ever be considered complete without traditional Indian spices. It’s the spices that make our Indian dishes all the more unique and flavourful! It’s these spices that make our authentic and traditional cuisines stand out from the rest of the world. 

    Since spices play such an essential role in our kitchen, it’s only natural to store them in a well-organized and accessible manner. Buy a beautiful and eco-friendly spices wooden masala box online from the exclusive lane and make your cooking experience even better! Explore our collection of handcrafted, beautifully designed Sheesham and teak wood spice storage boxes, and bring home a durable and environmentally friendly, one-of-a-kind spice holder box at a steal-worthy price!


    ExclusiveLane handicraft store aims to provide its valuable customers with the best products and services at minimal cost to make their shopping experience even more pleasurable. Shop jars and containers, bottles, coffee mugs wooden spice boxes online in India, and kitchen storage with ExclusiveLane today and get the chance to enjoy exclusive delivery options! Place your order for your favourite Spice box set online or wooden masala box online in India today with ExclusiveLane, and get it delivered to you in no time. Just with a few clicks, get you to a cart given to you in any part of the country!

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    FAQS About Indian Spice Box

    1. What spices go in an Indian Spice Box?

    In an Indian kitchen, an antique brass spice box online or a brass masala box online is an essential accessory that adds to the cooking experience. When deciding what must go inside a masala box wooden, the best way is to fill them with spices that come most handy to you while cooking. Some of the most popular spices are- turmeric, cumin seeds or powder, salt, red chilli powder, garam masala powder, coriander powder, and mustard seeds. Still, it is highly recommended that you add the spices you will use more frequently. Buy the best spice boxes from ExclusiveLane and store your favourite spices!

    2. How do you clean a wood masala Dabba online?

    Since these beautiful spice boxes are by exclusive lane and carefully curated with natural wood, the brown colour visible is actually the natural colour of the wood. On top of it, the significant shine visible on these spice boxes is because of the natural oils. Therefore, the best way to clean a spice box brass is by wiping it with the help of a dry clean cloth. Although, it is advised that you refrain from cleaning your spice box if you have to, then use a clean wet cloth to clean out all the content gently. 

    3. What is the best way to store spices?

    Spices are an integral part of every Indian kitchen because no dish can be considered complete without the zing of our famous spices. Since they are such an essential part of your cooking experience, it is best to store them in neatly organized spice boxes. ExclusiveLane offers an impressive collection of wooden spice boxes online that will make a perfect addition to your kitchen. Explore this fantastic collection of one-of-a-kind masala boxes online and store your spices the right way!

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