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Unclutter your dining space and make it look more organized with beautifully crafted handmade cut...Read More

Unclutter your dining space and make it look more organized with beautifully crafted handmade cutlery holders. ExclusiveLane brings a plethora of options to choose from.Read Less

18 products

    18 products

    Buy cutlery holders online in India

    Sometimes the right organizer can work wonders for your work and home life. Presenting a wide range of handmade cutlery stand sets in a plethora of styles and eco-friendly materials in the online caverns of Shop for unique and quirky ceramic cutlery holders for work place or maybe a wooden cutlery holder for home.  The 'Hoot of the Owl' Cutlery Holder Handcrafted in Sheesham Wood makes for the perfect gift for friends and family. Decorated with a beautiful golden owl in the front, this cutlery holder emits a sophisticated vibe. So, adopt the owl as your spirit animal and usher in newer and better things in life, creating a deeper connection with your soul and with your true self.

    Handcrafted and hand painted cutlery stand sets cum stationery holders

    If you are looking for the perfect desk organizer for your man cave, try the 'Rustic Cube' Antique Finish Stationery Cum Cutlery Holder in Mango Wood. Delicately handcrafted and skillfully hand-painted in Rajasthan, this unique 'Rustic Cube' stationary cum cutlery holder is a perfect addition for your living or study room. This organizer is handcrafted in mango wood and comes in an appealing teal blue color with antique finish. Let your home be an epitome of quirky look and high-efficiency as you get this little trinket for your abode right away.

    As they say birds of the same feather flock together, gift your friends and family the 'Birds of a Feather' Cutlery Cum Napkin Holder in Sheesham & Mango Wood. The compact design, fine finishing of woods and simple utility of organizing cutlery, makes ‘Birds Of A Feather’ an ethnic Indian tale handcrafted with love, bringing a touch of life, deep within the Indian forests to organise and add art to your table top and living spaces. – The online repository of handmade & hand painted goods

    When you think about treating yourself or your loved ones to eco friendly handmade goods, think about none other than The one of its kind, reliable online handicrafts store, where you can not only be sure of the quality but also of the genuineness of the product you are purchasing. 

    Planning to give a cool makeover to your garden this spring-summer? Shop for uniquely exquisite garden décor such as unique handcrafted pots & planters, quirky garden hangings, cute bird feeders, etc to name a few. 

    There are a few experiences which are more serene than sipping your morning cup of tea in your garden with the birds chirping in the background. The Wooden Multicolored Handpainted Hanging Chime With Bell makes for a cool gift for friends who love to spend time by themselves in the garden. Bells attached at the bottom of these wind chime produces a soothing bell sound even when it passes through a slightest breeze. It also has a loop on top to facilitate easy hanging in your balcony, or in porch. A perfect conversation starter, you couldn’t go wrong with this one!

    FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What is a cutlery holder?

    -- Cutlery holders are an example of a tableware accessory that keeps it neat and tidy. In Western culture, cutlery refers to any hand instrument used in cooking, preparing, and, most notably, food consumption. In the United States, cutlery is most generally referred to as dinnerware or flatware, while in Europe, cutlery relates to knives and other cutting tools.

    Q2. Why is cutlery called cutlery?

    -- The term "cutlery" is derived from the ancient French word "coutelier" (knife). The word's origins can be traced back to the first recorded use of such an expression "cutler" in Sheffield in 1297. Knives were made of steel, and spoons were made of pewter.

    Q3. What are the benefits of having a cutlery holder?

    -- Nothing is more aggravating than trying to cook dinner and being unable to locate the necessary utensil. Alternatively, you may have experienced the humiliation of hosting a dinner party and being unable to locate your bottle opener. A cutlery holder helps you organize everything so that it's easy to find what you need when you need it, saving you time and hassle. Cutlery and other utensils can be sharp, so if you don't have a cutlery holder, you're putting your hand in danger every time you open the drawer. Even a simple wooden cutlery holder will help you keep your knives and other sharp things separated, so you know where they are when you reach into the drawer.


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