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Dhokra art is infused with themes of animals, mythical creatures, human creatures, and natural sh...Read More

Dhokra art is infused with themes of animals, mythical creatures, human creatures, and natural shapes. The region is known for its rich tradition of craft and culture. Our Dhokra art inspired products will add the right dash of beauty to your house and the jewellery collection will elevate your wardrobe and make you look stylish. Explore a range of intricately designed products only at ExclusiveLane.Read Less

92 products

    92 products
    Natural Wooden Log Wall Décor Set
    Sale price Rs. 2,568 Regular price Rs. 5,240 (51% Off)
    Wooden Plain Name Plate With Warli & Dhokra Art
    Sale price Rs. 1,199 Regular price Rs. 1,825 (34% Off)
    Wooden Plain Name Plate With Warli & Dhokra Art
    Sale price Rs. 1,749 Regular price Rs. 2,675 (35% Off)
    Natural Wooden Log Wall Décor
    Sale price Rs. 1,183 Regular price Rs. 2,415 (51% Off)
    Dhokra And Warli Handpainted Wall Hanging Set
    Sale price Rs. 3,099 Regular price Rs. 6,325 (51% Off)
    Natural Wooden Log Wall Décor
    Sale price Rs. 1,384 Regular price Rs. 2,825 (51% Off)
    'Bell Ringer' Handmade Brass Figurine In Dhokra Art
    Sale price Rs. 693 Regular price Rs. 1,415 (51% Off)


    Home decor plays a significant role in deciding the vibe of your sweet home. The moment one enters your home, the very first thing they notice is how neatly the entire ensemble is arranged and how carefully the collection is created to compliment the whole aura of the room. While we’ve established that home decor plays a crucial role in reflecting your taste, the best way to present an authentic and sophisticated vibe is by adding a beautiful Dhokra Wall Art piece or a Dhokla art painting by ExclusiveLane to your collection. The Dhokla art beautiful masterpieces don’t just look pretty but are also durable and sustainable, which gives you a chance to invest in a product that will stay a part of your beautiful collection for years. You can even buy dhokra handicrafts art wholesale online. We offer a wide range of beautiful Dhokra wall hangings and Dhokla handicrafts that will definitely add elegance and charm to your home decor.


    If you are out on the hunt for the best Dhokra art products that will further accentuate the beauty of your home decor, then ExclusiveLane is your one-stop online shop to visit. ExclusiveLane is an online handicraft store that houses an impressive collection of home decor. Everything is available under one roof, from wooden nameplates to beautiful wall hooks, unique wall hangings, and even one-of-a-kind wooden bookends, we offer all Dhokra handicrafts online. Explore our handpicked collection of Dhokra art pieces and choose from your favourite Dhokra art hand-painted wall hangings or beautiful Dhokra nameplates that are bound to steal your heart from Dhokra art wholesale online. You can even look out for Dokra jewellery which is made using the same lost wax technique such as Dhokra handicrafts for home decor.


    Place your order online with ExclusiveLane and get it carefully delivered to your doorsteps in no time. Then, just with a few clicks, get your cart delivered to you in any part of the country, hassle-free! ExclusiveLane can be trusted with the best since they only provide the finest. They offer the kind of quality you can rely on, as seen by the positive feedback they've received from various clients.


    What are the main elements of Dhokra art?

    The beautiful Dhokra art wall hanging, which is traditional craftwork of states like Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and parts of West Bengal, is carefully curated with the help of elements like metal, which is made up of an alloy of nickel, brass, and zinc, on which the main process of hollow-casting and lost waxing is carried out. The Dhokra art painting pieces available by ExclusiveLane are created by skilled craftsmen who carefully carry out the traditional approach to produce an authentic product for our valued customers.

    How do you clean Dhokra artefacts?

    Dokra jewellery is one of the most popular and enticing accessories among modern women who want to add a tradition to their style. To keep the shine of your beautiful Dhokra handicrafts online artefacts alive like brand new, do not forget to regularly brush the dust of your prized possession with the help of a soft cloth or soft brush. To top it off, you can also use brass polish for better results.

    Where did Dhokra art originate initially?

    Dhokra decorative pieces are beautiful creations like Jharkhand, parts of West Bengal, and Madhya Pradesh.

    How to make Dhokra art images?

    These ones of a kind art pieces that originated from states like Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and parts of West Bengal are typically curated by carrying out the process of hollow-casting and lost waxing on an element like metal.

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