Chairs are one of the perfect and needed accessories in every living area or room. Rather than be...Read More

Chairs are one of the perfect and needed accessories in every living area or room. Rather than being just home decor, they are pretty helpful in several ways for aged persons and people who are doing their work from home jobs. ExclusiveLane brings different wooden chair options like armchairs, and dining chairs, with different materials like Sheesham wood, cane materials, and many more.Read Less

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    13 products

    Everything you need to know about handcrafted chairs 

    A chair is a device designed to support an individual, preferably sitting. A chair is used as the foundation for activities such as sitting, eating, sleeping, working, reading, and standing. The chair is a simple and practical device. It is a seat to rest and a backrest.  It is also used to protect the back of the body from injury. Over time, the chair industry has been growing at a rapid rate. The history of the chair dates back to the beginning of human civilisation. The earliest form of furniture was made from wood, stone, and bone. The Ancient Egyptians were known for their ornate furniture. The Chinese also used wood and stone to make wooden chairs, but the Romans invented the chair.

    For centuries, chairs have been used to support the body when sitting and as a place for resting or sleeping. The invention of the chair is attributed to the ancient Chinese, who developed a frame with a seat and backrest in the 6th century BC. In the ancient Greek world, the first chairs were portable, and they were used for sitting during meals. The Roman Empire popularised fixed chairs in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD.

    Buy different types of chairs online from ExclusiveLane at reasonable prices.

    The chair is the most used thing on the earth. It is used for almost everything, from eating to sleeping to standing to sitting. It is a piece of equipment that has been used in many different ways. Chairs are used for various purposes, for example, office chairs, home chairs, garden chairs, and outdoor chairs. Chairs are used for both indoor and outdoor furniture. At ExclusiveLane, you can find a variety of chairs. You can select the type of chair that suits your needs. 

    ExclusiveLane mainly has three types of chairs - cane chairs, armchairs, and dining chairs. Using the fine quality of wood, Sheesham wood chairs and solid acacia wood chairs are made according to your comfort. The wooden armchair and wooden dining chairs are made with love and devotion by local artisans using the finest materials. These chairs are the perfect addition to your furniture. You can also find wooden desk chairs and chairs for the living room. Usually, these chairs come in a set of 2. Its simple and light design also makes it the best choice for your home or office place. The sophisticated chair has a modern take on a classic design that can fit into any kitchen or dining area. The chair's ergonomic design allows for a comfortable seating experience. It elevates any space effortlessly and brings comfort to it.

    Why buy from ExclusiveLane?

    If you are looking to purchase handcrafted wooden furniture, then ExclusiveLane Indian Handicraft store is the place for you. We also offer bookshelves, mirror console tables, wooden storage furniture, and many different types of chairs. You will surely enjoy a much more comfortable yet lively life with these products in your home. In addition to preserving traditional arts and supporting rural artisans, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and providing you with the best product for your environment. 


    What Type of Chair is Best for Office Use?

    An ergonomic chair would be an ideal choice for office use. Using an ergonomic chair allows you to get good comfort and fit for the lower back since it allows you to adjust the chair’s height and depth. 

    How To Choose the Right Chair for Living Room?

    Firstly, think about the use of the chair. Decide why you want the chair. Based on the usage, decide the style of chair that would best suit your needs. Keep in mind each chair's comfort level and consider the size of the area where the chair would be placed in your living room. 

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