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Make your door look distinctive and royal with handmade brass door handles. ExclusiveLane offers ...Read More

Make your door look distinctive and royal with handmade brass door handles. ExclusiveLane offers you a collection of antique door handles that are beautifully crafted by the artisans.Read Less

3 products

    3 products

    Let your doors speak the language of royalty…

    The popular saying- “the first impression is the last impression”, is often true in its literal sense. This is why you need to get yourself the best door handles that will reflect your personality and further add to the sophistication you wish to aim for. No matter how beautifully you decorate your home, but before someone gets the chance to experience that beauty, it is the door handle that greets them. Some people tend to ignore the importance of good quality door handles, but if you wish to maintain your standards of home decor, don’t skip on getting yourself the best door handles from ExclusiveLane!


    Buy the best door handles online from ExclusiveLane!

    ExclusiveLane is your one-stop online shop for all home decor needs and more. Explore the impressive collection of a variety of unique and beautiful products that will further accentuate the beauty of your carefully organised home. If you are looking to increase the beauty of your doors, check out our handpicked collection of nameplates, wall hooks, wall mirrors and lot more. Door Handles and book your favourite before it gets sold out!


    Explore the one of a kind collection and book your favourite designer door handles!

    In the market, you’ll find the same old, unoriginal door handle designs, but your home deserves the best of the best and the unique door handle designs. Explore our collection of handpicked, carefully curated, durable door handles and pick your favourite! From beautiful antique brass door handles to amazing tribal design brass handles, choose your favourite and grab this steal deal before time runs out! Just with a few clicks online, get your cart delivered to you in no time!



    1.    How long should a door handle last?

    Typically the lifespan of a door handle depends on the type of material that was used to manufacture the product and the skills that went into curating it. Door Handles by ExclusiveLane offer you the chance to invest just once into your door handle needs and watch them fulfil their purpose with grace for as long as the door stays intact! We use the best kind of material while preparing the product that guarantees a higher life expectancy than the rest available in the market.

    2.    How do I fit a door handle?

    Door Handles by ExclusiveLane can be easily installed on your doors with the help of a professional carpenter. In case you are planning to install them on your own, without the help of a handyman, then an electrical drill, screwdriver, and screws will do the trick for you too!

    3.    Does brass tarnish and how do I care for door handles?

    Normally, the brass door handles that are available in the market, end up getting tarnished in a very short period. With this, they can reduce the beauty of your door and can look like a sore thumb in your carefully decorated home. If you wish to get rid of that unattractive tarnish, just create a paste from equal parts of flour, vinegar, and salt and gently rub it on your door handle. After letting it stay on for a few minutes, remove the same with a soft cloth to receive a shining door handle!

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