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Give your dining experience a sophisticated touch with designer cutlery. ExclusiveLane brings an ...Read More

Give your dining experience a sophisticated touch with designer cutlery. ExclusiveLane brings an amazing collection of unique cutlery sets online.Read Less

39 products

    39 products

    Buy Designer Cutlery Online at ExclusiveLane

    Time and again, your kitchen demands contemporary refurbishment in order to enhance its beauty and utility. Right from kitchen tables to chairs and your cutlery, every tiny piece of furniture is an expression of your personal choice and class. There is no doubt then, that your kitchen equipment ought to be perfect from every dimension and in its design. presents to you a selection of exclusive cutlery sets, stainless steel knife set, fork spoon that stands well-aligned to each of these features. Our sophisticated online platform is one of its kinds. We offer a completely hassle-free shopping experience for our customers. Rest assured our dedicated servers ensure that you face no issue in browsing, selecting or purchasing any of our products. We offer convenient payment options as well with a friendly returns policy. Our website is highly rated in terms of ease of shopping on an online platform. You can get the best Cutlery stands, Wooden cutlery holder and designer cutlery set from

    Get Exclusive Cutlery Sets Online

    An elegant collection of unique cutlery holders and wooden cutlery stands  awaits you at Cutlery sets prove to be highly useful for including in kitchenware collections. Each of the components of cutlery, spoon, forks and knives offer a different utility while relishing a dish. Thus, it is necessary to include these in your cutlery to complete the set. It is pertinent that your cutlery ought to be of fine quality as these are used to savour your food and any splinters coming off from your cutlery can be potentially hazardous. Our tableware items, best knife set, fork spoon, cutlery set are of the finest quality with a perfect finishing that will leave you highly satisfied with the quality of the cutlery sets. Included in our collections are sets of knives, ladles, forks and spoons. These pieces of cutlery are crafted from authentic wood and completed with clear finishing giving them a natural and well blended look. 

    Cutlery Online Shopping at [India’s Leading Store For Handicraft Items]

    Handcrafted with authentic wood and Sheesham varieties, our cutlery sets display a natural wooden appearance that makes them finely adaptable to your existing kitchenware, cutlery set, knife set, fork spoon. Variation in sizes of these cutlery pieces is also offered to meet your specific demands. These cutlery pieces can be conveniently stored and stacked in your kitchen with complete ease. With their fine finish, these cutlery pieces require minimal cleaning and maintenance. A sturdy handle is provided at the end of each cutlery piece for convenience and long-term durability. By including these cutlery sets in your kitchen, you will be able to organise your kitchen in an efficient manner. These cutlery sets are best at what they are made for and are ideal for use by children as well as owing to their safe make. The uniqueness of our cutlery sets makes them an ideal gifting option as well for your friends and family. Exclusivelane, Indian handicrafts store,  very attractive prices, these cutlery pieces, stainless steel knife set, cutlery set can be yours today. We also ship our products internationally.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the different types of cutlery?

    - Below is the list of different types of cutlery

    - Bread and Butter Knife

    - Carving Fork

    - Carving Knife

    - Cheese Knife

    - Coffee Spoon

    - Dessert Fork

    - Dessert Knife

    - Dessert Spoon

    - Fish Fork

    - Fish Knife

    - Soup Spoon

    - Table Fork

    - Table Spoon

    - Table Knife

    - Teaspoon


    What is the difference between cutlery and crockery?

    Cutlery refers to a set of utensils used for cutting food however it also includes fork and spoons whereas crockery includes plates, bowls, dishes, cups and other similar utensils.


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