Enhance the decor of a subtle centre table or dining area with table coasters. ExclusiveLane pres...Read More

Enhance the decor of a subtle centre table or dining area with table coasters. ExclusiveLane presents a wide collection of hand carved ceramic and wooden coasters.Read Less

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    Buy Coasters Online At Exclusivelane.Com If one was to decipher the exact genesis of table coasters, then one won’t find a name because the origin story is a bit ambiguous. However, the earliest record of coasters has been recounted in the 1700s in Germany. At that time, coasters were also known as beer mats and they were used to slide wine bottles around the table after the house help had retired to sleep. In the year 1892, a German man named Robert South patented these ‘beer mats’ as ‘ bierdeckels’ in his name. (1) Over the years, table coasters have amassed widespread popularity owing to their functionality and non-invasive design. Sophisticated living space furniture should consist of every tiny piece of furniture that lends utility and fulfillment to the interior. Coasters are essential piece of furniture that ought to be arranged on a table. Coasters offer great utility by providing a base on which mugs and cups can be placed. This essentially protects the table surface from getting damaged with stains marks, which are often very hard to get rid of. Typically, table coasters, being small, are ignored and thus not bought to use often. However, if you wish to keep your table surfaces intact, you should invest in some helpful tea coaster sets, and then start looking for dining table coasters online in India. For that, you should ideally begin to look for them at, where furniture and decor items like handmade hangings, desk organizers, Ganesh idol, teacups, and beer mugs are available on an online platform. We guarantee that your shopping experience with us will be fulfilling, and you will find it hard to leave without filling your shopping carts. Browsing across the coasters collection at will introduce you to a variety that will change your perception of tea coasters design as subdued furniture pieces. Get The Best Table Luxury Coasters Online At Exclusivelane.Com specially builds its collection of wooden furniture with precise attention to details like designs, patterns, colors, and more. We identify with your desire to refurbish your interiors with the most contemporary and classic furniture. This is why we include unique hand-picked pieces of furniture in our collection to ensure that you can get your hands on quality furniture at reasonable prices. We also ensure that your shopping experience with us is nothing less than perfect. Our collection of wooden coaster sets can rarely be the perfect coasters for dining tables found on another shopping platform. We only include the best and most selective pieces of furniture in our group without delay ordering coasters online. Benefits of Table Coasters The following benefits can be attributed to coasters : Coasters look classy It is always a good idea to put table coasters when your guests come. This little articulate detail will make you come across as a person who has an eye gut detail. This will also show that you like to preserve your furniture and keep them in good condition. Furthermore, it comes across as a classy way to serve beverages to your guests, friends or family. Coasters enhance the aesthetic appeal of your tableware Exclusive lane has such an excellent collection of table coasters that you are going to be spooky for choice. You can choose from an expansive range of wooden tea coasters or painted coasters to make your choice resonate with the theme of your tableware and interiors. Coasters protect your table from scratches By keeping table coasters underneath the beverage glasses, you can protect your tables from getting scratched to friction with the glass, mug or jug. Coaster sets are a great way to keep your tables in good shape. Coasters keep your drinks from sliding When you keep a beverage; hot or cold on the table, especially a glass table, there are chances that your cup or glass will slide due to moisture building up underneath the cup. Table coasters can be helpful in aiding such a situation. Best Art Forms Ceramic Coasters Online Western India, on the outskirts of Mumbai. The Warli tribespeople shuns all urbanization influences despite living so close to the largest metropolis in India. It wasn't until the early 1970s that Warli Art was discovered. Its roots can be traced back to the 10th century A.D., but there is no record of its first creation. The Warli tribe of Maharashtra uses Warli to decorate the walls of village houses to express daily events and social life. Compared with the vibrant paintings of Madhubani, this art form is simple. Most of the paintings are created by women. There are no mythological figures or deities depicted in these paintings; they represent social life. Instead, a loose rhythmic pattern creates images of humans, animals, and scenes from life. These paintings were traditionally made in the Warli homes of Maharashtra. These paintings depict human figures engaged in hunting, dancing, sowing, and harvesting and are painted white on mud walls similar to prehistoric cave paintings. Straight lines are rare in Warli paintings. Instead, dots and dashes create one line. Recently, artists have begun to paint straight lines. Men are now also implementing traditional Warli motifs with modern elements, like bicycles, in their paintings, often done on paper. In India, Warli paintings on paper are trendy and are now sold all over the country. In modern times, small paintings can be done on cloth or paper, but they look best on walls or as giant murals that convey the vast and magical world of the Warlis. Tradition is still adhered to by the Warlis, but they also allow new ideas to seep within, which helps them meet new market challenges. ExclusiveLane offers Madhubani Decorative Pots Showpieces, Warli Wall Shelves With Pots, and other Warli Decorative Pots Showpieces and Terracotta Hanging Planters and Terracotta Decorative Pots Showpieces, Terracotta Ganesha Idol, Terracotta Decorative Pots Showpieces, and Mango Wood Curios. Find your favorite showpieces and everyday items that incorporate these exclusive artforms from our collection today! Best Tea Coasters Available Online Magnificent Mandala Hand-Carved Blocks & Tea Coasters In Sheesham Wood These hand carved wooden coasters come in an attractive brown and white design. These coasters have a muted colour tone and hence they will go with your tableware very nicely. They come in a set of four and therefore you can spread these on the table when your guests arrive. Circles of Wood Log Handcrafted Coasters The hand crafted table coasters have an attractive wooden design and they are bound to amplify the appeal of your table layout by leaps and bounds. These minimalist coasters come in sets of six and they will be fabulous additions to your tea coaster sets. Wood-rounds Handcrafted Coasters In Sheesham Wood This dark coloured wooden coaster set is handcrafted from Sheesham wood. It comes in sets of four and will be an impeccable addition to your dinnerware. The Elephant Warriors Hand Carved Coasters With Stand In Sheesham Wood These exquisite sheesham wood boaters are carved in the shape of elephants and they are fantastic eye catchers. These are available in sets of fours and they will definitely stand out ; quite literally as they come with a sheen wood stand as well. Mughal Disks Floral Hand-painted Coasters In Ceramic These hand painted coasters exhibit a beautiful floral Mughal design and they can add an extra dash of zing to your table layout. Furthermore, these table coasters have rubber stoppers at the bottom to protect your table from scratches. Celestial Teal Stars Antique Finish Coasters In Mango Wood These teal-coloured star-shaped wooden coasters are made from mango wood and they come in sets of six. Their attractive colour and unique shape is what sets them apart from normal table coasters. The Dancing Peacock Hand Carved Coasters With Holder in Sheesham Wood These hand-carved coasters are in the beautiful shape of a dancing peacock and they come with a Sheesham wood stand to keep the coasters intact and together when not in use. The beautiful design will add an ethnic appeal to your collection of table coasters. Unique Material Used For Making Tea Coaster Online Sheesham wood is one of the best woods for furniture, not just for its durability, ease of care, and durability from termites, but also because it is cheaper than solid wood or teak wood. It is cost-effective to purchase Sheesham wood furniture since it does not require extra maintenance. Sheesham wood, also known as Indian rosewood, has a high degree of flexibility and can be finished in various ways, so it is used as the go-to wood for furniture making. All products made from this material have a smooth, lustrous finish. Because of its many features, Sheesham wood is the most popular choice for most wood projects. Take the plunge and invest in top-quality Sheesham wood products so that you can give your home an upgrade. ExclusiveLane offers Sheesham Wood Coasters, Pine Wood Coasters, Mango Wood Coasters, Teak Wood Wall Shelves With Pots, Pine Wood Wall Shelves With Pots to decorate your home elegantly. Get Designer Coasters Online At Exclusivelane.Com explores varying materials with which our designer coasters collection is made. We have included Wood, Sheesham, mango, steam beech, teak, recycled wood, and canvas materials in our collection. In any case, the quality of the materials used in making the coasters is guaranteed to be at par with authenticity. Next, we choose selective designs and patterns for our coaster collection. At, we have a galore of hand-painted, floral work, Mithila work, appliqué work, warli hand-painted, multi-colored designs in which coasters are designed. We have also included some eco-friendly coasters in our collection, which boast splendid color contrast and patterns. You will also find newspaper-rolled coasters hand-painted in fantastic color contrasts. Our coaster collection is a steal-away deal with wood-engraved and tree-cut wooden coasters in unique shapes. You can choose from the group and buy coasters online to decorate your tables and bring them to use as often as needed. These coasters can be easily cleaned and brought to finishing, as new as the first day. These coasters' exact make and designs make them an ideal gifting option. Explore Material Coaster Products Online From Exclusive Lane Coasters are small pieces of wood that will enhance the overall look of the coffee or dining table. There are different materials available in coasters like ceramic, marble, terracotta, along with different types of wood like mango wood, chilbil wood, Sheesham wood, beechwood, and many more. Check out these beautiful costers online from Exclusive Lane.Com. Explore Unique Artistic Coasters Online From Exclusive Lane Art is a way of expressing some sort of emotion in one way or another. Hand-carved and hand-painted art pieces that are designed with warli art give a unique designed product online from the best handmade store. FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions Q1. What is a coaster? - A coaster, also known as a drink coaster, beverage coaster, or beermat, is a piece of furniture used to rest beverages on. Coasters are used to protect the surface of a table or any other surface where a drink may be placed. Q2. Why is it called a drink coaster? - The term "coaster" is derived from the sentence "bottle-coaster," which refers to round wheeled trays used to carry decanters. During dinner, these trays "coasted" across the perimeter of tables, offering every guest their drink. Q3. What happens if you don't use a coaster? - If you don't use a coaster with your drink, you risk staining, discoloring, denting, or scratching your table. If the drink is left unattended for a long time, the damage will only worsen. Shop the best corporate Diwali gifts this year on a Diwali sale and make your employees and clients even happier with the best corporate gifts. You can even make your favorite handicraft bulk orders online hassle-free with ExclusiveLane. We also offer unique Indian handicraft gifts online at the best prices. You can also try Exclusive cutlery sets, Salt and pepper shaker. Read More