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Enjoy your favorite dessert in style with our wooden spoon set. Our serving spoon set is ideal to...Read More

Enjoy your favorite dessert in style with our wooden spoon set. Our serving spoon set is ideal to serve your guests delicious delicacies on special occasions. Get your hands on our high-quality kitchen spoon set that has fine prints and designs. We also have stainless steel measuring spoons.Read Less

9 products

    9 products

    Buy Spoon Sets Online At Affordable Prices

    Do you like hosting dinner parties at home? Add charm to your dinners with exquisitely handcrafted spoon sets and cutlery sets. Enthral your guests with hand-painted spoon sets from ExclusiveLane and make your dinner parties even more appealing. Buy good quality and long-lasting cutlery online to make your food time even more enjoyable. These beautiful teaspoon sets are perfect for serving tea, and coffee at your tea parties. They can also be used as dessert spoons at your dinner parties. From tea spoons to serving spoon sets we have a wide range of cutleries to add to the aesthetics of your dinner table.

    Why do you need spoon sets?

    It is said, ‘you eat with your eyes’ thus food presentation and tableware are an essential part of any party or gathering. Delicious food is not enough, it must also look appealing. That is why elegant tableware and spoon sets have become the new norm. ExclusiveLane has a wide range of handcrafted spoon sets for you to choose like wooden spoon set, fork set, knives set, and serving spoon set to make your dining space look vibrant. You can also club different types of cutleries like forks, knives, and spoons to form quirky aesthetic sets. 

    What are the different kinds of spoon sets?

    A spoon set is used not just for eating, but also for cooking and serving. Let us take a look at the different kinds of spoon sets available at ExclusiveLane.

    Tea spoon sets

    Tea spoons are the smallest set of spoons in a cutlery set. They are used for stirring sugar, milk etc. for tea or coffee. They are perfect for serving refreshments, chutneys, sauces etc. Tea spoons can also be used as dessert spoons at dinner parties because of their smaller size. Buy handcrafted and hand-painted neem wood tea spoons to leave a lasting impression on your visitors at the next party you host. These tea spoons come in a set of 6.

    Tablespoon sets

    Tablespoons are the longest spoons in a cutlery set. They are used for eating food. You can buy a wooden spoon set or stainless steel and brass table spoon set. Our tablespoons come with classic elongated cylindrical handles with checkered detailing. They are perfect for your dinner parties and special occasions as dining cutlery. These tablespoons come in a set of 6.

    Serving Spoon Set

    Special occasions like an anniversary party, birthday party, high tea party, or Diwali party, call for a special serving spoon set. Serving spoons are used to serve food like rice, pasta, vegetables etc. Serving spoons can also be used for mixing salads. For regular use at home decor, you might be using general stainless steel serving spoons, but a luxurious serving spoon set can elevate any dining space or table setting. Find a wide range of serving spoons on ExclusiveLane that are handcrafted from mango wood or stainless steel and come with exquisite designs. These beautiful Zebra Print wooden serving spoons or the Mughal Zahri hand-painted serving spoon set in stainless steel and ceramic are sure to add elegance to your table setting. These serving spoons come in a set of 2.

    Why buy Spoon Sets Online at Exclusive Lane?

    Cutlery sets are a vital part of your meal time.  Buy spoon sets online at ExclusiveLane and discover handcrafted luxury cutlery sets that can elevate the mood at dining. ExclusiveLane cutlery set collection ranges from wooden small teaspoons and dessert spoons to beautiful wooden and ceramic serving spoons. Our wooden spoons are handmade from neem wood or mango wood so that you can serve your guests the best. Our table spoons for dining are made from high-quality stainless steel and have brass detailing to add to the elegance. Find luxury stainless steel and ceramic serving spoons which are hand-painted in regal designs by Indian artisans. Our wooden serving spoons are made of mango wood giving them a premium look.  

    Our cutlery collection also has beautiful forks sets, knives sets, cake serving boards and other cutleries that you can check out. You can also buy ceramic hand-painted spoon stands to add a regal touch to your dining space.

    ExclusiveLane can elevate your dining aesthetics every time you host a dinner party. Check out our wide range of cutlery sets online along with coffee mugs, dip & chutney bowls, serving trays and soup bowls that can change the look of your table setting. You can also find beautiful brass and mango wood chapati boxes, ceramic kadhai & handis.

    Buy spoon sets online at ExclusiveLane and get them delivered to your home. We deliver pan India.




    How many spoons does a cutlery set contain?

    1.     A cutlery set contains 6 pieces of the spoons or forks you have chosen All our tea spoon sets and tablespoon sets come with 6 pieces and our serving spoon set comes with two pieces.


    Which brands should I check to buy cutlery spoon sets online?

    1.   Look for brands that sell premium cutlery spoon sets online, because luxury cutlery sets add elegance to your dining space. Look for premium materials like wood, brass, ceramic or stainless steel that looks suited for fine dining. 

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