Add some elegance & authenticity to your everyday wear with ExclusiveLane Necklaces. A range ...Read More

Add some elegance & authenticity to your everyday wear with ExclusiveLane Necklaces. A range of handmade & handpainted jewellery is a contemporary take on traditional designs. The intricate designs are handcrafted from stones, recycled wood, brass, etc., and carefully hand-painted by skilled Indian artisans to create a stunning piece that will elevate your outfit for any occasion. For the perfect match between Eastern and Western fashion styles, these necklaces go well with both - wear them for daily use or on festive occasions!Read Less

54 products

    54 products

    The heart of every piece of jewellery – Necklace!

    Jewellery is the best friend of anyone who loves fashion. Statement pieces hold such a powerful aura to them, that they can spice up your outfit anytime. Necklaces are one of the most endeared out of all. No matter the style or design, we all surely have one piece that we highly love. Picture this scene, you enter the room and have everyone’s attention garnered towards you. Something about your aura gives off the ‘I’m a fashionista!’ vibes. And then you see everyone’s eyes zero in on your necklace. Bold or simple, elegant or out-of-this-world type of quirky – you know you carried it well. You right off the bat know it has complimented your outfit so well that you’ll have a lasting impression on people’s minds for the next few days. Of course, you’d surely want your next fashion escapee to be unique, quirky and make a bold impression on people. Everyone loves to be that inspiration for others. So let us tell you a good thing, or, the best thing for this. We have this part covered for you. We’re here to add on a little sparkle to your necklace collection and help you step everywhere while you make a bold statement.

    Rest your tiring search for a necklace online because you have come across the right place. Our exquisite range of handcrafted necklace collections has such elegant and creative pieces that your jewellery game will surely max up to the highest level. We have a fine range crafted and curated by skilled artisans to settle your inner fashion junkie’s heart.


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    Stone necklaces got you going all heart eyes? Then check out our Fortuna collection that has some of the most beautiful handcrafted pieces you will ever find. Having taken a take of modernism on traditional jewellery, it gives the contemporary styles a competitive nod. Made out of Sterling silver and crested with gorgeous semi-precious stones, this one is a steal deal for sure! Even if you plan on gifting this to someone, then let us tell you to let your worries of whether they will like it or not take a backseat because they will not just like it, they will love it. So, rest assured and check the collection out.


    Tired of your go-to choice and looking for something more game changing? Quirk up your collection with our handcrafted bohemian necklace collection. We have quite a rangegame-changing for you to check and pick from. Traditions and cultures meet contemporarily with this range. The bohemian handpainted necklace is a must-have for every necklace lover. For your inner history love, The Relics of Mohenjo-Daro collection will intrigue you and probably has something you will definitely love. For something even more unique and different, try our Symphony of Owls that have a very detailed and intricate design. Your boring outfit days are over because these pieces will add a shine and elevate your outfit game to the next level. Don’t’ believe us? Then go ahead and see for yourself! Buy a necklace online at ExclusiveLane and amp up your style game today.


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    We are your one-stop-shop for all things beauty and all things handicraft. Culture blends with modern trends which satisfies your desire to be on par with everyone else. Our team of skilled artisans pack their talents and skills in each of our products encasing the beauty of our country. We aim to promote handicrafts worldwide to preserve our culture and make it possible for everyone to partake in this process. Check out our range of unique handicraft products and check off everything from your wish list.

    Want to add more to your wardrobe? Check out our range of jewellery such as earrings. Want more options for gifting? Our luxury handicrafts have you covered! Worry no more and go shop to your heart’s content. We take bulk orders too!




    What is the most popular necklace?

    Simple, sterling silver necklaces are a popular range amongst necklace lovers and we have an amazing collection for you to check out!


    What is trending in jewellery for 2022?

    Layering and stacking as well as bold statement pieces are some of the rising trends to be seen amongst jewellery in 2022.

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