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ExclusiveLane brings a fantastic collection of exquisitely designed and elegantly crafted ceramic...Read More

ExclusiveLane brings a fantastic collection of exquisitely designed and elegantly crafted ceramic bottles, which are the perfect piece of art and will give your place a perfect ten on ten appeals.Read Less

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    3 products

    Bottles Are Used Aside From Bottling Your Emotions

    A bottle is a narrow-necked container made of various materials like clay, plastic, glass, aluminium, ceramic, and so on. They come in multiple shapes and sizes and they are used to store liquids like water, beer, medicines, cooking oil, soft drinks, shampoo, chemicals and so many other types of materials. The earliest bottles come from China and Rome.

    Bottles are of immense use in the household and like buying kettle online you can also buy bottles online. Whenever you talk of wine, the topic of the ageing of wine comes in. If you look closely into the history of wine, the discussion on glass bottles cannot be skipped. The glass bottles allow long-term wines’ long-term age because a glass bottle has all the essential qualities needed for long-term storage. There is a concept of chateau bottling, which is nothing to store wine at its source instead of warehouse by the seller or the merchant. Before this practice, wines used to be stored and sold in the barrel. Before barrels came into existence, there was this amphora and it was poured into bottles at the merchant's place. There are connoisseurs of wine and connoisseurs of bottles also. You may be using glass bottles, but sometimes you may want to keep the wine in ceramic bottles. The terminology of the bottles depends on what is kept inside like there are oil bottles; there are ceramic bottles for oil that often comes with a ceramic oil bottle pourerShop the best bottles online.

    Some people may be selective about salt and pepper shaker and cutlery holder but are indifferent to the bottle’s material, shapes and sizes. However, there are a few who spend hours choosing oil bottle design from an array. To them, the design is more important than the bottle's content, and truly so because you may find designer bottles adorning the nooks and shelves of the homes along with a wooden spice box. It will be interesting to note that people were suspicious of its authenticity when wine was stored at the merchants’ merchants. To dispense with this problem, wine bottles now are packed at the source.

    Shapes and Sizes of Wine Bottles

    There are many shapes and sizes of wine bottles and some of them are:

    Bordeaux: The sides of this bottle are straight and the shoulder is curved. This shape is easy to stack. The name it has received from the place it started but now it is available everywhere.

    Burgundy: It is used in Burgundy and its sides taper down to the cylindrical portion. This bottle has no shoulder.

    Champagne: These bottles have a broader base but otherwise there is a similarity with Burgundy.

    Plastic bottles: Plastic bottles are omnipresent and they are used to contain water, soft drinks, medicines, cooking oils, etc. Uses of plastic bottles are restricted nowadays because they are believed to cause pollution.

    The first glass bottles were produced around 100 BC. They were also used in the Roman Empire. Roman wine bottles were used in the Americas in the 1600s, especially at Jamestown. They used the glass-melting furnace. Grab the best decorative glass bottles online in India.


    What are the benefits of using a ceramic oil bottle?

    Ceramic oil bottles allow you to maintain the characteristics of their contents for a long time. The baked natural clay allows you to naturally protect the contents from the inside. Moreover, they are heat resistant, thus, you can safely keep them in your kitchen, even near the gas stove, for easier accessibility. It can also be stored in the refrigerator, if need be.  In addition, ceramics are environmentally friendly and a wise decision for all of your kitchen containers. Ceramic oil bottles do not contain any toxic substances and are an eco-friendly decision for your kitchen storage. They are also durable and allow you to add an elegant look to your kitchen decor. 

    What are the uses of oil bottles?

    Oil bottles/dispensers are of immense importance in any household. They are not just used for storing oil for cooking, but also for a lot of other uses. You can use an oil bottle to store your favourite syrups for your breakfasts. Or you can even store milk in it, keep it in the refrigerator and use it each morning for your cereals or tea/coffee. Since they are made up of ceramic, the oil bottles from ExclusiveLane can also be used to store various types of sauces used in your cooking, like soy sauce, the general tomato sauce or any others. Moreover, even vinegar can be stored in these! Since the interiors of these ceramic bottles are made up of baked clay, burnt at quite some high temperatures, these bottles can also be used for storing vinegar, coffee or any other liquids as well. 

    How to take care of oil bottles for durability?

    For ceramic oil bottles, hand washing works best. Not only will it ensure the durability of the product, but also keep it safe from breaking. You can use a mild detergent and warm water to wash the bottles from inside out. Make sure that you are washing them each time the content inside gets finished. This will ensure better durability of both the bottle and the contents inside. Make sure that you’re not leaving the ceramic bottle in the dishwasher, there are chances of it breaking that way. Do not pour boiling liquids directly into the bottles. The oil bottles are meant for just storing and dispensing kitchen liquids. So make sure you are not using them as shakers of any kind.

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