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Presenting to you our bestsellers - specially chosen items from our collections will make you rev...Read More

Presenting to you our bestsellers - specially chosen items from our collections will make you revamp your entire home decor!Read Less

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    43 products
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    Gayatri Mantra Terracotta Wall Hanging
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    Unique Half Ceramic Cups Set
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    The home and home decor play an outsized role in our lives since they represent an extension of ourselves. Home and lifestyle become intrinsic parts of our identity. We spend a lot of time at home, so it's important that we take note of best seller home decor. How we decorate our homes matters because we spend a lot of time in them. We must surround ourselves with things that we enjoy or things that we like. The interior decor of your home has a profound effect on your mood, productivity, and even self-confidence. When you find something you love, you can add a bit of style to your home. If you want to tell a story in your home, include furniture, decor, art, etc. When you walk into someone's home, you can tell so much about them based on their decor. Their home speaks volumes about them.  

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    You will find the best selling home decor items on ExclusiveLane, which will give your home and safe haven a sense of warmth and comfort. Adding these everyday decor items to your home can instantly add character. Our "Twelve Blends" Spice Box With 12 Containers & Spoon in Sheesham Wood is a Handcrafted item that is available in Sheesham Wood and Polished with Lacquer to store 12 types of spices or refreshments. Besides being functional, this antique-looking box is also unique in terms of aesthetics. Make your space more vibrant and colourful by hanging this handcrafted & hand-painted coloured fish terracotta garden decor wall hanging. Replace your regular jars and trays with our Old Fashioned Ceramic Jars With Hand Carved Tray. Featuring a multipurpose jar and tray resting on a Sheesham wood tray, this design is inspired by the old Indian era. Chutney, pickles, sauces, etc. can be served with it. The tray is made from ceramic, with shades of brown, and has an intrinsic wood carving design. Bring an authentic and unique look to your guests' experience with our "Bird Collection" Brown Elegant Napkin Holder In Sheesham Wood". It is made of Sheesham wood and the colourful birds are made from wood. Elegant and beautifully crafted, this exquisite holder looks great wherever it is positioned thanks to the colourful birds embellishing it. The engraved wooden rolled napkin holder with handcrafted wooden birds perched on the cylindrical stands will inevitably make your interior look more stylish and fashionable. Bring an authentic touch of tradition with this Hand-etched Moroccan Flame Pendant Lamp in Iron.  A striking representation of a candle ablaze with life, this pendant was handcrafted by Indian artisans. Authenticity, Moroccan patterns, exquisite cutwork, and intricate designs combine to create a gorgeous pendant ready to hang in your home. The gold finesse adds a touch of luxury and royalty to this extraordinary lamp and makes it a lighting solution you won't forget. This pendant will certainly make a special occasion for your loved ones even more special, so if you're looking for a memorable gift, you've found it. Let us create a house nameplate, tea-light and aroma diffuser just for you! You will definitely appreciate the beauty of your home entrance with this classic nameplate featuring a Dhokra figurine and a miniature warli hand painting at the border. Handwritten on the nameplate with white colour and black dotted lines inside the text, the text has been beautifully done. A piece like this will definitely attract your guests. It would make a great housewarming gift. Handcrafted from iron and enamel paper, the Hanging Garden Chevron Magnetic Fridge Planter can be attached to the fridge or any metal surface and can be filled with plants or flowers. You can use it in your living room or kitchen to add colours and green to your best sellers decor items 2021


    1. What is one of the most important elements of interior decoration?

    Ans: the most important element of interior decoration is home decor items. Decoration and appearance of the house play a significant role in determining the mood of the place. It is also important to pay attention to the best selling home decor online of a house since it affects the mood of the people who live there. Houses that look good can relieve anxiety and stress.

    2. what is the ideal size of a table lamp?

    Ans: The height of the table lamp should not exceed 1 1\2 times that of the table it will stand on, and the lampshade should never exceed the height of the table it will sit on. Lightweight lamps are ideal for fewer traffic areas. It is safer and more stable to use a heavier lamp if you have children or pets.

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