The right place for the people who love jewelry. The designs crafted and done by artisans are uni...Read More

The right place for the people who love jewelry. The designs crafted and done by artisans are unique, and you will rock them when you match this piece of jewelry with the right kind of outfit. Dig more to treat your eyes; Wear more to freeze the memory.Explore the unique collection of handmade tribal jewellery. Inspired by tribal culture each jewellery is meticulously crafted by our artisans with utmost grace and is perfect to give a bohemian touch with any look.Read Less

124 products

    124 products

    Check out our exclusive collection of handcrafted jewellery and enhance your looks

    Modern-day women are extremely conscious about their looks and desire to outshine everyone in a party or festival or any other special occasion. Apart from choosing the right outfit, a unique piece of earrings to compliment your clothing will help you stand out in the crowd. We have curated an exceptional collection of handmade jewellery that will add a touch of elegance and grace to your Indian or Indo western looks.


    Catch the eye of people around you with the exquisite handmade jewellery pieces

    Buy Indian jewellery online embedded with beads and stones and displaying the magnificent artistry of handcrafted jewellery of local craftsmen from different corners of India. The boho-chic jewellery handmade with beautiful Dhokra artefact, Warli artefact will add to the elegance of your looks. These exclusive jewellery items are eco friendly and celebrate the hardworking and talented artists of India. These handcrafted jewellery pieces depict the rich Indian tradition through its patterns and artworks. You can get these handcrafted and handmade jewellery online from ExclusiveLane.


    Gift tribal jewellery to your loved ones

    Nowadays, women love handmade tribal jewellery as it gives a rustic and graceful appearance to their looks. Gift classic pieces of purely handmade jewellery to your mother, wife, sister or any other loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, festive seasons or any other special occasion. We offer the most amazing and diverse collection of tribal jewellery online. We aim to spread a wide smile on the face of special women in your life. Apart from tribal jewellery you can also choose from various handcrafted necklaces and other handcrafted jewellery online. You can also choose from our wide variety of home décor, handmade earrings, handmade necklaces if you are looking for a thoughtful and stylish gift from a handicraft store online.


    Buy tribal jewellery of India on ExclusiveLane

    We make your online jewellery shopping easy and convenient by delivering your favourite artisanal jewellery on your doorsteps. With handcrafted jewellery, you can give a distinct style to your overall look. Different pieces of jewellery handmade with several artforms including handmade necklace, earrings,  and much more. Exclusively handcrafted by the expert artisans, Exclusive Lane brings you unique pieces of earrings.


    1.  Why is tribal jewellery famous?

    Ans) Tribal jewellery is organic and eco friendly. Their intricate designs and uniqueness captures everybody’s attention and gives an elegant and rustic look. The best thing about this handmade jewellery is that they are made out of local metals, beads and stones.

    2.  How do you take care of jewellery?

    Ans. Jewellery must be stored and organized in spacious jewellery boxes. People must take out their jewellery first thing after coming back from a function and must not sleep with them on.

    3.  What is boho chic jewellery?

    Ans. Boho chic jewellery is inspired pieces from bohemian culture and is made out of feathers, plants, flowers, shells, etc.  


    4. What is handmade jewellery? 


    Ans. Handmade jewellery is exactly what it means literally. Jewellery that is made with hands of expert artisans. The jewellery is sharped, curved, shaped and sawed without the usage of any technology or machinery.

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