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ExclusiveLane is an online craft brand started in 2012 with a vision to promote crafts globally & help small artisans based in different parts of India earn a living out of it.

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"Rising Trunk" Hand Carved Table Tea Light & Candle Holder (6.2 Inch)
Regular price
Rs. 935.00
Sale price
Rs. 749.00
"Meditating Face" Hand Carved Wooden Sculpture Showpiece (6.7 Inch)
Regular price
Rs. 975.00
Sale price
Rs. 780.00
"Enlightened Ganesha" Hand Carved Wooden Sculpture Showpiece (7.8 Inch)
Regular price
Rs. 1,685.00
Sale price
Rs. 1,349.00
"Meditating Buddha Trinity" Hand Carved Wooden Sculpture Showpiece (8.0 Inch)
Regular price
Rs. 2,499.00
Sale price
Rs. 1,999.00


Ceramic Gas Stove Brewing Aroma Diffuser (Studio Pottery)
Regular price
Rs. 1,499.00
Sale price
Rs. 1,199.00
"Mughal Cuboidal" Floral Hand-painted Multi Utility Storage Jar & Container In Ceramic (Non-Airtight, 870 ML, 5.3 Inch)
Regular price
Rs. 845.00
Sale price
Rs. 675.00
"Tribal Warli Ovates" Bohemain Resin Earrings Hand-painted In Warli Art (Amber Yellow & Red)
Regular price
Rs. 530.00
Sale price
Rs. 425.00
"Tribal Beauties" Bohemain Brass Earrings Handcrafted In Dhokra Art
Regular price
Rs. 595.00
Sale price
Rs. 475.00


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I was very happy to receive my bowl sets. The warli running around the round shape is a perfect addition to my decor! Thannx @ExclsuvieLane 


A pair of owl bookends, one of my latest buys from ExclusiveLane, has been put to good use. What I loved this time was not just the product, but their attitude. They are extremely customer friendly. I experienced how professional the team is! Thank you ExclusiveLane.


Every night before I sleep, I leave some sweet yogurt in these hand woven cane & terracotta kulhads from ExclusiveLane to set in a hot corner of the room where she goes & sits in the morning 



Curated collection of bookends, tableware, wall decor and planters.

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