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Scented candles are a luxurious way to create ambience in your home. ExclusiveLane offers handmad...Read More

Scented candles are a luxurious way to create ambience in your home. ExclusiveLane offers handmade scented candles that bring you the most beautiful and memorable places with just one candle. From their enticing Orange orchard to a blissful rose garden, these handcrafted aromatic creations will make your home feel like an escape from reality. These elegant scented candles make a great gift idea too! Treat yourself or someone special with a set of these handcrafted artisanal candles this festive season!Read Less

22 products

    22 products


    Scent it up with some best-scented candles

    You had a very tough week, maybe just a hectic week and are looking forward to the weekend. It rounds up pretty soon and all you want is to just relax and shake the stress of the world off. Self-care is a common form of doing so and you are under a rigorous brainstorming session of what to do first. Well, take some time and calm your senses down and get into a relaxing state. We have the perfect option for you! Light a few scented candles and let the aroma tingle your senses and make you feel relaxed. The best-scented candles will help you achieve this state pretty quickly.

    Maybe, you are having some friends or family over and want to make sure the atmosphere is not just homey but also very comfortable and relaxing. Again, some scented candles are the way to go! Fragrant candles not only make your home feel smelling pretty amazing but also help in inducing a tranquil state. A fragrant candle is your best friend, really.

    At ExclusiveLane, you will find some of the best smelling candles that will leave you always wanting more and we’ll be right here with these goodies always.


    Benefits of lighting scented candles

    They are famous for their calming and relaxing properties but also add a little spark to your ambience as a whole. They can help you bust out your stress and make you feel more energized and focused which in turn helps you feel more productive. They help get rid of any displeasing scents and leave your home smelling fresh. Festivities and celebrations can be given a boost by using some luxury scented candles and they can even be given as gifts! They have also been shown to help alleviate anxious thoughts. Natural scented candles used during meditation can help ease out the whole process and help in performing many manifestation and visualization exercises as it helps you focus better. Moreover, it is an added benefit of being able to use them as décor along with their wonderful fragrance. 

    Buy some of the most fragrant scented candles at Exclusive Lane

    We have some skillfully curated, aromatic scented candles that will surely leave your house smelling wonderful and always keep you feeling relaxed and calm. Whether you are looking for some earthen, woody tones with our White Musk range or add some floral tones with our Rose Reminiscence, you’ll find the best of the best here. If you are looking for a gift for your candle loving friend, then you’ve come to the right place. Or maybe you are looking to give your loved ones a relaxing weekend experience from the stressful week they have had. Still, you have come across the right place. We have bulk scented candles for every occasion with promises of fresh scents and long lasting hours so isn’t this a deal you should grab right away? Get the best candle fragrance wholesale long-lasting only at ExclusiveLane handicraft store. Give our scented tea light candles a try and see for yourself how amazing they are! You will surely want to get more of them no sooner.


    Why ExclusiveLane for scented your candle shopping sprees?

    We aim to promote and preserve our traditions while merging them with current trends so you can keep on par with everything. What’s best is that you get all this at an affordable rate so your heart desires are fulfilled while your wallet does not have to cry ever! we promise! Add more to your collection with our tea lights, wax candles, candle holders, aroma diffusers and get the complete range delivered to your doorstep in just a few clicks. Rest assured and shop to your heart’s content! We take bulk orders too! Visit us and join the exclusive family today!





    What are strong-smelling candles?

    Musk, sandalwood and woodsy scents tend to have some strong-smelling candles.

    What candle scent is most popular?

    Citrus and floral scents are some of the most popular candle scents to buy. Our guava grace scented candles to fit this very category so check them out1


    What is a relaxing scent?

    Lavender and chamomile scents have some properties that induce a relaxing state and are used commonly.

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