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Give your space an aesthetic touch with decorative idols and wooden showpieces exclusively design...Read More

Give your space an aesthetic touch with decorative idols and wooden showpieces exclusively designed by Indian artisans. Explore the amazing collection of beautifully crafted showpieces and idols.Read Less

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    136 products
    Meenakari White Swan Handenamelled Set In Metal
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    Often our dwelling reflects our tastes, preferences and our penchant for collecting and cherishing the finer aspects of life. Decorate your abode with the choicest handcrafted, hand painted wooden showpieces online that paint a hitherto untold story of our nation’s rich cultural heritage. Your search for handicrafts for home and kitchen showpiece meets the perfect match in the caverns of Our specially curated collection of 'Handpainted Species of India' is a wide range of showpiece for home painted by hand by our skilled artisans in unique intricate designs imitating the shapes of different animals and birds. Handcrafted in Cilbil, Ashoka and Gullar woods, the products range from incense stick holder, magazine stands, natural terracotta tea kullad, ceramic planters and mortar pestle stone for garden decor, torans and a lot more intriguing, creative stuff that ensure a link between the richness of the past and the modernity of the present. If you have a penchant for collecting brass figurines we have the perfect products for you. The “Reading Man” handmade brass figurine in Dhokra Art is one such masterpiece which pays tribute to the rich legacy of the Dhokra art form of the eastern state of Odisha. Inspired by the Indian tribal life and intricately crafted in brass, it is molded through bronze and copper based alloys using a lost wax casting. The product lineup makes for a lovely and luxurious present to indulge your loved ones with. So gear up for lots of handcrafted goodness, genuinely sourced from talented local artisans who are on a quest to preserve our rich heritage.  

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    When you think about encouraging home grown artisans by buying their art, think An online repository of the collective lineage of culture and handcrafted items, you can be assured of your purchase reflecting the best of the works of rural artisans and of the proceeds benefiting their perseverance and talent. So whether you are looking for handmade Hindu God idols to bless and deck up your home with or add an earthy charm to your garden with ingenious pots and planters, has it all! For instance the Terracotta Handpainted Baby Ganesha coming out from the matki is truly an enticing sight to behold and has all the potential to be a conversation starter. Up your gifting game and go for pieces beyond the usual, such as the Meenakari Royal Blue Tortoise Set Handenamelled in Metal. You may also consider adding an ethnic twist to your workplace or home station with the “Standing Owl” Handcarved and Handpainted Mobile Stand cum Showpiece in rich Cedar wood. So the next time you answer a call, you may take a moment to appreciate the finer stuff in life. Planning a candle light dinner with your special someone? Take the decorations a notch higher and watch the temperatures soar with our unique and creative collection of Tea Lights and Diffusers. No date is complete without a well thought out gift. Check out our jewellery collection for mind blowing ethnic baubles. 

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    Best Art Forms Used in Making Of Showpieces

    The Warli art form has its origins in the Warli region of Maharashtra and is one of the oldest forms of Indian folk art. This form of tribal art uses geometric shapes like circles, triangles, and squares to create a variety of shapes that depict the life and beliefs of the Warli tribe. Warli art was painted on walls on special occasions in the olden days. Over a brown background, which would basically consist of cow dung cakes and mud, the art would be painted. The white pigment was made by mixing rice with water and gum to make shapes and figures. A spiral chain of human figures around a central motif is one of the most popular themes in Warli art. According to their belief, life is an eternal journey with no beginnings and no endings. ExclusiveLane offers Madhubani Decorative Pots Showpieces, Warli Wall Shelves With Pots, and other Warli Decorative Pots Showpieces, as well as Terracotta Hanging Planters and Terracotta Decorative Pots Showpieces. Find your favorite showpieces and everyday items that incorporate these exclusive artforms from  our collection today! 

    Different Material Coasters Available Online

    Mango wood is made from mango trees. Mango wood is classified as hardwood due to its strength, density, attractive appearance, and durability which keeps its high luster texture for many years. Its capabilities have allowed it to be used to produce a wide range of household items, including doors, flooring, beds, tables, drawers, and other furniture. Known for its fascinating texture, mango wood features a wide range of colors from dark tones to light brown, sometimes with hints of pink. Mango wood, like many other types of wood, will gradually darken with age. Despite mango's inability to remain trouble-free after a long period of time, modern wood processing manufacturers are transforming it into a highly durable wood that is ideal for household furniture such as tables, beds, beams, and arches. Mango’s hardwood consists of very dense grain that is durable, strong, and not too hard on tools during woodworking. It can easily be cut and re-shaped into any form a woodworker desire, which is not the case with other hardwoods. The fiber grains are packed so close one to another that the surface can receive a very high level of polish that gives out the satisfying level of polish that is similar to many other exotic types of wood. In addition to polishing, mango wood is also friendly to waxing and staining, making it excellent for use in the creation of furniture or other household objects. Our exclusive products include Mango Wood Curios, Mango Wood Coasters, Sheesham Wood Coasters, and Pine Wood Coasters for decorating your space.  

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