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Store grandma's pickle or dry fruits, either serve refreshment to your guest in beautifully craft...Read More

Store grandma's pickle or dry fruits, either serve refreshment to your guest in beautifully crafted ceramic jars and containers. ExclusiveLane presents an irresistible collection of handmade ceramic and wooden jars and containers.Read Less

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    39 products


    Whether you are looking to organize the kitchen cupboards, keep your food fresh, save some space or prevent your food from spilling everywhere, wooden storage containers can come in clutch. Available in standout shapes and designs at ExclusiveLane, these wooden, glass jars online India, ceramic jars for kitchen online india inspired by contemporary India will not just keep your ingredients in place but also help in giving a stylish makeover to your kitchen. But, of course, there are so many other reasons why we love jar containers; they are durable, stain-resistant, and don’t absorb tastes or odors (yes, even your smelliest pickle). Not to mention, using ceramic jars with lids is one step forward to living a more sustainable life and kicking plastic out. When you have been away from home for higher education or for your profession, you have probably experienced the value of containers. The ritual of your mother stuffing your suitcases with food containers of homemade pickles, laddus, snacks, etc. must have occurred at some point if you have ever lived in a hostel or if you live abroad and occasionally return home. India's crafts are diverse and rich in culture, history, and religion. In each state, unique history has been woven from reflections of the past. Containers come in different kinds depending on what you need.  Whenever you set up a new kitchen, you will need at least one of all these containers, and if you are going to use packaged foods, then some of these containers are necessary. By choosing these storage solutions for your kitchen, you can organize it, preserve food efficiently, and take advantage of your food items efficiently. If you use an oil container, you can avoid spills and accidental pouring of more oil than necessary into your cooking pan. Additionally, containers help you keep track of how much food you consume.

    The Best Handcrafted Ceramic Airtight Containers To Buy Online 

    Three's A Tribe’ Dhokra Snacks Jar Set In Glass With Warli Hand-Painted Wooden Tray is a versatile set of 3 ceramic jar containers and a tray. They are handcrafted with brass Dhokra figurines and adorned with Warli tribal motifs. They are sure to add a dash of color and charm to your kitchen counter while also storing your kitchen essentials. And you can’t miss just how beautiful the entire set is handpainted in mellow orange and created out of recycled wood. You can fix it with our comprehensive collection of trays for kitchen and spice boxes wooden, which will perfectly complement your kitchen shelves.

    Another hot selling product is our 'Magma Echoing' Hand Glazed Studio Pottery Ceramic Multi-Utility Storage Jars & Food Containers Online India. The combination of hot colors of red, orange, and black, is symbolic of heat emitting from the fire mountain, which fills the air, igniting passion in the hearts of individuals. Decorated with gorgeous, dual hand glaze, these ceramic container set, ceramic salt jars, ceramic containers for kitchen, ceramic kitchen container sets, ceramic jars for kitchen, and kitchen storage jars online India will add a rustic charm to your dining table or kitchen tops. Buy ceramic jars for kitchen online India with unique designs online from ExclusiveLane.

    You can’t miss our 'Indigo Pictured' Mughal Hand-Painted Ink Blue Air Tight Multi Utility ceramic storage containers, which are inspired straight from the Mughal gardens and boast their tranquil and placid architecture in the form of delicate floral motifs. Fun Fact: this set of jar storage containers for kitchen online India is double fired at 1200 degrees Celsius to give a sturdy structure and is dipped in intricate blue ink to give out a royal appeal.

    Another one that will immediately make it to your favorites list is Parrot Jar Set With Tray And Spoon In Wood Green, designed to depict handcrafted wooden parrots sitting in the jar container. The unique potli shape of the ceramic storage jars online India gives it an aesthetic feel which can be used as tableware to serve salt and pepper to your guest. 

    Add Jar Container Material Products for your Enhanced Kitchen Look

    Ceramic jar containers are the additional beauty that helps in enhancing the look of your entire kitchen. If you are looking for some unique and beautiful ceramic jars for kitchen storage 1kg, then explore the wonderful collections of the ceramic jar with lids, ceramic airtight containers, ceramic container sets, Brass Cookie Jars, and Pine Wood Cookie Jars, Iron Cookie Jars, ceramic jars for kitchen storage 1kg & Containers Online. Redecorating will be fun and adding these beautiful materials will take your fun to the next level of excitement.

    Explore the Unique Art Form Decors Online

    When you are an art lover, then the unique art form decors will surely steal your look still. Check out the beautiful, and adorable collections of Warli Cookie Jars Online which has beautiful handcrafted paintings which give a treat to art lovers.  

    Shop the best corporate Diwali gifts this year on a Diwali sale and make your employees and clients even happier with the best corporate gifts. You can even make your favorite handicraft bulk orders online hassle-free with ExclusiveLane.  We also offer unique Indian handicraft gifts online at the best prices.

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